Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel Review

The Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill is the perfect choice for housewives and home makers with tons of delectable dishes to cook, if only because it has a number of vital cooking functions, as well as desirable cooking features and specs – all from a single electric-powered Cuisinart indoor grill and Panini press.

Food varieties are cooked at the same time and easy since the appliance boasts of a total of 240 sq. inches of grilling surface. Rest assured that you can have all your cooking tasks for the day done – fast and conveniently.

Nothing compares to the Cuisinart Griddler grill and Panini press when it comes to versatility. Its reversible plates are easy to heat up, assured by the appliance’s range of temperature settings. All meat types are perfectly cooked with its superior searing and grilling capability. Any customized cooking is accomplished with great precision every time.

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Cuisinart GR-300WS Five cooking Options

As a Panini Press

Cuisinart is popular for making grill and sandwich making appliances. As a panino maker, this particular model, the Cuisinart griddler Panini maker GR-300WS, is highly reliable in churning great sandwiches, quesadillas, and all sorts of gourmet deli.

As a Full Grill

It can be used as a full-type grill, which can cook steaks, burger patties, fish, turkey or chicken, albeit go for fillet to ensure even cooking (avoid cuts with bones). As a full grill, you can cook vegetables as well. When using this cooking method, the griddler by Cuisinart assumes a flat cooking surface as it is positioned with the top cover fully flat.

As a Full Griddle

You can utilize this appliance as a full griddle-type to make some of the most energizing meals for breakfast, like your favorite egg omelet and pancake recipes. Other great early morning meals that you can cook using the full-griddle option are hash browns, French toast, and early breakfast meats.

In order to use it as full griddle, you position the appliance like in the case of full-grill. You have to fully open the cover as it can assume a flat position. This way you create a double, flat surface. As full griddle, dishes you will prepare must be turned over during cooking.

As Half Grill/Half Griddle

With this option, you can use the Cuisinart griddler to create delicious meals such as bacon and eggs, or even steak cuts and fries – all at the same time. In order to use this cooking option, you have to place the appliance into a flat position. Next, you insert a plate with its grill part facing upwards, and the other plate having its griddle part facing up.

Contact grill

Love to grill just about anything? You can use it as a contact grill option to come up with the most sumptuous hamburgers, boneless meat cuts, thin meat slices, and vegetables. This option is perfect for short-time cooking, if you are pressed for time and need to come up with meals ready within minutes. When grilling using the contact-grill option, foods are quickly done since both sides are being grilled at the same time.

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Overall Features, functions

panini sandwich1. Offers six cooking options – Panini press, contract grill, full grill, full griddle, top melt, half griddle/half grill

2. It has an adjustable cover on top, complete with six presets for top melt.

3. It also has a safety lock for easy storage

4. Griddle plates are nonstick, reversible, and removable

5. Boasts of dual zone temp control

6. It has a sear function, which means that it can sear at a maximum of 500 Degrees Fahrenheit for as long as 2 mins at a time


A good number of buyers are evidently happy with their purchase, and spent time to have offer some positive comments and feedback about the product at Amazon. Most of them were excited to tell stories about their great experience as panni press users.

One had already made a purchase half a year ago and had been using it regularly – every week, around 3 to 4 days a week. She considers it safe and easy to use, and reports no functionality issue. She is happy that with appliance, she is able to grill right inside her kitchen. This allows her to be near her kids, and able to perform other home tasks other than cooking.

cuisinart GR panini grill

Another user comment that with this appliance, she contemplates in getting rid of other cooking equipment. She realized that the Cuisinart grill and griddle is all that she needs. She’s satisfied about the fact that it works well, and can be easily operated.

A senior noted that it take only a few minutes to heat up, and in no time, he is able to cook his meal for the day – whether it is a Panino or grilled fish fillet. He admitted to having given up the use of outdoor grill. Now, he performs all cooking tasks on the Cuisinart griddle grill and Panini maker.

An only downside, well, sort of, is that one owner can’t open the top plate since it is directly below the kitchen cabinet, which he admitted to be constructed close to the counter. He decided to place it on nearby side table, and now, he can use it as a wide-open grill without a hitch. Apart from this, he gives an overall rating of the appliance as superior.

My Verdict

panini pressIsn’t it obvious that the Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill is a top pick for a kitchen appliance, especially if you not only want to cook yummy paninis but so much more? Total versatility is clearly evident in this grilling appliance, what with its five cooking options. You are 100% assured that any kind of meal is cooked and churned out easily.

It is designed to make your cooking chores very easy while help you to always serve delectable and nutritious dishes to your family every day. And with more and more users are giving their positive feedback about the appliance, this only proves that such Cuisinart Panini press and grill is the one of the best, if not the best, that you can use.

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Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill Review

Are you a true blue lover of grilled and toasted food, specifically of Panini, gourmet sandwiches, and grilled meat? Do you enjoy cooking them yourself? If you do, then the Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill is definitely for you. It will help you come up with some of the best meals, and be able to cook them within minutes in your own kitchen. In no time at all, you have hot and delicious meals that you can serve your family – whether for breakfast, lunchtime, or dinner.

If indeed, you are in the market for the best Panini press, you must consider this Oster model, the features and functions of which as a sandwich maker and all-around cooker and grill are some of the best around.

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Amazing DuraCeramic feature of Oster Panini press

Its manufacturer takes pride of its DuraCeramic feature, which is an innovative and high-quality unique nonstick ceramic coating. The maker assures that there is no need to be worried about cooking in ceramic as the coating is free from PTFE and PFOA. Owners can have peace of mind knowing that the appliance is healthy and safe to use. And because of such wonderful feature, there is no need to use grease and oil, and hence, making your sandwiches and other meals less greasy and much healthier.

With the DuraCeramic, users are in for some non-mess cooking extravanza because of very minimal or even non-use of oil. Its surfaces are created to be totally resistant to ugly scratches, flaws that we hate to see in our pans. Because of its non-stick property, no sauce, bread bits, or food debris can cling to it. This makes the equipment all the more fast and easy to clean.

Overall, the Dura Ceramic further enhances the overall quality of this grill and Panini press by Oster. It doesn’t peel even after years of use; hence, it is able to preserve its classy appearance and perform up to par for a long, long time. It also assures fast toasting and grilling, allowing budget-conscious users to save cooking time and power.

Oster Panini Maker and grill – versatile appliance

Features, functions, specs

1. The appliance possesses adjustable controls to attain correct temperature

2. It has a built-in indicator lights that signals if the equipment is ready to toast or grill

3. Oster panini grill boasts of DuraCeramic, innovative and nonstick ceramic coating, and so, will not peel or flake.

4. Owners are assured that its coating will maintain good quality last four times longer than other equipment with ordinary coating. Free from potentially lethal PFOA and PTFE.

