Having a Panini at Madrid’s Cafe y Te

panini2 I am just lucky to be in Madrid these days, and so am busy to be soaking up in its grandeur and beauty.

That particular Sunday afternoon had the sun beating on me as I wander the grounds surrounding the Royal Palace of Madrid. I didn’t want to eat; just an ice-cold cola would do.


But along one of the side streets, I chanced upon Cafe y Te serving Paninis. Who wouldn’t be tempted to order one? The food arrived quite pronto, and so I immediately chomped at my first Panini sandwich made from Spain.

Above are a few pics – obviously the café uses Panini press with no ridges, which resulted in no burned lines on my bread. Cheese and ham was not fused or melted together. While appearance veered away from the traditional Italian sandwich, still it tasted great! Overall, i am looking forward to dining again at Cafe y Te or other Madrid restos offering awesome paninis.

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