Make the Breville Panini Press and Grill Your Top Choice

panini sandwichesMore and more are choosing a world class kitchen brand, and this is Breville, simply because of the reliable and durable kitchen cooking appliance that it offers – the Breville Panini Press and grill.

There’s no doubt about it – cooking sandwiches and any other delicious meal that you have in mind has been made fast and easy ever since this home appliance has been discovered. The brand offers different ranges and styles that you want to see and experience in Panini presses. It gives the assurance that all its advanced panino and sandwich making equipments have a wide range of grilling and toasting features and options that edge out any other brands and models.

The brand offers models and types that possess adjustable or floating hinges, which are important features. Hence, not only is the most basic sandwich-making equipment able to cook regular-sized or thin sandwiches, but it also delivers all kinds of gourmet or Italian sandwiches, which are known to commonly use thicker or denser breads.

And because of this, it is easy for you to cook any wonderful Panini sandwich recipe that you may have. It might involve a variety of ingredients or stuffing such as turkey, meat, chicken, fish, or even fruits and vegetables. With this top brand, it is ideal to use breads that are intended for making Panino such as ciabata or focaccia.

Why is the Breville Panini press and grill a top choice in the market?

panini maker recipesFor one thing, it has built a fine name in the industry that’s the envy of any other home appliance manufacturer. The prices are affordable; it all depends on the model’s features and function, as well as the wattage. This makes the brand easy on the pocket even for those on a tight budget.

It is certainly a fine replacement for traditional types, particularly ones created out of cast iron. The disadvantage of using the latter is that you still have to season it well for a couple of times before you can use it. Fortunately, it is not the case when it comes to Breville Panini grills and presses; no seasoning is required at all, and you can use a brand new one as soon as it is delivered. Immediately, you can make your favorite sandwiches. Most important of all, it mainly operates on electricity, which is ready and abundant power.

A trusted Brand

Needless to say, Breville is one of the most trusted names in the field of Panini presses. With this kitchen gadget, you will easily churn your own sandwiches any time you want. Do you have kids who simple love having these deli meals? You can make them truly happy if you serve them their favorite Panino treats – day in and day out.

You can get anything grilled aside from sandwiches, since it is so versatile. Ultimately, you can have the choice that you think suits your sandwich-making taste since numerous types and models are already out there and readily available in the market – whether in our favorite home appliance shops or via the Internet, thru the online marketplace sites such as Amazon.

Why Breville Panini Press & Grill?

It is a power saver

Unlike other lesser brands, the Breville heats up as soon as you turn the power on. You are assured of fast and toasting of your panino as it is laid inside the appliance. It has a power light that glows strongly to indicate that it is on and ready to cook.

You know that the gadget has reached your desired temperature when you see that the power light turns off, which means that the power has been cut. How’s that for a power saving scheme? You are assured that only the necessary amount of electric power is used when you operate a Breville Panini grill.

Very stylish in appearance

Homemakers consider this brand a top because of its very stylish look. It is easily a great addition to any modern home kitchen. It is product of its chrome finish is its exterior surface, making its appearance truly classy and looking very expensive. Another great thing is that it can be easily cleaned using a simple cleaning tool.

Even a clean damp cloth is enough to clean the surface. Make sure that you always remove any cleaning food debris or dried sauces in order for you to preserve its impressive look. Proper and regular cleaning ensures it always looking like it is brand new.

It has an adjustable top plate

The upper plate of the Breville panini maker is totally adjustable in height. In other words, you can make a sandwich of the height and thickness that you desire, depending on the Panini sandwich recipe that you’re cooking.

As soon as the fillings are laid on the sandwich, close down the plate heated with the right temperature. This will allow the equipment to cook it just right. What you get within minutes are crispy, yummy deli sandwiches complete with beautiful brown grill lines.

How does it work?

Panini machine sandwich at CafeAs soon as you switch on the power for your Breville panini machine, you can readily see the bright glow of its red light. This is an indication that the cooking device is in the process of getting heated. You know that it is ready to cook if the red light turns to green color. When using for the very first time, some smoke will probably appear – this might cause you to be alarmed. There is no need for you to worry as it is just temporary and the some will most likely disappear within minutes.

Lay down the slices of bread (I suggest focaccia or sourdough, which are two of my favorites), and then next are the fillings or ingredients. Be sure that you put the right amount. Don’t be too excited that you choose to put too much; otherwise, you will have an overly bulky sandwich that will be difficult to cook. It might also tend to be ill-shaped, something that you don’t want to serve to your kids, right?

After everything has been laid out, time to close the lid. Typical waiting time when cooking a panino is around five minutes. Actually, it all depends on the amount and types of fillings that you use for your sandwich. When I make my cheese panino, 3 to 4 minutes is enough to cook it.

After 5 minutes or so, you are now ready to take out your panino sandwich. Carefully open your Breville Panini maker, after which, you take the sandwich out using a wooden spoon or spatula. Do avoid the use of metal knifes or spoons in order not to damage its non-stick surface.

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press – A top option

Do you know that Breville is the first manufacturer of the kitchen sandwich press, and it is keeping up with the tradition of delivering top-notch appliances by offering the Panino Duo. Professionally known as the Breville Panini press bsg520xl, it boasts of a 1500-watt heating component that assurance quick heating of the plates.

The top portion of the equipment places the much desired grill makers on all kinds of bread. Its bottom plate, on the other hand, is flat and easy to heat up. Both plates work together to cook the perfect and most delicious Panini for you and your family.

Its grill’s surfaces are made of Quantanium, a feature that makes them non-stick and scratch-proof to ensure easy and fast cleaning the sandwiches are toasted and cooked. Simply, its strong, stainless steel built is what makes the Breville bsg520xl a top kitchen toasting and grilling equipment of beauty and performance.

Choose what is best for you

There are simply tons of different Breville panini makers that are available just about everywhere. Whether you decide to buy via online or from a home appliance shop, it is best to read a number of users or consumers’ product reviews.

Go for the legitimate ones; meaning, consider reviews made by real customers or users of the product. Most reviews come with prices of the different models/types. Make a careful comparison of the prices as well as the features, specs, and functions that they offer. This will help you to arrive at the right decision when finally you want to make a purchase.

If you are living alone, it is advisable to start with the basic type, which can make a maximum of two paninis at a time. If you have a family, then go for a model that can make two or more. This ensures that you and everyone else to relish the most delicious Panini meals come breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

Needless to say, the Breville Panini Press is a no fuss cooking equipment, yet it’s assured to be top of the line. It may look simple and uncomplicated, yet it is filled with advanced features and functions that you are looking for in a sandwich making appliance. It can very well be your assistant chef in the kitchen that will help deliver amazing sandwiches, delis, omelets, grills meats, and so much more that your family will truly love. Get one now.

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