5. The press is designed to cook faster than ordinary sandwich makers, by up to 20 percent. This means significant savings in power and cooking time.

6. It uses floating or adjustable hinge system, allowing users to cook sandwiches and food of any thickness.

7. It also has a removable oil drip tray so you spend less time in cleaning the appliance. Since oil is easily separated from the food, it’s healthier and less greasy meals.

8. Overall size measurement: 6.8 by 15 by 13.6 inches, perfect for all kitchen / countertop sizes

9. Shipping wt: 8.2 lbs

10. Domestic shipping: product can be shipped in and around the US

11. International shipment: to select countries

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Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Product Comments and Feedback

You can cook not only panino and authentic gourmet sandwiches with the Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO, but all kinds of meals as well – fish fillet, cold cuts, vegetables, eggs, everything. Remember, it’s both a Panini press and grill. What makes it special is its Dura Ceramic feature that makes cooking a lot easier and healthier.

The Oster is one of the popular Panini presser appliances at Amazon, and so many positive customer reviews are found posted at the site.

A customer is pleased that he made the purchase

Like many other customers, one gushes about his making the purchase, saying that it was the right decision that he chose the Oster brand. He enjoys using the appliance as it functions perfectly. He is glad that the grill has all the desirable features that make toasting, grilling, and cooking pure joy – such as its unique plates, temperature control and indicator lights.

It is also lightweight, making it easy for the user to transfer it from one spot in the kitchen to another. The cooking area is wide, and so he is able to come up with enough meals at the same time. Cleaning is also a breeze.

Wide grill

Many commented that Oster has wide enough grilling surface to cook 5 to 6 hamburger steaks, much like a professional Panini maker. It is also easy to use for grilling vegetables like mushroom and asparagus, and even meat and fish.

Easy to clean

Customers are happy that it is easy to clean, simply because of its nonstick surface, which prevents food debris, cheese, and sauces from sticking into it. Many contradict others in saying that it is quite easy to clean. Busy users who are pressed for time simply wipe the equipment with a damp clean cloth.

Delicious sandwiches – all the time

Here is one comment that reflects what everyone wants in a panini maker. He just tested his brand new Oster by cooking his favorite Reuben sandwiches, and was literally ecstatic that everything that came out was perfect. Sandwiches he got were crispy and toasted to perfection, and no signs of sogginess of ingredients inside.

Are there issues about the Oster? There is one – a user comments that the appliance has on ON-OFF switch. This means that he has to unplug it order to disconnect from the power. Other than this, she says everything else about the Panini press is just great, making it a perfect addition to her kitchen.


In conclusion, Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill is a well-liked appliance in that it is highly versatile and can look many types of food, including paninis and sandwiches, of course. It is not your ordinary sandwich maker, but so much more.

It is high-tech, boasts of desirable features like the DuraCeramic, and promises users many years of excellent performance.

Most appliance buyers are happy that they made the purchase and are more than willing to recommend it to others.

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Why Getting the Best Panini Grills Online is Convenient and Stress-free

panini sandwich pressIf you want to relish the taste of the most delicious Panino every time, consider one of the best Panini grills available in the market today. It might be that you are tired of going to the deli shop just to enjoy your favorite gourmet sandwich. Then, by all means, cook it yourself.

No doubt about it – you can serve the best breakfast sandwich and panino to every member of your family by having your very own sandwich-making appliance.

The latest brands (Cuisinart, Krups, Breville, Hamilton Beach, Wolfgang Puck) and types (griddle type, cast-iron) are top-notch in quality that you are assured of smooth and reliable operation for many, many years. Make the right choice so you get great value for your money.

Why it is a good decision to buy online

panini press sandwichYou might have a favorite home appliance downtown, but the problem with these brick-and-mortar shops is that shopping at them can be an overwhelming challenge.

For one thing, they display a great number of brands and models that prospective buyers are just in awe and left not knowing what to do. Once you’re in front of the goods, it seems that you’re forced to make a hurried choice, something that any discerning consumer doesn’t want, right?

Anyone who is in the market for Panini press and grill is likely confused on how to go about with an important task, which is to study each and every model that the store offers. More often than not, sales clerks are no help because you’re not the only prospective client that they need to attend to, right?

Purchase the best Panini grills Online

panini maker sandwichWhen you go online, you are afforded the convenience of doing the process in the comforts of your own home. This allows you not to make the mistake of making a hasty, and often wrong, decision.

You can check out legitimate Panini grill press reviews that compare features, functions, and prices. You have all the time to study these facts before you decide on making a purchase.

Legitimate reviews on the Internet are great help

What does a product review offer? They cover everything about the appliance. This is the advantage if you purchase online instead of buying from your favorite home appliance shop. You become fully aware of vital information – such as prices, shipping fees, functions, components; these are data that will help you to arrive at a smart decision.

In the case of the store clerk, he is likely not to be able to inform you fully about your prospective Panini press gourmet sandwich maker simply because he is pressed for time. Even you yourself might have limited time to spend on the shop.

However, buying online at the comforts of your home can be such a stress-free and convenient experience.

Compare the best Panini grills

panini grill sandwichIf you decide that you want to make a purchase on the Net, you have greater chance of landing the right appliance for you. You have all day to compare reviews of the best grills, checking benefits and flaws of each product, and make proper comparisons.

Always look for a legitimate Panini press review – it is written by a consumer who actually owns and have experience in using your prospective appliance. Such reviews truly are a great help.

For instance – a particular appliance might have earned your fancy. You’re eyeing a specific Panini press with removable plates since you know that this helps make the cleaning task much faster and more convenient.

However, upon checking out many review sites, users lamented that taking out the plates take a long time. After some time, they become less firmly attached to the equipment, making the whole appliance unstable.
panini press and grill sandwichEvidently, not only do legitimate sites give great feedback about the product, but unfavorable ones as well. Many users would like to help and so will be honest about giving out usage experience – good or bad. In the end, it allows you to make the right decision.

Just make sure that you vital websites that are credible and has been in the industry for many years. Do this and you will take advantage of legitimate reviews on the best Panini grills, carefully forming a decision based on them as well as your budget and sandwich-making requirements. At the end of the day, they will help you arrive at the best choice – and with no stress involved.

Cuisinart Griddler Grill and Panini Press – Top Choice to Make your Delicious Meals

panini sandwichWant to serve amazing and tasty dishes to your kids – the fastest possible way? Many of us would go for sandwiches. Why not? They’re tried and tasted to be delectable to the young tots, and are convenient, done-in-a-minute dishes. In fact, they are some of the easiest meals that you can serve on the table to your family, whether for lunch or dinner.

