Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel Review

The Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill is the perfect choice for housewives and home makers with tons of delectable dishes to cook, if only because it has a number of vital cooking functions, as well as desirable cooking features and specs – all from a single electric-powered Cuisinart indoor grill and Panini press.

Food varieties are cooked at the same time and easy since the appliance boasts of a total of 240 sq. inches of grilling surface. Rest assured that you can have all your cooking tasks for the day done – fast and conveniently.

Nothing compares to the Cuisinart Griddler grill and Panini press when it comes to versatility. Its reversible plates are easy to heat up, assured by the appliance’s range of temperature settings. All meat types are perfectly cooked with its superior searing and grilling capability. Any customized cooking is accomplished with great precision every time.

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Cuisinart GR-300WS Five cooking Options

As a Panini Press

Cuisinart is popular for making grill and sandwich making appliances. As a panino maker, this particular model, the Cuisinart griddler Panini maker GR-300WS, is highly reliable in churning great sandwiches, quesadillas, and all sorts of gourmet deli.

As a Full Grill

It can be used as a full-type grill, which can cook steaks, burger patties, fish, turkey or chicken, albeit go for fillet to ensure even cooking (avoid cuts with bones). As a full grill, you can cook vegetables as well. When using this cooking method, the griddler by Cuisinart assumes a flat cooking surface as it is positioned with the top cover fully flat.

As a Full Griddle

You can utilize this appliance as a full griddle-type to make some of the most energizing meals for breakfast, like your favorite egg omelet and pancake recipes. Other great early morning meals that you can cook using the full-griddle option are hash browns, French toast, and early breakfast meats.

In order to use it as full griddle, you position the appliance like in the case of full-grill. You have to fully open the cover as it can assume a flat position. This way you create a double, flat surface. As full griddle, dishes you will prepare must be turned over during cooking.

As Half Grill/Half Griddle

With this option, you can use the Cuisinart griddler to create delicious meals such as bacon and eggs, or even steak cuts and fries – all at the same time. In order to use this cooking option, you have to place the appliance into a flat position. Next, you insert a plate with its grill part facing upwards, and the other plate having its griddle part facing up.

Contact grill

Love to grill just about anything? You can use it as a contact grill option to come up with the most sumptuous hamburgers, boneless meat cuts, thin meat slices, and vegetables. This option is perfect for short-time cooking, if you are pressed for time and need to come up with meals ready within minutes. When grilling using the contact-grill option, foods are quickly done since both sides are being grilled at the same time.

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Overall Features, functions

panini sandwich1. Offers six cooking options – Panini press, contract grill, full grill, full griddle, top melt, half griddle/half grill

2. It has an adjustable cover on top, complete with six presets for top melt.

3. It also has a safety lock for easy storage

4. Griddle plates are nonstick, reversible, and removable

5. Boasts of dual zone temp control

6. It has a sear function, which means that it can sear at a maximum of 500 Degrees Fahrenheit for as long as 2 mins at a time


A good number of buyers are evidently happy with their purchase, and spent time to have offer some positive comments and feedback about the product at Amazon. Most of them were excited to tell stories about their great experience as panni press users.

One had already made a purchase half a year ago and had been using it regularly – every week, around 3 to 4 days a week. She considers it safe and easy to use, and reports no functionality issue. She is happy that with appliance, she is able to grill right inside her kitchen. This allows her to be near her kids, and able to perform other home tasks other than cooking.

cuisinart GR panini grill

Another user comment that with this appliance, she contemplates in getting rid of other cooking equipment. She realized that the Cuisinart grill and griddle is all that she needs. She’s satisfied about the fact that it works well, and can be easily operated.

A senior noted that it take only a few minutes to heat up, and in no time, he is able to cook his meal for the day – whether it is a Panino or grilled fish fillet. He admitted to having given up the use of outdoor grill. Now, he performs all cooking tasks on the Cuisinart griddle grill and Panini maker.

An only downside, well, sort of, is that one owner can’t open the top plate since it is directly below the kitchen cabinet, which he admitted to be constructed close to the counter. He decided to place it on nearby side table, and now, he can use it as a wide-open grill without a hitch. Apart from this, he gives an overall rating of the appliance as superior.

My Verdict

panini pressIsn’t it obvious that the Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill is a top pick for a kitchen appliance, especially if you not only want to cook yummy paninis but so much more? Total versatility is clearly evident in this grilling appliance, what with its five cooking options. You are 100% assured that any kind of meal is cooked and churned out easily.

It is designed to make your cooking chores very easy while help you to always serve delectable and nutritious dishes to your family every day. And with more and more users are giving their positive feedback about the appliance, this only proves that such Cuisinart Panini press and grill is the one of the best, if not the best, that you can use.

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