Avocado Turkey Bacon & Cheese Panini – Fast and Yummy Meal

When I encountered this Panini sandwich video online, I thought that avocado and bacon is just too much fat for me.

But hey, our lady chef, Gracie Walling of Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service, announced it to be a turkey bacon at the start of the video – and so, this is something worth cooking at the Panini maker. The recipe is certainly worth sharing to everyone.

Plus, the cheese that she used was cheddar, which was a big favorite – and it was low fat too.

For those who shun avocado for its fat content, don’t leave it out but simply go easy on the serving. You just have to take advantage of the nutritional side of the fruit, which means that with a decent serving, you’d get to enjoy important vitamins like A, K, and E, and minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron.

For added nutrients, the dish is served with a side salad of colorful vegetables such as cherry tomato, bell pepper, and carrot. With such a complete meal, what more can you ask for? It’s a perfect treat for the kids as well.

Definitely, this sandwich is worth heating up your Panini press grill in a heartbeat.

Kudos to Chef Gracie and Texas A & M Agrilife for coming up with such as nutritious and delectable meal.

Here is the video – enjoy!

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