Sandwich treats are quick full meals that you can deliver, with not a bit of stress involved in the preparation even if you have your kids in the kitchen with you.

Know what? Easy Sandwich-making can be done many times faster and more convenient with the use of the Cuisinart griddler grill and Panini press.

When it comes to this cooking gadget, it is a must that you get the best brand and model available. This assures you that it will last a long, long time. Also, go for the model that will meet your culinary requirements. So, are you in the market for a Panini grill press?

Undoubtedly, the Cuisinart brand is a top option. Here are the reasons why:

1. Cooks whatever dish you have in mind

This highly-sought kitchen equipment will help anyone whip up simple sandwiches or gourmet Panini treats. The quality of the panino it churns out is similar to those that you can buy at high-end Italian restaurants or fancy gourmet delis. Certainly, it is no wonder why people want to own this reliable kitchen appliance.

2. Easy to use

The manufacturer assures that its equipment possesses durable features and parts. The steps necessary to operate the appliance are also simple and quite a few. For this reason, you will certainly want to buy a Cuisinart griddler Panini maker. It is one of the most reliable and convenient-to-use grill. Likewise, even if you have a small kitchen, you will just need little space in order to keep them.

3. Enjoy meals at your own home
Tired of going out to your favorite restaurant like New York Panin just to enjoy a gourmet sandwich or panino? Don’t fret because as soon as you have your Cuisinart panini grill, you can always enjoy your sandwiches in the comfort of your own home.

More over, with this device, you will be able to make quality paninis, ones that can rival those offered by upscale Italian deli restaurant in terms of appearance and taste.

4. Nice gift for family and friends

Aside from being a great addition to your kitchen, you can also buy one and make it the perfect gift for a dear friend for her birthday. Your parents’ anniversary is forthcoming?

It is the ideal time to give them a wonderful gift on their special day.Needless to say, everyone loves a panino, whether simply as a ready meal to enjoy, or even a meal that’s easy to cook. The popularity of these special Italian treat has become immense in the US and all over the world.

5. Churns beautiful sandwiches

Especially if you are someone who tend to over-stuff sandwiches with loads of ingredients like deli cold cuts, your meal becomes a mess especially if you use an ordinary sandwich maker.

However, this is not in the case of a paninni press, which is made to make your panino stay together even if you put lots of ingredients.Not only that, you sandwich displays beautiful grill lines in its surfaces making it a great-looking and highly-appealing sandwich you can ever have.

6. Classy look

This is one equipment that you want to display permanently on top of your kitchen counter. With more and more people wanting their appliances looking classy and chic, the Cuisinart has made sure that its customers can proudly display their Panini machine as an important addition to the home.

Especially if your abode exudes a modern ambiance, Cuisinart can very well complement and even enhance its overall appearance with its ultra-contemporary look (due to its sleek metallic finish). After you finish toasting your sandwiches, you definitely wouldn’t tuck your grill away inside the cabinet, but will want to keep it atop the counter.

7. Highly functional and versatile

The Cuisinart Griddler Grill & Panini press is a highly functional kitchen cooking equipment that assures any user that he will come up with the perfect Panini. It will help you to toast grilled cheese, roast beef, or hamburger sandwich, or just about any other grilled dishes. If only for its reliability and versatility, it is considered one of the most respected brands in the market today.

8. Sturdy Cuisinart Griddler plates and floating hinges

What makes cooking and grilling fast and easy? Quick and convenient cooking is made possible because of its two fast-to-heat-up plates. No mess after cooking is assured because such plates are non-stick. Hence, no food debris sticks into the surface of the grill.

Why it is possible to churn out a variety of food items using a single Cuisinart Panini press? The answer is simple – not only is it because of the advanced grilling plates as well as the adjustable height feature. The latter is possible because of its floating hinges, ensuring that a sandwich or meal item is properly accommodated and evenly cooked however thick it may be. All you need to do is adjust the device’s floating hinges to meet the height of the panino.

9. Wide grills
Cuisinart GR-11
This Panni press turns into a working contact grill or open grill – all because of its adjustable hinge as well as its cooking plates. You have different meals that you want to cook at the same time. Cuisinart makes it possible because if its wide grill. It clearly adjusts and cooks any type of food you want to enjoy.

10. Features Indicator lights

The appliance has an important feature, which is the light indicator. This serves as a signal telling you that cooking has been done. As soon as the panino or sandwich deli is ready, the equipment will turn off automatically, as indicated by the indicator light going off. In other words, no need to guess if your food is already cooked. Always, you will enjoy a properly grilled and toasted meal.

11. Always delivers healthy meals

We eat not just to satisfy our hunger, but also to provide complete nourishment that our body need. We want to eat and take in healthy foods always – as much as possible. The Cuisinart panini grill can help you in this regard. For one thing, it is made of grills with non-stick surface. Hence, there’s no need for you to use oil in cooking.

The gadget is designed with a collecting tray that is meant to keep in excessive grease and fats, particularly those that drip from fatty food like pork, beef, bacon, and cold cuts. It means less fats, ensuring healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family.

You can now say goodbye to greasy, calorie-laden dishes and hello to healthful meals. If only for this fact, thousands and thousands of health-conscious housewives and home owners use this health-promoting kitchen appliance on a regular basis to ensure that they enjoy great health and nourished bodies.

12. Cuisinart boasts of many models

You will be happy to know that you have a number of choices when it comes to reliable and reasonably priced Cuisinart models in the market. This means you can land the best panini press for your kitchen – just make sure that you consider vital factors, such as your cooking and dietary needs. You can find them in popular appliance centers, although it’s likely that even the local store in your vicinity offers them. A suggestion is to buy via the Internet since you and enjoy great bargains, with prices way low because of substantial discounts.

Here is one perfect Cuisinart model for you: Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press

If you crave for succulent and delicious steaks, yummy burgers and perfectly toasted sandwiches, go for the Cuisinart Panini Press. It has top and bottom grill plates that are non-stick and removable to ensure easy cleaning.

Likewise, they heat up all throughout to make sure that the food is evenly grilled and toasted. Likewise, its special drip tray sees to it that excessive grease and oil are drained away for healthy and less-fat cooking.

Professionally designed for thorough cooking, the Cuisinart GR-11 griddler and panini press has a floating hinge that adjusts to maximum height to accommodate all thicknesses. This means that sandwiches, whether thin or thick, are toasted and grilled perfectly.

It has available temperature setting that’s ideal for cooking and grilling of all food types – making sure that everything turns out beautifully golden-brown. Most important of all, it needs little space in the counter top. But, with its impressive appearance, it easily enhances the total look of the kitchen.

