Even the Best Panini Press Needs Proper Cleaning

panini pressHousewives (even husbands) and homemakers are looking for the best Panini press, since it is one of the most desirable household appliances. More and more people have discovered it to be a simple yet useful and reliable kitchen contraption that they must have – especially for those who are avid sandwich lovers.

Most new models possess excellent quality and high quality, allowing owners to use them for many years. However, even the best Panini grill needs proper and regular cleaning. This is to ensure that the appliance performs in tip top condition.

Indeed, it is a must that you take care of your grill if you have one, lest you miss out on enjoying your favorite, deliciously hot and seared morning sandwich.

Cleaning up after use

Like most other appliances, it is advisable to clean your grill after using it. Clean as you go applies here. But first, you must disconnect from power and allow the appliance to cool down a bit to avoid any accident.

Any dried spills, bits, crumbs, and other forms of residues found in the surfaces and corners must be wiped away. When we say wipe, you should use a clean cloth damped with hot or warm water or soft cleaning sponge; it is enough to clean the grill surface especially since it is non-stick.

If you encounter surfaces with stubborn or hard-to-remove residues, try to soak the spot with more hot water. This will effectively soften the residue, and it will be easier to remove them after a few minutes.

Avoid using steel or metal scrubbing pad, bread knife, or any metal object when removing residue as the abrasive action will do more harm than good. You don’t want any scratches and unsightly marks on the surface, do you? Take off the plates and wash them under running water and let air dry.

Panini grills are of various type and models, and so might require specific cleaning procedures and the use of special cleansers. Hence, it is best to refer to the product manual for instructions from the manufacturer.

And again, you must check with the manufacturer or refer to the manual if you want to know whether you can use the dishwasher when cleaning your grill or not.

No need to store your Panini Press away

If you need to put away your grill after cleaning, wipe it first with a cloth to ensure that it is totally dry. But the, why do you need to store it in the first place?

Any Panini maker is just too cute and sleek to be kept away, even if seldom use. So long as you place it in a dry spot under room temperature such as the kitchen counter top, it will safe from any damage.

Perhaps, you can keep it atop a corner shelf, alongside your pots, pans, and food processors. If you dearly love your grill and want to protect it from scratches or splashes of water or oil, cover it with a dry towel for protection.

Simply put, even the best Panini press needs efficient, thorough cleaning. For more complex appliances, it is best to contact the manufacturing company or simply perform the cleaning and maintaining instructions indicated in the manual.

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