Italian BLT Panini Treat by Laura Vitale

BLT sandwich is a bacon type of bread delicacy that’s made basically of Bacon cuts, fresh Lettuce, and Tomato slices, thus the name. Almost everyone of us must already know how to prepare and serve a simple BLT. Many others would love to add various ingredients to the main three such as cheese, mayonnaise, onion,... Read More »

Vegetable Panini Recipe for Healthy Living

What makes me excited about using my Panini maker is that it allows me to consume delicious vegetable recipes, right inside my humble home kitchen. Whether I crave for a sandwich that combines vegetables and cold cuts, or a totally veggie fare, all is possible with this appliance. Saves a great deal since I don’t... Read More »

Pumpkin Panini – Such a Delicious Treat

You can get mixed comments and reactions when it comes to the taste of pumpkin. Many praise its nice, delicious taste, others say that it is kind of bland or even bitter, however which way it is cooked. Lovers insist that it’s sweet. Think pumpkin pie, they would say as they protest their case. Enjoy... Read More »

Time to Cook Easy and Yummy Panini Maker Recipes

You will certainly have no problem cooking all types of Panino or gourmet sandwich recipes if you own for yourself a reliable Panini maker. With such an appliance, making great lunches or dinner out of chicken, cold cuts, cheese, turkey, or vegetables is a breeze. With such a kitchen tool, you can whip up great... Read More »

Avocado Turkey Bacon & Cheese Panini – Fast and Yummy Meal

When I encountered this Panini sandwich video online, I thought that avocado and bacon is just too much fat for me. But hey, our lady chef, Gracie Walling of Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service, announced it to be a turkey bacon at the start of the video – and so, this is something worth cooking... Read More »

Turkey and Cranberry Croissant Panini by Laura Vitale

Laura Vitale makes Panino like no other. Leftover turkey is a given ingredient for delicious Panini sandwich, but Laura’s Turkey & Cranberry is simply fantastic. What makes it special is using croissant for bread – delicious! With this recipe, I’m sure you’re raring to press down your Panini press. Watch the instructional video below. And... Read More »

Chicken Panini Recipe – Simple and Easy to Do

Put simply, Paninis are a delightful treat for each member of the family. You produce a beautifully seared, delicious batch for everyone to relish, and they will love you for it. If this is the first time that you will create them, be ready to become a kitchen star! Well, next to your best Panini... Read More »