Without a doubt, Cuisinart Griddler Grill and Panini Press is a top choice if you can’t wait to cook great-tasting and healthy treats for everyone. With this equipment in your kitchen, you can finally toast mouth-watering sandwiches or grill steaks at any time you want.

You and your appliance will both become the stars of your home for making the family truly satisfied with your sumptuous meals. Where to buy Cuisinart? You can make a purchase at your favorite home appliance center or even online.

Buy it here now.

Make the Breville Panini Press and Grill Your Top Choice

panini sandwichesMore and more are choosing a world class kitchen brand, and this is Breville, simply because of the reliable and durable kitchen cooking appliance that it offers – the Breville Panini Press and grill.

There’s no doubt about it – cooking sandwiches and any other delicious meal that you have in mind has been made fast and easy ever since this home appliance has been discovered. The brand offers different ranges and styles that you want to see and experience in Panini presses. It gives the assurance that all its advanced panino and sandwich making equipments have a wide range of grilling and toasting features and options that edge out any other brands and models.

The brand offers models and types that possess adjustable or floating hinges, which are important features. Hence, not only is the most basic sandwich-making equipment able to cook regular-sized or thin sandwiches, but it also delivers all kinds of gourmet or Italian sandwiches, which are known to commonly use thicker or denser breads.

And because of this, it is easy for you to cook any wonderful Panini sandwich recipe that you may have. It might involve a variety of ingredients or stuffing such as turkey, meat, chicken, fish, or even fruits and vegetables. With this top brand, it is ideal to use breads that are intended for making Panino such as ciabata or focaccia.

Why is the Breville Panini press and grill a top choice in the market?

panini maker recipesFor one thing, it has built a fine name in the industry that’s the envy of any other home appliance manufacturer. The prices are affordable; it all depends on the model’s features and function, as well as the wattage. This makes the brand easy on the pocket even for those on a tight budget.

It is certainly a fine replacement for traditional types, particularly ones created out of cast iron. The disadvantage of using the latter is that you still have to season it well for a couple of times before you can use it. Fortunately, it is not the case when it comes to Breville Panini grills and presses; no seasoning is required at all, and you can use a brand new one as soon as it is delivered. Immediately, you can make your favorite sandwiches. Most important of all, it mainly operates on electricity, which is ready and abundant power.

A trusted Brand

Needless to say, Breville is one of the most trusted names in the field of Panini presses. With this kitchen gadget, you will easily churn your own sandwiches any time you want. Do you have kids who simple love having these deli meals? You can make them truly happy if you serve them their favorite Panino treats – day in and day out.

You can get anything grilled aside from sandwiches, since it is so versatile. Ultimately, you can have the choice that you think suits your sandwich-making taste since numerous types and models are already out there and readily available in the market – whether in our favorite home appliance shops or via the Internet, thru the online marketplace sites such as Amazon.

Why Breville Panini Press & Grill?

It is a power saver

Unlike other lesser brands, the Breville heats up as soon as you turn the power on. You are assured of fast and toasting of your panino as it is laid inside the appliance. It has a power light that glows strongly to indicate that it is on and ready to cook.

You know that the gadget has reached your desired temperature when you see that the power light turns off, which means that the power has been cut. How’s that for a power saving scheme? You are assured that only the necessary amount of electric power is used when you operate a Breville Panini grill.

Very stylish in appearance

Homemakers consider this brand a top because of its very stylish look. It is easily a great addition to any modern home kitchen. It is product of its chrome finish is its exterior surface, making its appearance truly classy and looking very expensive. Another great thing is that it can be easily cleaned using a simple cleaning tool.

Even a clean damp cloth is enough to clean the surface. Make sure that you always remove any cleaning food debris or dried sauces in order for you to preserve its impressive look. Proper and regular cleaning ensures it always looking like it is brand new.

It has an adjustable top plate

The upper plate of the Breville panini maker is totally adjustable in height. In other words, you can make a sandwich of the height and thickness that you desire, depending on the Panini sandwich recipe that you’re cooking.

As soon as the fillings are laid on the sandwich, close down the plate heated with the right temperature. This will allow the equipment to cook it just right. What you get within minutes are crispy, yummy deli sandwiches complete with beautiful brown grill lines.

How does it work?

Panini machine sandwich at CafeAs soon as you switch on the power for your Breville panini machine, you can readily see the bright glow of its red light. This is an indication that the cooking device is in the process of getting heated. You know that it is ready to cook if the red light turns to green color. When using for the very first time, some smoke will probably appear – this might cause you to be alarmed. There is no need for you to worry as it is just temporary and the some will most likely disappear within minutes.

Lay down the slices of bread (I suggest focaccia or sourdough, which are two of my favorites), and then next are the fillings or ingredients. Be sure that you put the right amount. Don’t be too excited that you choose to put too much; otherwise, you will have an overly bulky sandwich that will be difficult to cook. It might also tend to be ill-shaped, something that you don’t want to serve to your kids, right?

After everything has been laid out, time to close the lid. Typical waiting time when cooking a panino is around five minutes. Actually, it all depends on the amount and types of fillings that you use for your sandwich. When I make my cheese panino, 3 to 4 minutes is enough to cook it.

After 5 minutes or so, you are now ready to take out your panino sandwich. Carefully open your Breville Panini maker, after which, you take the sandwich out using a wooden spoon or spatula. Do avoid the use of metal knifes or spoons in order not to damage its non-stick surface.

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press – A top option

Do you know that Breville is the first manufacturer of the kitchen sandwich press, and it is keeping up with the tradition of delivering top-notch appliances by offering the Panino Duo. Professionally known as the Breville Panini press bsg520xl, it boasts of a 1500-watt heating component that assurance quick heating of the plates.

The top portion of the equipment places the much desired grill makers on all kinds of bread. Its bottom plate, on the other hand, is flat and easy to heat up. Both plates work together to cook the perfect and most delicious Panini for you and your family.

Its grill’s surfaces are made of Quantanium, a feature that makes them non-stick and scratch-proof to ensure easy and fast cleaning the sandwiches are toasted and cooked. Simply, its strong, stainless steel built is what makes the Breville bsg520xl a top kitchen toasting and grilling equipment of beauty and performance.

Choose what is best for you

There are simply tons of different Breville panini makers that are available just about everywhere. Whether you decide to buy via online or from a home appliance shop, it is best to read a number of users or consumers’ product reviews.

Go for the legitimate ones; meaning, consider reviews made by real customers or users of the product. Most reviews come with prices of the different models/types. Make a careful comparison of the prices as well as the features, specs, and functions that they offer. This will help you to arrive at the right decision when finally you want to make a purchase.

