Chicken Panini Recipe – Simple and Easy to Do

Put simply, Paninis are a delightful treat for each member of the family. You produce a beautifully seared, delicious batch for everyone to relish, and they will love you for it.

If this is the first time that you will create them, be ready to become a kitchen star! Well, next to your best Panini maker, of course.

This uber-tasty sandwich treat can be easily done, whether you own a real grill, or use skillets and transform them into virtual cast iron Panini press. You will certainly enjoy such a delicious meal in the end – either way you choose.

Here is a short video of a lovely recipe that you can follow. I prefer chicken because it is quite healthy compared to cold cuts, which are really more popular. Try using turkey, which is also a great meat filling.

And by the way, be adventurous by using vegetables apart from those used in the video. Be liberal with the cheese; not only does it make Panini sandwich taste a thousand times better, but it also effectively binds the bread and everything in between together.

The Panini recipe is very easy to follow and within minutes, a nice and hearty breakfast or lunch is ready for you and your kids. So, better get your press heated already. Enjoy!

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