Hamilton Beach Panini Press Grill – Ideal for Italian Sandwich Lovers

panini maker recipesThe Hamilton Beach Panini Press Grill is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to making hot sandwiches and gourmet paninis in the comfort of your own home. What comes out of this appliance is much like what you might order at a deli cafe or restaurant.

What´s great about this brand is that you can add just about anything in your bread – whatever ingredient you might find in your cupboard or fridge.

Just place your ciabatta or sour dough slices, add in cheese or cold cuts and within minutes, you will have come up with a delicious meal for you and your family. There´s no doubt about it – this kitchen appliance delivers grilled and toasted delectable sandwich anytime.

Adjustable lid

Like any other major sandwich makers, it has special lid components that are designed to adjust to the size of the sandwich. It means that you will have a beautifully toasted sandwich whatever thickness it might have. Plates have grilled surfaces; this means that your sandwich will have grill marks, making it more appealing to those to whom it will be served.

Needless to say, such char lines are features that make the Panino what it is – a genuine Italian gourmet sandwich treat.

Creates Fast and Easy Meals

Hamilton Beach Panini press is certainly one appliance that you can depend on, if you are looking for an Italian sandwich press that can make you a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

Because if its ever reliable characteristic, this appliance that´s originally of Italian concept, has become very popular in the US, securing a spot in many American kitchen. The unique taste and easy to prepare quality of the panino are the reason why many Americans love to cook and eat them.

Promotes creative cooking

panini sandwichesUsers will further hone their creativity when it comes to toasting various types of Italian sandwiches with the help of the Hamilton beach Panini grill press. Whatever filling you might think of – lamb, pork, beef wagyu, fish fillet, cheese, egg omelet, or vegetables – any food type is possible to use as a sandwich filling.

Word of advice – when using meat for filling, be careful about using uncooked meat. In fact, it is a must that the meat is cooked. At least, you must precook meat before using them as fillings.

As in any other models, its manufacturers suggest that cooked meat is used in order to ensure that it is totally cooked for consumption. This also allows you to toast and crisp the surface of your sandwich in no time at all.

Take advantage of product manual

Before you even use your very own Hamilton Beach Panini Press maker, it is advisable that you thoroughly read the product manual that is included in the package. Not only must you become familiar with the features and functions of this kitchen appliance, but also, you must be aware of all the safety methods and precautions and strictly follow them.

As it is, the Hamilton panini and grill is an appliance that runs on electricity. Any wrong step in using it and you are in danger of experiencing electric shocks. Likewise, it is a must that the appliance is not immersed in water; otherwise, expect its components to be damaged, and might not anymore operate in good condition.

Cleaning is a must

Be sure to take utmost care to the Hamilton Beach Panini press but cleaning it, especially the surfaces all the time after use. It is advised to scrape the surface with a wooden spatula in order to remove any food item. Afterwards, you may use any ordinary dish washing soap to further remove stubborn dirt. Wipe with a clean damp cloth or sponge.

Finally, dry it with a clean cloth. When not in use, it is best to store inside the kitchen cabinet or cupboard. Needless to say, if you´re in the market for a Panini grill and press, the best choice is the Hamilton Beach brand. Buy one today and immediately enjoy making the best-tasting paninis.

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