If you are living alone, it is advisable to start with the basic type, which can make a maximum of two paninis at a time. If you have a family, then go for a model that can make two or more. This ensures that you and everyone else to relish the most delicious Panini meals come breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

Needless to say, the Breville Panini Press is a no fuss cooking equipment, yet it’s assured to be top of the line. It may look simple and uncomplicated, yet it is filled with advanced features and functions that you are looking for in a sandwich making appliance. It can very well be your assistant chef in the kitchen that will help deliver amazing sandwiches, delis, omelets, grills meats, and so much more that your family will truly love. Get one now.

Land the Best Panini Sandwich Maker that Churn Delicious Sandwiches

panini maker sandwich

panini maker sandwich

We know how delicious a Panino can be, right? In my case, its taste is short of mind-boggling that I don’t mind having it everyday. The delicacy is such a delight to everyone, which is why many want to own the best possible Panini sandwich maker. Indeed, when buying one, go for the press that will satisfy your sandwich needs to the fullest.

Actually, when it comes to this home kitchen appliance, do you know that you are presented with literally a hundred of options? This isn’t a surprising fact since the demand for the Panino meal at restaurants and deli shops are high, not only in Italian, but in the US and all over the world.

So, you want to make your own personal Panino? What’s stopping you? You don’t have a Panini sandwich grill yet. Then first, let’s talk about how you can land the appliance that suits you best.

When looking for the right one for our kitchen, you must know that the latest brands already possess the qualities that we look for, particularly in the area of product features, options and functions. Such are common consumer issues and needs that had been taken care of by the manufacturers.

The best step to make is to deal with questions about this appliance that you might not tend to ask as a consumer or user when they are highly important as well.

Do ask these questions when searching for the right Panini press gourmet sandwich maker:

1. Does the color of your choice compliment that of your kitchen or house?

panini sandwichesThe color of appliances of in the kitchen – and this includes your device – must compliment the overall kitchen space, the hues of its walls, cupboards, and cabinets. A white or silver-colored Panini press, for instance, will greatly enhance your gray-white cupboards.

Avoid contrasting hues that will make the appliance grab much of the attention. Go for a single color group for most elements in the kitchen; this will turn your Pannini press as an effective accent to this part of your home.

2. Is it safe enough to be used around your kids?

This is one question that we often forget to consider asking ourselves. Is your choice of appliance safe around children?

Kids love to spend time in the kitchen, especially if mothers are at work cooking their favorite meal. To ensure a safe appliance, go for one that has cool surfaces to prevent accidents. Cool surface or not – when operating a Panini machine, make sure that you keep your kids at a safe distance.

Opt for devices with short cords, or wires that can be easily clipped. This will help avoid your kids from getting entangled in it and causing any potential fatal accidents.

They love to get their hands on just about anything, so pick one with a small handle. Big handles make it easy for small tots to grab on it, especially if they can reach the table or counter tap. Position the grill in such a way that the handle faces away, preventing kids from grabbing it.

3. Does it consume less power?

Use of electric appliances can be quite a burden, as far as your budget is concerned. Fortunately, there are ways that can help minimize electric consumption when using a Panini sandwich maker. Especially if you have a wide-grill appliance, avoid making a single sandwich, but instead toast a whole batch.

This will shave minutes off from your cooking. Likewise, everyone gets to enjoy their deli treats at the same time. You might want to turn off the power earlier than what’s recommended in the recipe – one or two minutes off cooking time will do – particularly if you’re just cooking sandwiches.

Do you want a way to ensure lesser consumption of power? Then, opt for an appliance with low wattage. This is advisable if you just intend to use your press for toasting. However, a downside is that with low watts, you will hardly be able to grill food, such as meat, other than your panino.

4. Be mindful of product warranty – does it say 1, 2, or 3 years?

We always forget about product warranty and remember it only when the gadget bogs down. Sadly, many consumers fail to make full use of warranties. When buying a product, always consider the warranty that comes with it since it can ensure extended use of the product. Most warranties last a year on a limited basis. Look for a manufacturer that agrees to warranty extension to two or even three years.

Where to find and buy:

Home appliance shops

You can either check a good number of models at brick and mortar home improvement and appliance shops, or go online to find a good number of varieties. When trying to land the best Panini grill press, a rule to follow is to pick one that suits your available budget as well as cooking requirements.

Via the Internet

Online is where you can check and study price comparisons. It does help to refer to user or consumer reviews before you finally purchase one. Go for a toasting machine that will help you on how to make a Panini sandwich. Thru the Internet, you will learn about the available types, brands, and models out there in the market, as well as their corresponding features, functions, and prices.

Different Options of Panini sandwich press grill

Simple type

Go for a simple yet effective option – a press that can toast using an ordinary grill or pan. A disadvantage of this type is that its grill is flat or smooth and so does not offer brown char lines on the bread’s surface – a desirable feature of the sandwich.

Electric type

A common option is the electric type, a Panini sandwich maker that operates on electricity. You simply have to connect it to the power outlet and wait for a few minutes so that it will get heated and become ready for cooking. An advantage of using an electrical type is that heat is evenly distributed, which means that the food is cooked all throughout.

Cast Iron type is another great option

Another fantastic choice is the cast iron type. An advantage of using it is that no elaborate steps are necessary as it does not come with a complex mechanism.

Wooden handles are a feature, allowing a user to operate it easily when heated over a flame. Make sure that you have a well-prepared sandwich inside, keep it close, and then place over the burner for even toasting.

However, evidently, heat is only on one side. You must flip the maker from one side to another for equal sandwich toasting. Cast iron type needs to be seasoned as well. However, there are models that have already been pre-seasoned to allow owners to use it immediately.

Here are 2 recommended brands that you can choose from:

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Want to serve your family gastronomical delights? You can churn out restaurant-like Italian sandwich meals, grilled vegetables, chicken fillet, pork chop, omelet, and so much more – just by using this top rated Cuisinart Panini and sandwich press.

The appliance has top and bottom non-stick grill plates that ensure even and thorough cooking. Want healthy dishes for yourself and the kids? It possesses a dripping spout that allows easy draining of grease and oil from the food.

What else does the Cuisinart Griddler Panini Press offer?

1. Dependable floating hinge

It possesses a floating or adjustable hinge that can accommodate sandwiches of all thicknesses.

2. Feature lights and settings

Indicator lights and power on lights, as well as temperature settings all work to ensure easy and fast toasting, allowing you to enjoy golden brown evenly-cooked meals all the time.

3. Accessories

The product comes with an instruction manual that includes delicious recipes, and a cleaning tool specially made for this appliance, since it has the company logo.

