Good Reasons to Add Grill and Panini Press to Your Kitchen

If you’re someone who loves to create sandwiches at home, it’s likely that you already have a grill and panini press sitting in your kitchen counter.

People like having this special Italian sandwich maker around since it allows them to come up with the healthiest and most delicious meals right inside their kitchen.

Are you always in a hurry and have only a few minutes to assemble a quick meal? Go and grab some bread slices and bits of meat fillings, and voila, you’re ready to chomp on your Panino while you rush to your work or appointment.

Maybe you are just satisfied having cheese sandwich for your meal or snack – a reliable panini grill press can whip up one in no time at all.

Maybe, you never go tired spending hours and hours experimenting with fillings, sauces, dressings, and spices, which is why you already have tons of Panini press recipes to brag about and share with friends.

What? You still don’t have a Panini maker? This is surprising to learn from someone who considers Panino as a staple meal. So, perhaps you’re using pan and lid to cook your sandwiches.

There is nothing wrong in improvising. Indeed, why do you have to spend if you can come up with a cooking implement that replicates the function of the panino maker?

Still, for the sake of convenience of being able to cook and enjoy gourmet sandwiches, a Pannini press is truly worth having around. It makes your life easier as far as whipping up appealing and great tasting meals for the family is concerned.

Aside from Paninis, of course, you can cook tons of other wonderful meals with a panini sandwich maker.

Here are good reasons why you must own a grill and Panini press:

You’re an avowed vegetarian

You are a veggie lover so you often grill veggie sandwiches to satisfy my hunger.

Not only are they healthful, but they can taste really delicious as well. For the sake of your health, choose days when you give up fat-laden meat in your sandwich meal and liberally use fresh vegetables for fillings instead.

Go for the most healthy veggie treat by getting slices of whole grain bread and filling it with all sorts of healthy vegetables of the brightest colors such as onion rings, olives, tomatoes, green and red peppers. You can even throw in leafy ones like spinach and asparagus (chopped).

Complement with tasty low-fat mayo or thousand island on a limited quantity. Imagine the loads of vitamins you can enjoy from your veggie-based and tasty sandwich treat.

When using tomatoes, choose ones that are not too ripe and juicy; this will avoid soaking up your bread. Otherwise, remove excess juice or liquid from the tomato before laying it as filling.

If you’re a vegetarian, if follows that you love fruits as well. Some of the common yummy fruits you can use as filling for your sandwich are pineapple, peach, apple slices, mango, among many others. They will surely make a deliciously sweet treat for you anytime of the day.

No need to go to the Nearest Sandwich Deli

Even if you love panino and can practically have it for your everyday meal, there will be days when you just can’t make yourself go out of the house to buy your favorite sandwich at the deli store.

With sandwiches, you can prepare it in the comforts of your own home. Everything will be hot, toasty, and has the char marks that you always look for on the surface of your panino.

You don’t need any prior training just to come up with properly cooked and nice-looking sandwiches. This appliance not only comes with an instruction manual that will help you operate it properly, but also a book of Panini press recipes.

In fact, without a manual, the appliance can be easily operated. Just make sure that it is preheated to the right temperature. Butter or olive oil, which I prefer to use, should be handy when it’s time to oil up the surface of your bread.

You love to grill just about everything

I am sure you’ve heard of this appliance that not only toasts bread but grills steaks, fish, and even vegetables. For instance, when it comes to Cuisinart griddler, you can cook anything that you can find in your kitchen cupboard and inside the fridge.

With correct heating, precise cooking time, and choice of meat, you can enjoy the juiciest, tastiest steak meal for you and your family.


At least 15 minutes is all it takes to thoroughly cook a steak. Go for a top sirloina, pricey but it tastes so delicious and melts literally in your mouth.

Before you lay down your steak on the grill plate, make sure that it is seasoned just right. No need for fancy spices, just some salt, black pepper, and bits of parsley can enhance the already wonderful taste of the steak.

Many love to whip up their steak dinner via Panini grills – why?

Simple – it’s healthy and mess-free. The appliance is designed in such a way that it effectively drains excessive fat from the meat, the end result of which is meal with as minimal oil as possibly can.

Avoid cooking steak that’s too thick. Your tendency is to let the meat stay in the hot grill longer than usual. In the end, you have meat that’s burnt at the outside and blood-reddish and undercooked on the inside.


The best fish to cook is one that has been prepared as fillet. Choose salmon or tuna – two of the best fish that you can cook in a grill Panini press. Buy the freshest fish and have them filleted before your eyes.

Especially if you have a large appliance, lay as many piece of fish fillet in the grill. Avoid overcrowding, however, and make sure that the fillet is completely laid into the plate. Thinly sliced fillet are done in just a few minutes.

If you’re cooking tuna, this usually comes in thick slices and so must stay in the grill for at least 5 minutes to ensure that it is done.


Vegetables are not only great as sandwich fillings. With a Panini grill press you can also cook them and come up with the most exotic food treats. Zucchini, carrots, and asparagus are but few of the most common vegetables that taste great when grilled.

You want to liven up that Panini pajama party more

Your teenage daughters and nieces are the most sociable bunch you know. They invite friends over to spend the Saturday evening (up to the wee hours of the morning) at home having pajama party, hitting the couch and watching TV.

Your kids may not realize this but their Pajama party is always a success because you never fail to prepare trays of the most mouth-watering panino treats for them.

Try cooking sliders or ham sandwiches; everything will be consumed in an instant for sure even if you send them out batch after batch.

Your young and indefatigable guests will be only be too happy to munch on these delectable treats – keeping you and your hardworking appliance busy all through the night.

Great for reheating

Don’t you just shiver at the thought of a cold sandwich or pizza that you have for your meal? Of course, you just can’t settle for such an unappealing meal.

Reheated pizza or sandwich using the microwave oven can be a bummer since all that you get is soggy and inconsistently heated food.

The best way, in my option, to reheat leftover pizza and sandwiches is via your Panini press.

Just place your sandwich that’s cold and straight from the ref into the heated grill, and then close and press it. In a minute, what you have for dinner is like a freshly toasted panino.

When it comes to pizza, if you have two slices, have their cheese-and-sauce side facing each other. If there is just a single slice for leftover, just fold it with the cheese portion inside. Press the hot lid of your grill and Panini press against it for a minute. Enjoy a revived Italian pizza like it was freshly baked.

You want to have a healthier lifestyle

There must be tons of ton of nutritious Panini sandwich recipes that you can use to make your daily diet a truly healthy one. Just follow the instructions, making sure that you use 100% fresh, organic ingredients when preparing your meals.
Cooking your own panino means you have full control on the number of calories that you will consume. Less oil, salt, artificial flavorings and colorings – you can make sure that they are not found in the ingredients that you will use for your meal.

Go and follow healthy Panini maker recipes that you can find in books and online. Choose the recipe that has less calories and has loads of nutrients. Whip up one of these recipe next time, especially if you are on a diet or want to enjoy some healthy bites.

Put simply, grill and Panini press is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Whether you want to prepare fast and nutritious meal for yourself, or you’re cooking gourmet dinner for a number of guests, this versatile appliance can do it all. Go enjoy Italian Panino, grilled steak and fish fillet, and veggies even within minutes.

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