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This website serves to give out only the most useful tips and advices on how to land the best type or model by offering helpful top Panini machine reviews. You’ll be able to read honest-to-goodness comments and feedback on different Panini grills and presses, categorized according to models, prices, features, and brands.

The reviews posted here in Panini Days will attempt to guide you well in choosing the appliance that suits your taste, whether it is a Cuisinart or Breville or any other brand for that matter.

What is a Panini, in the first place?

Delicious, delectable, and mouth-watering. These are three words that aptly describe such a heavenly-tasting sandwich. It originated from Italy – it is no wonder that Italians possesses some of the finest dispositions and most positive outlook in the planet. They must surely eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Panini ingredients: what makes it uber-delicious

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Paninis have super delicious ingredients, but one that you can definitely do without is bread. If you want it easy and simple, you can grab any ordinary loaf found in your local bakery. However, there is a good list of breads that are commonly used to make a good Panino.

So, while you can grab slices of the common American bread that’s most probably there lying on your kitchen counter top, you might want to enjoy a bit of authenticity on your Panino. Hence, it is advised to prepare your special sandwich with the right Italian breads instead.

Indeed, numerous online sites and web pages describe it as a uniquely delightful sandwich created from bread other than the standard sliced one. The most popular and commonly-used are baguette, ciabatta, and rosetta. Sourdough and focaccia bread are also typically used ones.

According to Wikipedia Ciabatta is a unique bread from Italy that’s of a number of varieties. You can easily identify it because of its flat an elongated shape. I like Ciabatta because it’s quite broad; this makes it able to accommodate more filling. This particular bread came about as Italy’s answer to the very popular baguette bread of France. Today, it’s one of the top breads used for Panini sandwiches.

Focaccia, on the other hand, is more versatile since not only is it used for Panino sandwich, but likewise as a bread base or dough for pizza. In fact, it is baked in the oven and produced in a similar way to how conventional dough pizza is made. If you use it for Paninis, it certainly makes up for a yummy and flavorful treat, especially if you use different meats and cheese.

Sourdough is bread created and baked using yeast and lactobacillus as vital ingredients. The latter, specifically the lactic acid that it contains, is responsible for the bread’s uniquely mild sour taste. Many popular Panini recipes have been created using this bread. Personally, I love using sourdough when I have leftover salmon or tuna that I can use for filling. I also put a thin spread of butter or margarine, which somehow masks the sour taste to my liking.

Just make sure that you heat up your Panini machine for a few minutes – this will help cook your sandwich properly and evenly as well.

After laying your bread slice onto the grill plate, you begin making your delicious meal by filling it (filing is more like it) with lots and lots of cheeses and meat. One of the most common meats used is ham. Meat lovers will surely not hesitate to add other cold cut delicacies like salami, turkey, and sausages.

They make their sandwiches complete by including a good array of vegetables such as lettuce, red pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions. Condiments as common as ketchup and mayo are a must to make it a total treat.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Panini press?

Are you in the market for one? You must consider a top quality grilling appliance if you want to achieve a perfect Italian sandwich. Of course, apart from creating a Panini that’s hot and pressed just right, there are other factors why you want the right press.

best panini press

Indeed, many put great importance in the brand when it comes to making a choice. However, a meticulous home maker considers other vital reasons as well.

For instance, do you intend to regularly prepare sandwiches and make it an everyday meal for you and your family? Go for a compact yet high-quality model.

If one craves for such yummy bread treats but only occasionally, he needs just a simple appliance with basic functions.

Maybe you want a beautiful kitchen that boasts of high-tech appliances. Then, you must opt for a model that has many important pressing and grilling features.

For those who have good taste in fine and classic appliances, they can purchase a sturdy and impressive cast iron Panini press, perhaps.

What is your budget when buying one? There are tons of below 50-dollar presses that are available in the market today. If sky’s the limit and you won’t settle for second best, there are many that sell for hundreds of dollars.

List down all questions that you might have about presses and the answers that you will come up from them will help you in making an easy choice from the many models and types found in Amazon. The important thing to remember is that you should land and use the best Panini grill, one that meets your requirements, and one that you will be happy to make delicious treat every day of the year – year after year.

Needless to say, you want to purchase and own this amazing kitchen implement to cook special sandwiches. Hence, it is just right that you choose one that can make the most delicious Paninis and other irresistible meals for you and your family.

Just remember that the best Panini press is capable of churning out a grand feast, regardless of the kind of bread you use, and fillings that are available such as cheese, meats, vegetables, sauces and dressings, and even fruits. The possibilities are just endless.

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