The housing itself has an embossment, which is the “Griddler” logo. Finally, it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Simply put, the Cuisinart Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press allows you to make genuine panino in your own home anytime you want. Buy it now.

IMUSA, GAU-80102, Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker, Nonstick Panels

Another effective Panini griddle and sandwich toaster is the IMUSA brand. It allows users to enjoy truly delicious Panini, and a whole lot more. Grilled cheese sandwiches, meat cuts, pork, chicken fillet, corn, bell pepper, tons of Panini recipes. Name it, IMUSA can cook it.

Wonderful features

1. It is made of durable stainless steel in its exterior surface.

2. You can cook any type of food because of its nonstick surface.
IMUSA is easy to clean – within minutes you can keep them away spic and span.

3. It boasts of movable hinge to achieve desirable height, making it perfect for sandwiches of any thickness.

With the IMUSA brand, sandwich-making has become a breeze. Go and order one now.

You must be raring to put away the old toaster or sandwich grill. Indeed, it’s high time for you to have your own Panini sandwich maker. It’s simple, safe, and easy to use. Best of all, you can enjoy the most delectable sandwiches, gourmet paninis (and much, much more). The Cuisinart and IMUSA are just two of the most trusted manufacturers from which to buy your very own.

Hamilton Beach Panini Press Grill – Ideal for Italian Sandwich Lovers

panini maker recipesThe Hamilton Beach Panini Press Grill is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to making hot sandwiches and gourmet paninis in the comfort of your own home. What comes out of this appliance is much like what you might order at a deli cafe or restaurant.

What´s great about this brand is that you can add just about anything in your bread – whatever ingredient you might find in your cupboard or fridge.

Just place your ciabatta or sour dough slices, add in cheese or cold cuts and within minutes, you will have come up with a delicious meal for you and your family. There´s no doubt about it – this kitchen appliance delivers grilled and toasted delectable sandwich anytime.

Adjustable lid

Like any other major sandwich makers, it has special lid components that are designed to adjust to the size of the sandwich. It means that you will have a beautifully toasted sandwich whatever thickness it might have. Plates have grilled surfaces; this means that your sandwich will have grill marks, making it more appealing to those to whom it will be served.

Needless to say, such char lines are features that make the Panino what it is – a genuine Italian gourmet sandwich treat.

Creates Fast and Easy Meals

Hamilton Beach Panini press is certainly one appliance that you can depend on, if you are looking for an Italian sandwich press that can make you a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

Because if its ever reliable characteristic, this appliance that´s originally of Italian concept, has become very popular in the US, securing a spot in many American kitchen. The unique taste and easy to prepare quality of the panino are the reason why many Americans love to cook and eat them.

Promotes creative cooking

panini sandwichesUsers will further hone their creativity when it comes to toasting various types of Italian sandwiches with the help of the Hamilton beach Panini grill press. Whatever filling you might think of – lamb, pork, beef wagyu, fish fillet, cheese, egg omelet, or vegetables – any food type is possible to use as a sandwich filling.

Word of advice – when using meat for filling, be careful about using uncooked meat. In fact, it is a must that the meat is cooked. At least, you must precook meat before using them as fillings.

As in any other models, its manufacturers suggest that cooked meat is used in order to ensure that it is totally cooked for consumption. This also allows you to toast and crisp the surface of your sandwich in no time at all.

Take advantage of product manual

Before you even use your very own Hamilton Beach Panini Press maker, it is advisable that you thoroughly read the product manual that is included in the package. Not only must you become familiar with the features and functions of this kitchen appliance, but also, you must be aware of all the safety methods and precautions and strictly follow them.

As it is, the Hamilton panini and grill is an appliance that runs on electricity. Any wrong step in using it and you are in danger of experiencing electric shocks. Likewise, it is a must that the appliance is not immersed in water; otherwise, expect its components to be damaged, and might not anymore operate in good condition.

Cleaning is a must

Be sure to take utmost care to the Hamilton Beach Panini press but cleaning it, especially the surfaces all the time after use. It is advised to scrape the surface with a wooden spatula in order to remove any food item. Afterwards, you may use any ordinary dish washing soap to further remove stubborn dirt. Wipe with a clean damp cloth or sponge.

Finally, dry it with a clean cloth. When not in use, it is best to store inside the kitchen cabinet or cupboard. Needless to say, if you´re in the market for a Panini grill and press, the best choice is the Hamilton Beach brand. Buy one today and immediately enjoy making the best-tasting paninis.

Delonghi Panini Maker – Great Way of Churning Out Yummy Panini

Delonghi Panini maker affords any home owner great ways of creating and serving the most delicious Panino right in her own home kitchen. With this appliance, there is no need for you to go out and eat at a café or deli house just to enjoy your favorite Italian sandwich.

Cooking it yourself will be a breeze. Within a few minutes you have for yourself a sandwich that’s comparable to that of a professional chef. You will surely take pride in serving them because you know that you will come up with truly delectable meals.

With Delonghi, you will be able to make and prepare authentic Panino, whether by yourself or accompanied by your kids. It will be great fun to see your children with wide and beaming eyes, obviously amazed at how you are able to come up with some of the most attractive sandwiches. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on one.

Indeed, in order to come up with a tasty Panino, complete with all your favorite ingredients and fillings, it is a must that you use the ever reliable Delonghi panini maker at home.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

With the De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press, it’s like you have a professional chef at home, delivering some of the most sumptuous sandwich treats and grilled meals every day of the year. With the CGH800, you enjoy even and consistently grilled and toasted dishes – all because of its embedded plates. With contact grilling, heat is distributed throughout, to ensure perfectly cooked food.

In other words, you don’t need to worry about extremely hot or cold areas of the dish. With this Delonghi Panini grill model, you are set to impress family members and house guests as you prepare personal meals or ones that they crave; such as steak, burgers, chicken fillet, grilled vegetables, just to name a few. And of course, let’s not forget the delicious Panini sandwiches.

Some of its great features:

Grilling at the CGH800 Delonghi contract grill and panino press is healthy since the appliance stands on a slight slant to allow oil and grease to drain away from the food. Likewise, you enjoy precise cooking, toasting and grilling with its adjustable thermostat.

The use of this Panini press, while generally fun, involves serious work, especially if you have many guests and have been standing at the appliance for hours upon hours to continuously churn out delectable food.

Fret not – if you have to cook for hours, you don’t have to spend great amount of time cleaning the machine after wards. Since it is non-stick, you only need to wipe the plates off with a clean towel and empty the oil drain container – and that’s it, the press is ready to work another day.

