Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill Review

Are you a true blue lover of grilled and toasted food, specifically of Panini, gourmet sandwiches, and grilled meat? Do you enjoy cooking them yourself? If you do, then the Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill is definitely for you. It will help you come up with some of the best meals, and be able to cook them within minutes in your own kitchen. In no time at all, you have hot and delicious meals that you can serve your family – whether for breakfast, lunchtime, or dinner.

If indeed, you are in the market for the best Panini press, you must consider this Oster model, the features and functions of which as a sandwich maker and all-around cooker and grill are some of the best around.

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Amazing DuraCeramic feature of Oster Panini press

Its manufacturer takes pride of its DuraCeramic feature, which is an innovative and high-quality unique nonstick ceramic coating. The maker assures that there is no need to be worried about cooking in ceramic as the coating is free from PTFE and PFOA. Owners can have peace of mind knowing that the appliance is healthy and safe to use. And because of such wonderful feature, there is no need to use grease and oil, and hence, making your sandwiches and other meals less greasy and much healthier.

With the DuraCeramic, users are in for some non-mess cooking extravanza because of very minimal or even non-use of oil. Its surfaces are created to be totally resistant to ugly scratches, flaws that we hate to see in our pans. Because of its non-stick property, no sauce, bread bits, or food debris can cling to it. This makes the equipment all the more fast and easy to clean.

Overall, the Dura Ceramic further enhances the overall quality of this grill and Panini press by Oster. It doesn’t peel even after years of use; hence, it is able to preserve its classy appearance and perform up to par for a long, long time. It also assures fast toasting and grilling, allowing budget-conscious users to save cooking time and power.

Oster Panini Maker and grill – versatile appliance

Features, functions, specs

1. The appliance possesses adjustable controls to attain correct temperature

2. It has a built-in indicator lights that signals if the equipment is ready to toast or grill

3. Oster panini grill boasts of DuraCeramic, innovative and nonstick ceramic coating, and so, will not peel or flake.

4. Owners are assured that its coating will maintain good quality last four times longer than other equipment with ordinary coating. Free from potentially lethal PFOA and PTFE.

5. The press is designed to cook faster than ordinary sandwich makers, by up to 20 percent. This means significant savings in power and cooking time.

6. It uses floating or adjustable hinge system, allowing users to cook sandwiches and food of any thickness.

7. It also has a removable oil drip tray so you spend less time in cleaning the appliance. Since oil is easily separated from the food, it’s healthier and less greasy meals.

8. Overall size measurement: 6.8 by 15 by 13.6 inches, perfect for all kitchen / countertop sizes

9. Shipping wt: 8.2 lbs

10. Domestic shipping: product can be shipped in and around the US

11. International shipment: to select countries

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Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Product Comments and Feedback

You can cook not only panino and authentic gourmet sandwiches with the Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO, but all kinds of meals as well – fish fillet, cold cuts, vegetables, eggs, everything. Remember, it’s both a Panini press and grill. What makes it special is its Dura Ceramic feature that makes cooking a lot easier and healthier.

The Oster is one of the popular Panini presser appliances at Amazon, and so many positive customer reviews are found posted at the site.

A customer is pleased that he made the purchase

Like many other customers, one gushes about his making the purchase, saying that it was the right decision that he chose the Oster brand. He enjoys using the appliance as it functions perfectly. He is glad that the grill has all the desirable features that make toasting, grilling, and cooking pure joy – such as its unique plates, temperature control and indicator lights.

It is also lightweight, making it easy for the user to transfer it from one spot in the kitchen to another. The cooking area is wide, and so he is able to come up with enough meals at the same time. Cleaning is also a breeze.

Wide grill

Many commented that Oster has wide enough grilling surface to cook 5 to 6 hamburger steaks, much like a professional Panini maker. It is also easy to use for grilling vegetables like mushroom and asparagus, and even meat and fish.

Easy to clean

Customers are happy that it is easy to clean, simply because of its nonstick surface, which prevents food debris, cheese, and sauces from sticking into it. Many contradict others in saying that it is quite easy to clean. Busy users who are pressed for time simply wipe the equipment with a damp clean cloth.

Delicious sandwiches – all the time

Here is one comment that reflects what everyone wants in a panini maker. He just tested his brand new Oster by cooking his favorite Reuben sandwiches, and was literally ecstatic that everything that came out was perfect. Sandwiches he got were crispy and toasted to perfection, and no signs of sogginess of ingredients inside.

Are there issues about the Oster? There is one – a user comments that the appliance has on ON-OFF switch. This means that he has to unplug it order to disconnect from the power. Other than this, she says everything else about the Panini press is just great, making it a perfect addition to her kitchen.



In conclusion, Oster CKSTPM6001-ECO Extra Large DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill is a well-liked appliance in that it is highly versatile and can look many types of food, including paninis and sandwiches, of course. It is not your ordinary sandwich maker, but so much more.

It is high-tech, boasts of desirable features like the DuraCeramic, and promises users many years of excellent performance.

Most appliance buyers are happy that they made the purchase and are more than willing to recommend it to others.

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