Land the Best Panini Sandwich Maker that Churn Delicious Sandwiches

panini maker sandwich

panini maker sandwich

We know how delicious a Panino can be, right? In my case, its taste is short of mind-boggling that I don’t mind having it everyday. The delicacy is such a delight to everyone, which is why many want to own the best possible Panini sandwich maker. Indeed, when buying one, go for the press that will satisfy your sandwich needs to the fullest.

Actually, when it comes to this home kitchen appliance, do you know that you are presented with literally a hundred of options? This isn’t a surprising fact since the demand for the Panino meal at restaurants and deli shops are high, not only in Italian, but in the US and all over the world.

So, you want to make your own personal Panino? What’s stopping you? You don’t have a Panini sandwich grill yet. Then first, let’s talk about how you can land the appliance that suits you best.

When looking for the right one for our kitchen, you must know that the latest brands already possess the qualities that we look for, particularly in the area of product features, options and functions. Such are common consumer issues and needs that had been taken care of by the manufacturers.

The best step to make is to deal with questions about this appliance that you might not tend to ask as a consumer or user when they are highly important as well.

Do ask these questions when searching for the right Panini press gourmet sandwich maker:

1. Does the color of your choice compliment that of your kitchen or house?

panini sandwichesThe color of appliances of in the kitchen – and this includes your device – must compliment the overall kitchen space, the hues of its walls, cupboards, and cabinets. A white or silver-colored Panini press, for instance, will greatly enhance your gray-white cupboards.

Avoid contrasting hues that will make the appliance grab much of the attention. Go for a single color group for most elements in the kitchen; this will turn your Pannini press as an effective accent to this part of your home.

2. Is it safe enough to be used around your kids?

This is one question that we often forget to consider asking ourselves. Is your choice of appliance safe around children?

Kids love to spend time in the kitchen, especially if mothers are at work cooking their favorite meal. To ensure a safe appliance, go for one that has cool surfaces to prevent accidents. Cool surface or not – when operating a Panini machine, make sure that you keep your kids at a safe distance.

Opt for devices with short cords, or wires that can be easily clipped. This will help avoid your kids from getting entangled in it and causing any potential fatal accidents.

They love to get their hands on just about anything, so pick one with a small handle. Big handles make it easy for small tots to grab on it, especially if they can reach the table or counter tap. Position the grill in such a way that the handle faces away, preventing kids from grabbing it.

3. Does it consume less power?

Use of electric appliances can be quite a burden, as far as your budget is concerned. Fortunately, there are ways that can help minimize electric consumption when using a Panini sandwich maker. Especially if you have a wide-grill appliance, avoid making a single sandwich, but instead toast a whole batch.

This will shave minutes off from your cooking. Likewise, everyone gets to enjoy their deli treats at the same time. You might want to turn off the power earlier than what’s recommended in the recipe – one or two minutes off cooking time will do – particularly if you’re just cooking sandwiches.

Do you want a way to ensure lesser consumption of power? Then, opt for an appliance with low wattage. This is advisable if you just intend to use your press for toasting. However, a downside is that with low watts, you will hardly be able to grill food, such as meat, other than your panino.

4. Be mindful of product warranty – does it say 1, 2, or 3 years?

We always forget about product warranty and remember it only when the gadget bogs down. Sadly, many consumers fail to make full use of warranties. When buying a product, always consider the warranty that comes with it since it can ensure extended use of the product. Most warranties last a year on a limited basis. Look for a manufacturer that agrees to warranty extension to two or even three years.

Where to find and buy:

Home appliance shops

You can either check a good number of models at brick and mortar home improvement and appliance shops, or go online to find a good number of varieties. When trying to land the best Panini grill press, a rule to follow is to pick one that suits your available budget as well as cooking requirements.

Via the Internet

Online is where you can check and study price comparisons. It does help to refer to user or consumer reviews before you finally purchase one. Go for a toasting machine that will help you on how to make a Panini sandwich. Thru the Internet, you will learn about the available types, brands, and models out there in the market, as well as their corresponding features, functions, and prices.

Different Options of Panini sandwich press grill

Simple type

Go for a simple yet effective option – a press that can toast using an ordinary grill or pan. A disadvantage of this type is that its grill is flat or smooth and so does not offer brown char lines on the bread’s surface – a desirable feature of the sandwich.

Electric type

A common option is the electric type, a Panini sandwich maker that operates on electricity. You simply have to connect it to the power outlet and wait for a few minutes so that it will get heated and become ready for cooking. An advantage of using an electrical type is that heat is evenly distributed, which means that the food is cooked all throughout.

Cast Iron type is another great option

Another fantastic choice is the cast iron type. An advantage of using it is that no elaborate steps are necessary as it does not come with a complex mechanism.

Wooden handles are a feature, allowing a user to operate it easily when heated over a flame. Make sure that you have a well-prepared sandwich inside, keep it close, and then place over the burner for even toasting.

However, evidently, heat is only on one side. You must flip the maker from one side to another for equal sandwich toasting. Cast iron type needs to be seasoned as well. However, there are models that have already been pre-seasoned to allow owners to use it immediately.

Here are 2 recommended brands that you can choose from:

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Want to serve your family gastronomical delights? You can churn out restaurant-like Italian sandwich meals, grilled vegetables, chicken fillet, pork chop, omelet, and so much more – just by using this top rated Cuisinart Panini and sandwich press.

The appliance has top and bottom non-stick grill plates that ensure even and thorough cooking. Want healthy dishes for yourself and the kids? It possesses a dripping spout that allows easy draining of grease and oil from the food.

What else does the Cuisinart Griddler Panini Press offer?

1. Dependable floating hinge

It possesses a floating or adjustable hinge that can accommodate sandwiches of all thicknesses.

2. Feature lights and settings

Indicator lights and power on lights, as well as temperature settings all work to ensure easy and fast toasting, allowing you to enjoy golden brown evenly-cooked meals all the time.

3. Accessories

The product comes with an instruction manual that includes delicious recipes, and a cleaning tool specially made for this appliance, since it has the company logo.

The housing itself has an embossment, which is the “Griddler” logo. Finally, it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Simply put, the Cuisinart Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press allows you to make genuine panino in your own home anytime you want. Buy it now.

IMUSA, GAU-80102, Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker, Nonstick Panels

Another effective Panini griddle and sandwich toaster is the IMUSA brand. It allows users to enjoy truly delicious Panini, and a whole lot more. Grilled cheese sandwiches, meat cuts, pork, chicken fillet, corn, bell pepper, tons of Panini recipes. Name it, IMUSA can cook it.

Wonderful features

1. It is made of durable stainless steel in its exterior surface.

2. You can cook any type of food because of its nonstick surface.
IMUSA is easy to clean – within minutes you can keep them away spic and span.

3. It boasts of movable hinge to achieve desirable height, making it perfect for sandwiches of any thickness.

With the IMUSA brand, sandwich-making has become a breeze. Go and order one now.

You must be raring to put away the old toaster or sandwich grill. Indeed, it’s high time for you to have your own Panini sandwich maker. It’s simple, safe, and easy to use. Best of all, you can enjoy the most delectable sandwiches, gourmet paninis (and much, much more). The Cuisinart and IMUSA are just two of the most trusted manufacturers from which to buy your very own.

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