Oster Dura Ceramic Panini Maker and Grill

A highly sought-after Panini maker these days among housewives and ladies of the house is the Oster DuraCeramic . It is highly versatile as it works both as open grill and Panini grill.

Needless to say, meals created from this appliance are totally delicious.

Meticulous consumers will appreciate the fact that the coating on the surface is free from chemicals like PFOA and PTFE, making it truly safe and healthy to use.

Indeed, ceramic-coated Oster has become highly in-demand after many experts suggested to refrain from using Teflon-made cooking pans and appliances as the substance has been linked to cancer and other health conditions.

Individuals on a diet and health-conscious ones will love to own it. As it is, grilled food are known to be healthful since oil is hardly used.

You may not use oil at all for a totally healthy fare. On top of that, the grilling process reduces the food’s fat content.

Most importantly, the flavor and aroma of meals prepared via grilling are preserved and further enhanced.

Here are main benefits from the Oster DuraCeramic:

1. Non-stick natural ceramic-material coat on plate. Hence, you don’t need to add oil or butter.

2. Adjustable position of leg to achieve tilted position if desired. You can open the appliance flat when grilling burgers, chicken, or bacon, among others.

3. You will enjoy cooking your favorite Panini sandwich maker recipes, as Oster can accommodate sandwiches of any thickness or size. It cooks meat thoroughly as well, turning it into a succulent and tasty fare.

4. Excess grease and oil are collected, while splatters are minimized, ensuring clean kitchen top or work place.

5. You take advantage of quick heating and cooking time.

Who must buy it?

oster panini maker hamburgerOster DuraCeramic is the perfect kitchen appliance for individuals who love to prepare sandwiches, whether Italian, gourmet, or even simple ham and cheese, for themselves and their families.

It is a great option for those who are satisfied with a simple and small Panini maker, yet extremely reliable in cooking up the recipe for the day.

Actually, Oster helps you whip up whatever you want, all the time.

Not only can it cook sandwiches and Panini, but many more. Burger patty, filet mignon, chicken, seafood – just about everything.

Whatever it is, you will always deliver a hot and savory lunch or dinner for you and your family.

Indeed, being a leader in the sandwich-making and grilling industry, Oster DuraCeramic has successfully created a hardworking model that can cook time-tested or newly created Panini press recipes.

Just use the bread you fancy, or stuff in as much filling as you can. Don’t worry a bit about the sandwich’s thickness.

Surely, this appliance delivers the sandwich like you want it to be.

Why buy?

A. Cooks everything fast and easy

You finish cooking your meal 20 percent faster than other Panini machine models, which means that food is served to your starving and growing kids quicker.

Cooking time is reduced considerably. Hence, you save a great deal in energy.

The outcome is always a divine treat, whatever bread and stuffing you use. You are likewise afforded full control of the degree of toast and char marks as well as overall doneness.

oster panini maker open grillSimply open your panini press grill flat and just lay meat, fish, patties, and vegetables for easy grilling.

Allow them sit in the hot surface until such time that you have achieved the desired result.

B. Heats up quickly

Unlike others that seem to take forever to heat up, preheating with Oster Ceramic is so fast that cooking time is reduced to a significant degree. In no time at all, you and your family will feast on an enjoyable meal.

C. Cleans in a breeze

This Panini grill press is easy to clean. Remember, it boasts of special non-stick coating that’s made of ceramic material, preventing food from sticking.

There’s no need for excessive soap suds and too much scrubbing that can potentially damage the surface.

It is a must not to use steel scrubbing pad. Instead, go for a soft sponge for proper cleaning.


panini makerA few users have commented about meals drenched in oil. This can be corrected by positioning the appliance in such a way that the oil is drained into the collection cup.

Suffice it to say that food cooked in it comes out with minimal oil in them, ensuring healthy meals for everyone.

Final Verdict on Oster Dura Ceramic Panini Maker

Undoubtedly, Oster is perfect for the family. It is reasonably priced if not totally affordable. It has the important grilling and sandwich-making features and functions to help come up with the food that’s cooked fast and just right.

Is it a yummy sandwich from one of your favorite recipes? Or maybe you crave for a nicely-grilled and juicy chicken fillet?

Savor such appetizing delights using this versatile and reliable Panini press and grill; they’re all ready to eat even before you know it.

So why wait? Purchase it now if you want to enjoy a truly convenient and exciting grilling experience.

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