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Top 5 Multi-purpose Panini Press and Grill Appliances

Panini press and grill is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances these days. It is because not only does it create the best Italian sandwiches, but it also offers you the chance to cook a wide variety of meals for you and your family. As it is, more and more consumers and homeowners demand... Read More »

Panini Maker and Its Many Benefits and Uses

What is a Panini maker, you might ask? It is a handy cooking equipment found in many kitchen homes these days, a dependable appliance where you can grill and cook bread and turn it into a sandwich that’s of a whole new level. In just a few minutes, your meal is done and you are... Read More »

Chicken Panini Recipe – Simple and Easy to Do

Put simply, Paninis are a delightful treat for each member of the family. You produce a beautifully seared, delicious batch for everyone to relish, and they will love you for it. If this is the first time that you will create them, be ready to become a kitchen star! Well, next to your best Panini... Read More »

What’s the Best Panini Press for Home?

If you’re tired of going to the deli store down the street and want to create Paninis in your own kitchen, then it’s time to own the best Panini press for home. Here are three models that will not only help you churn the most delicious sandwiches, but will also save you substantial amount of... Read More »

Panini Press Reviews: Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

There’s no doubt about it – Panini is such a yummy delicacy anyone can have. It is no ordinary sandwich, or even a meal, for that matter. In order to make one, you need the best Panini press, one designed to churn out the most delectable bread product – whether it is created using just... Read More »

Top Seven Tips When Using Panini Press and Making Paninis

You just can’t wait for lunch if you know you’re having a delicious Panini for a meal. Even if it’s just made of some toasted, seared bread, thin slice of chicken, and melted cheese, you can expected it to give you a satiating fill. This is why you decided it’s time to give up waiting... Read More »

Even the Best Panini Press Needs Proper Cleaning

Housewives (even husbands) and homemakers are looking for the best Panini press, since it is one of the most desirable household appliances. More and more people have discovered it to be a simple yet useful and reliable kitchen contraption that they must have – especially for those who are avid sandwich lovers. Most new models... Read More »

Best Panini Press Reviews for Great Grills and Delicious Paninis

Welcome to Panini Days, a website that promises to provide fresh and valuable information about Paninis, and the best Panini press appliances. This website serves to give out only the most useful tips and advices on how to land the best type or model by offering helpful top Panini machine reviews. You’ll be able to... Read More »