Easy Tips to Come Up with Perfect Panini Maker Sandwich

Who doesn’t want a perfect Panini sandwich? We always crave for the best ones; of course, both in appearance and taste. This is why we get disappointed when we don’t come up with a perfectly cooked Panino.

It greatly helps that you have the best Panini maker in your kitchen, but then, it is not enough.

It is a must that you also know how to prepare your sandwiches, and be able to cook and toast it to perfection. Important steps such as the laying of one ingredient after another and preheating of highly dependable Panino making appliance should also be correctly done.

Unfortunately, everyone has off-days when it comes to cooking.

There will be times when batches of gourmet sandwiches that we cook come out to be less than perfect. When this happen, don’t we always have that urge to just throw everything away, instead of serving it to the family lest we hear bad comments and unpleasant reactions?

panini grill sandwich

All of us experience preparing making not-so-perfect sandwiches.

And so, here is the list of what we can call Panini imperfections, which happens when we commit mistakes in preparing them, and a number of remedies to consider so that such mistakes are avoided.

Follow these advices and you will always come up with the best and yummiest sandwiches possible.

1. Filling falling off

I are sure you become really frustrated, if not irritated, whenever your Panini does not come off from the grill together – in one beautiful piece. Instead, it falls off. Specifically, the fillings such as meat, vegetables, and dressing fall onto the sides.

A. Too much stuffing?

One possible reason for this is that you might be putting in too much stuffing in your sandwich. You enjoy laying too much ingredients, one after another and another, that it has become a gargantuan meal ready to crumble to earth (read: Panini’s sides).

To avoid this from happening, you must go easy on the filling. One or two types of cold cuts, some slices of vegetables and egg omelet, and dressing and this will result in a beautifully created Panini machine sandwich.

B. Using ordinary bread

Ordinary slice of bread can be quite thin and less dense; hence, it is less capable to hold too much filling in place. Be aware that such bread type is just right when making thin sandwiches, such as cheese or peanut butter and jelly.

In other words, it is a less-than-perfect option if you want to prepare a delicious Panino sandwich.

best panini maker
To make sure that you have a perfectly created sandwich – one that’s not deformed and with fillings tucked in place, opt for Italian bread, such as foccacia and ciabatta.

These breads are the ideal choice because of their desired qualities, being dense and thick. They seem to totally complement your Panini press & grill.

Surely, if you use these Italian bread types, you’ll enjoy truly beautiful and yummy gourmet sandwiches.

C. No Cheese

Another reason why your Panino maker sandwich just can’t seem to hold together all its filling. Your frustration is evident as you see your sandwich has its ingredients such as vegetables and bits of meat fall off on the side – right before your eyes.

Definitely, don’t leave out cheese as an ingredient for your sandwiches. In face, this food is a perfect and effective binder, that holding together everything that you put in your sandwich. Mozarella and cheddar slices are two of the better options; not only are they sticky, but they taste delicious as well.

D. Using meat or vegetable bits

tomato panini sandwich
Bits of ingredients are prone to falling off from the sandwich and on to the side or place.

Perhaps, you used leftover turkey that you still want to use as filling, or decided to chop the ingredient so that your kids can have an easy time eating them. Unfortunately, such ingredients falling off can be an advantage because of their small size.

For solidly-created and bound Panini grill sandwiches, use whole slices instead of bits.

2. Soggy bread

Who wants to eat soggy bread for their sandwich? No one, right? Just by checking the appearance, you know that your Panino is soggy, which can be because of excess liquid such as water or sauce or even oil. Soggy Panini is shunned by everyone, especially kids, because it is so unappealing.

A. The solution? Perhaps, you’re using ordinary slice of bread, which is prone to get soggy so easily.

Again, you must go for the right type of bread, such as the Italian ones like ciabatta, foccacia, and rossetta. These are the perfect options to make since Italian breads made for Panino are thick and dense in quality.

B. Drain vegetables and meat of excessive water or moisture

Another reason why your sandwiches are soggy is because you use watery ingredients for your filling.

It’s good that you wash your vegetables to ensure that it is clean, but before laying it on the bread, remove any excess moisture but placing it in a strainer. Lay it afterwards in a clean cloth to ensure that
any remaining water is removed.

3. Oily Panini maker sandwich

I hate holding oily sandwiches, because it messes up everything – my hands, table, and anything that it has contact with. To avoid this, use only the right amount of olive oil, butter or margarine.

A thin spread on the bread is enough to enhance the taste of your meal. Too much will surely make your bread creation oily, making it unappealing.
Spanish panini sausage
Some meat can have excessive fat content as well, such as sausage or salami. If you want to fry or toast your sausage, wrap it in paper towel before laying it on the bread. The paper will promptly absorb any excess oil.

4. Uneven cooking

Are you sometimes disappointed to receive comments that your Panino is not properly or evenly cooked? And that there are portions of the sandwich that seems uncooked yet?

In such case, it is possible that your panini maker press is not preheated properly. Make sure that you connect your machine to a power source, and heat up your appliance for a few minutes before you cook your batch of sandwich.

If sandwich is unevenly or partially cooked, it might be that you made a thick sandwich. Don’t over do it.

Again, it is best to prepare one with just the right thickness to ensure that it is deliciously hot and thoroughly cooked by your amazing panini sandwich maker as well.

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