Safety is a must when it comes to contact grill. This is why the manufacturer ensures the cool touch feature on handles, allowing easy and safe use and movement of the appliance as soon as the toasting and grilling is done. Other features are the indicator lights and safety locking system that allows for easy upright storage.

What makes the Delonghi contact grill and Panini press a top choice

Indeed, the sleek, compact and overall modern look of the sandwich maker easily makes it a winner to most consumers. It is all the more made highly desirable by its many impressive and superb features, ensuring top-notch performance any time.

1. Accommodates any thickness of sandwiches

Be assured that your sandwich of any thickness can be accommodated and cooked by this grill. Just like any modern maker, the Delonghi Panini grill possesses a special hinge component that’s adjustable. And so, whether you want to prepare a simple cheese sandwich or a heavy Panino with loads of fillings and ingredients, it will be beautifully cooked and toasted the way you want it to be.

2. Desired grill marks

It seems to be everyone´s concensus that a Panino is not complete without the beautiful grill marks on its bread’s surface. Such is a feature that makes this sandwich truly attractive. The marks easily entice anyone to enjoy having it. The grill, once properly heated, will ensure that your Italian sandwich will boast of char marks. Just make sure that the lid is properly pressed on it.

3. Boasts of vital temperature settings

You can expect to take advantage of a wide range of heat, ensured by its temperature setting control found in any Delonghi panini press grill. All you have to do is find out the right temperature for the Panini sandwich recipe that you’re cooking and simply adjust the appliance to the necessary temperature. Are you cooking vegetables, fish, meat, or cheese? Whatever it is, you will definitely come up with a totally cooked and yummy meal because of the grill’s adjustable temp settings.

4. Turns any leftover into a delightful meal

Perhaps you have loads of leftovers from the just recent Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthday – you don’t need to feel guilty with so much food sitting at the fridge shelves. Time to bring out your favorite turkey sandwich recipe as roasted turkey or chicken leftovers can become a worthy filling, making your sandwich a thousand times more delicious.

Use the turkey meat straight from the ref, slice to small bits, lay in your bread, add cheddar, green bell pepper, mayo, onion, and anything else that you might have in your kitchen. Within a few minutes, you have a dish that your kids will surely love. Make sure you make lots of sandwiches as everyone is sure to ask for second servings.

Clearly, with a little bit of creativity and finesse in cooking, you will certainly make something great out of simple leftover ingredients using the Delonghi panini grill.

5. Any type of bread can be used

No need to worry about which type of bread to use. It can be a Italian bread or a simple white bread. It can also be thick or thin. Any bread can be used with the versatile Delonghi panini grill. Of course, it is preferred that you use the common breads that are ideal for making such sandwiches, such as ciabatta, focaccia, and sourdough.

6. Simple bread sandwich with oil or butter

I love to prepare sandwiches that are simple and uncomplicated – like many times, I content myself in having focaccia slices brushed with either olive all or butter, and a few times, I added slices of green tomatoes (for that crunchy bite). This proves that with such a panini grill, even the simplest dish can turn out to be quite delicious – most especially if you’re using a Delonghi panini grill.

De’Longhi CGH902 5-in-1 Grill and Griddle

Another highly sought-after Panini grill press appliance is the De’Longhi CGH902 5-in-1 Grill and Griddle, an adjustable model that offers a total of 5 distinct cooking methods so that users will be able to cook a wide variety of foods.

It is a double-sided Panino contact grill, and so it easily cooks foods of different types – fish, beef, pork, burger, steaks, and many other. When acting as a panini press, is will toast and cook your favorite cheese or gourmet sandwiches. Other cooking functions of the CGH902 are as a full griddle, full grill, and half grill/half griddle.

When it comes to cooking positions, you can select from two types: the Contact, which is for grilling sandwiches and hamburgers, and Barbeque, which is meant to grill fish, meat, and vegetables.

Where to buy

Delonghi is such a popular brand that you can make a purchase anywhere – at a top brick and mortar shop or home appliance center, or via the Internet. Some of the best choices are online shopping sites, since many of them offer some of the latest models available.

You can easily go through some major sites and check the best Delonghi types and models that they offer. Remember to check and compare not only the prices but also the features and functions that each type offers.

This way you will be able to discern which one is best that suits you, considering the budget that you have as well as the functionality that you want to see in your Panini maker press.

Most even comes with useful cleaning tools and Panini sandwich recipe book, which contains some of the most exciting recipes that you can make with your Delonghi panini maker.

Simply put, if you want to create and serve hot and delicious Panini sandwiches and be able to grill fish, meat, and vegetables any time of the day, any day of the year, it’s time to get your De’Longhi Contact Grill and Panini Press. It assures fast, even, and thorough cooking with its reliable and fast-to-heat cooking plates.

With its adjustable hinge, meals or sandwiches of any thickness will be easily accommodated. What’s more with its nonstick surfaces, you can experience easy and fast cleaning. Indeed, Panini grill press from delonghi is a truly versatile home kitchen appliance.

Italian BLT Panini Treat by Laura Vitale

BLT sandwich is a bacon type of bread delicacy that’s made basically of Bacon cuts, fresh Lettuce, and Tomato slices, thus the name. Almost everyone of us must already know how to prepare and serve a simple BLT. Many others would love to add various ingredients to the main three such as cheese, mayonnaise, onion, and other delicious oils and dressings that anyone can think of. The following is a panini press sandwich recipe created and presented by chef Laura Vitale. She promises that once you decide to follow and cook this recipe, you will not never be contented to eating any ordinary bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich again. You’d be surprised that within a few minutes, you have some of the most sumptuous sandwiches that you can serve your kids. So – there is no reason to waste any more time. Why don’t you heat up your good old Panini maker and start preparing this BLT panino by Vitale? Ciao!

Why Go to the Cafe when Home Panini Sandwich Maker Cooks the Most Delicious Sandwiches

panini maker recipes Do you still have that habit of going up in the morning to rush off to the nearest deli shop or café to buy their favorite Panini, the great thing about having this delicious sandwich is that you don’t have to go out just to enjoy having it for breakfast?

Even if you woke up feeling ravenous and having this craving for a hearty Panino meal big time and wanted to satisfy your hunger, this can be done real quick, right in your own kitchen, that is, if you have Panini sandwich maker

In fact, you can enjoy these delicious meals even for your lunch or dinner – all you need is a few minutes, and some of the healthiest ingredients. No doubt about it, panino that is made at home is just as beautiful and delicious as the ones bought in cafes and sandwich shops.

The fact is that you make a homemade sandwich on your own, and you end up having something like those from these restaurants because you make sure that you only use ingredients that are the freshest and of the highest quality. Also, you use a special personal recipe that you call your own.

Best of all, you’re bound to enjoy a beautiful morning with your kids, who must also consider these sandwiches as their favorites. This makes every breakfast morning a valuable bonding experience for everyone in the family.

Panini Sandwich Makers for the Home Churn Out the Yummiest Sandwiches

People who just love to devour Panini – day in and day out – are also willing to prepare these meals themselves. Why not? First of all, they can enjoy the meal immediately after they cook it. And so, everything is enjoyed fresh, hot and crisp, making the meal always a most delicious one.

However, in order to ensure all this, people must look for the best Panini sandwich makers that they can use. Consider an appliance that has the 2 E’s and 1 P – Easy to use, Easy to clean, and Possesses all the necessary features and functions to come up with the best-tasting sandwiches.

Two ways of landing your ideal home Panini sandwich maker

1. Visit small and major home appliance centers

panini grill sandwich And when you are in the market for the best appliance, you are sure to be deluged by a great number of models and types. Where do you go exactly to buy a Panini press? You can either go to a brick and mortar shop, such as Lowes, Target Corp, or Costco. These appliance centers are the best establishments to go to as far as quality appliances are concerned.

They are found in many locations in the country, and so it’s likely that there’s one that’s within or near your vicinity. And no what? You don’t actually have to go to the large stores. You may opt for the small appliance shops around the corner in your neighborhood; they are sure to sell a number of models that are of the best quality as well.

2. Forget going out and just make use of your computer

If you don’t want the trouble of going out of your home, you can make your purchase via online, which is pretty much what everyone is doing these days. All you have to do is go to one or several websites that offer these appliances.

The best thing about buying via the Internet is that you have the chance to check each and every model and type available. Vital information such as complete descriptions, long list of specifications, and every important feature are also provided making it easier for you to know what a particular model offers. Needless to say, you must go for one that suits your budget.

Where exactly can you find and buy your prospective Panini press online:

a. Official sites of manufacturers and brands.
You can buy directly from major kitchen appliance makers thru their websites. They can help you find a retailer in your area.

b. Panini press review websites. When knowing different appliances, you can study and compare a number of brands or models according to their prices and features. These are important information that are provided by any legitimate Panini press reviews website. When we say “legitimate,” it means that the website offer information that come from users who actually owned such appliances. These are consumer sites where real panini grill and press owners share their experience – good or bad. The information comes as a comment, review, or feedback that serve as a guide for other consumers who are prospecting to buy them as well.

c. Websites of home appliance stores, dealers, and home improvement centers. Check out some of the most respected establishments of home appliances such as Target, which maintains a website that features a complete inventory of appliances including kitchen gadgets.

d. Amazon and Ebay. These are two of the biggest and most known online marketplaces where you can find a great variety of Panini sandwich maker products.

The best thing about purchasing via online is the availability of a chat feature, which is found in almost all websites. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring up any issues or further questions regarding a prospective Panini press product that you want to buy. With this online feature, you are afforded the chance of instant communication with the company or dealer that sells your desired product.

Check Features, functions, and qualities

When buying your very own appliance, see to it that you choose one that possesses all the features and functions that you prefer.

home panini press sandwichHot grill plates

Panini presses are known for its hot grill plates. These are vital components that make sure your sandwiches are cooked all throughout – both bread slices and filling. There are two main types of plates, which are the flat ones and grilled/ ribbed ones. The latter is perfect if you desire to find charred marks on the surface of the bread – features that can be attractive to the eye, hence, it making the sandwich all the more exquisite and palatable-looking.

Easy and quick clean-up

Cleaning up is very fast, since most plates of Panini sandwich maker are non-stick. At the same time, it has pans that receive excess fats that drip whenever steaks, pork, or other meat are being grilled. Since excess ingredients that pour or drip into the surface hardly stick, they can be easily removed using a clean towel or cloth. You can have a removable or a built-in plate, either way, you have an easy time cleaning your Panini press after use. Just make sure that you allow the appliance to cool down before you finally clean it.

Floating Hinge

With the floating or adjustable hinge feature, the appliance allows you to make a sandwich of any thickness. Cheese sandwich? This is so easy and quick to prepare, two minutes tops will give you the most delicious one, with melted cheddar or mozza right in the middle. Want a gourmet piece with all the tasty meat cuts, like bologna, salami, ham, chicken, turkey – bulking it all up? Never worry as it can be accommodated and cooked by your press to perfection.

Beautiful and modern

If you desire the best addition to your kitchen in terms of looks, then the perfect choice is a Panini machine. Even the simplest one is hardly an ugly piece of appliance. The latest press offers a modern and sleek look, with generally a shimmering metallic steel or aluminum shine. It means that you will not entertain any thought of hiding it; but instead, place it in the most conspicuous spot in your kitchen. The best Panini maker is just so good-looking that you will be eager to display it at the counter for all guests to see.

Affordable Price

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you find the panini press that has the exact specifications, cooking features and functions that you are looking for, and what’s more, they are available at a low price. Even the most complex and multi-functional press can be had at a reasonable price – so be choosy about buying your own to land one that meets your sandwich needs and budget as well.

Want to consider a cast iron Panini press?
panini sandwiches
Another type is the cast iron made, which doesn’t possess any fancy mechanism; and so it is one of the more reasonably priced in the market today. They come with steel-made handles or sturdy wooden ones. Either way, you’ll have an easy time holding it while heated over the stove. You simply close the lid, and it firmly holds the sandwich inside altogether. In a few minutes, everything is perfectly toasted and done.

Remember, however, that with a cast iron type, the heat is available only on the side that’s directly above the stove. Hence, in order to cook both sides properly, you must flip the Panini press. Cast iron is perfect for camping, where a campfire is built to which you can heat your press.

However, you may not be able to use your press immediately, especially if it is new. The first thing that you should do is to season the appliance well. It might take you a number of seasoning which would probably take some two to three weeks before you can be able use it. By then, the sandwich will not stick to the surface of the grill.

The best cast iron sandwich press has a short handle with a finish of enamel on its exterior, which is what the latest models are made of so that pre-seasoning is not anymore necessary. It can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water after you use it.

Go for the versatile type that cooks many others (not just sandwiches)

If you want to cook meals other than sandwiches, you can buy a grill and Panini press instead. Many are now available in the market and are meant to help an owner not only make and prepare Paninis, but also grill meats like chicken, beef, pork, and patties. It can also fry pancakes, cook omelette, and barbecue according to your desires. Even vegetables can be grilled using this appliance.

One of the most popular Cuisinart Griddler Grill & Panini press, which are priced reasonably compared to other brands. Made by one of the most established kitchen appliance manufacturer in the work it is sure to meet your meal requirements as it can whip out all your delicious Panini and meat recipes.