Buying Yourself a Present? Go for Panini press – The Perfect Kitchen Appliance Gift

After working like a horse for weeks at the office or doing some difficult chores at home, you decided that it is time to give yourself a well-deserved gift. What should it be? You want something that can be of great value to your household – such as a Panini press, perhaps? And why not? This panino-making appliance is one of the most reliable gadgets that you can have in your kitchen top. Not a day will pass that you will not use it to cook and prepare food for yourself and the family.

Here are reasons why a Panini press is the perfect gift that anybody can receive – and this includes you:

It allows you to create healthy and delicious sandwiches at home

It is the perfect gift to have if you love to toast sandwiches, or cook any other delicious meals at home – fast and easy. Remember that even if you are busy at work or an individual who is on the go, this does not mean that you will not be able to whip out yummy and nutritious meals right in your kitchen.

Do not restrict yourself to foods that are bought in restaurants – whether fast food, casual, or fine dining. Apart from being expensive, it is not a good habit to dine out as far as your health is concerned. More often than not, restaurants serve dishes that you don’t have control over its nutritional value. This is a problem especially if you are restricted to a particular diet. And you must be aware that many dishes in restaurants and eateries serve meals that are rich in artificial flavorings.

Notice how restaurant foods are either too salty or too salty in taste. Obviously, many food establishments enhance the natural flavor of their food by liberally using salt and sugar. These too ingredients that what make restaurant foods addicting. Sadly, too much consumption of salt and sugar messes up one’s health. Another thing, restaurant foods are likely to be loaded in calories, which in turn, make you gain weight that you don´t want, in the first place.

If you are someone who wants to make time cooking great tasting meals that come with all the necessary nutrients, it is time to buy a Panini maker. Even the simplest one will suffice as it will allow you to cook healthy food and prepare your very own sandwiches in a jiffy.

You know that you will consume the healthiest meal because you cooked it yourself. You can also be sure that you use only the best and freshest ingredients. In other words, you have full control with what you cook, which is great food not only for your consumption, but for the family as well.

An affordable gift that will not hurt your budget

Panini press is nice to have as a gift. Not only is it highly useful, but it can also be as affordable as you want it to be. It depends on your needs as well as the budget that you have for the appliance. For instance, you can consider those in the range of 20 and 100 dollars. These devices have some of the basic features and functions that you will want to see in a press.

Some is so simple that you can cook a cheese sandwich one or a maximum of two at the time. Just remember to prepare a moderately thick sandwich. If you go for the most basic types of machine, it’s likely that the hinges are not adjustable. Hence, don’t attempt to make sandwiches that are too thick lest they will become deformed and make the fillings spill on the sides.

There are also the commercial type, which run in the hundreds of dollars to a thousand. Here is an example, which boasts of many features and is capable of cooking and preparing multiple sandwiches all at the same time. Hence, you are doing yourself a favor if you decide to consider this as a gift and own a restaurant. Needless to say, it is perfect for use in a busy cafe or deli shop that is deluged with continuous orders throughout the day.

Gives you the chance to experiment with your cooking

Panini maker allows you to go beyond the usual and ordinary Panino recipes, not just that of sandwiches, but meat, vegetables, egg, among many others. With this appliance, you can become experimental in your cooking. Depending on the type of ingredients that you have, you will be able to come up with the most innovative dishes with a unique tastes that´s distinctly yours.

Here is how you can experiment with Panini presses:

1. Try breads other than the traditional ones

With a press of your own, you can make any type of sandwich that´s according to your liking. You may also use the fillings that you have in your kitchen. With literally hundreds of bread types, you can make use of them, and not just foccacia or ciabatta, or the sourdough bread, three of the most common breads used in preparing a panino.

Any bread type can actually be used to prepare a Panino, with the sandwich that you will create surely to come out delicious and a hit to your kids. If you like a sandwich that’s overflowing with fillings, you must use breads that are large enough to be able to accommodate them and avoid messy spills.

If possible, skip the use of the ordinary bread because they are quite thin and less dense. A pair of slices will have difficulty holding a great quantity of fillings. To cite an example, if you intend to use fillings with sauces such as the meat and carrots from last night’s beef stew that you want to recycle, or juicy vegetables like tomato slices, these tend to soak the bread. It’s advisable to go for the thick ones instead.

2. Go for different varieties of omelet

With this kitchen counter device, you can cook omelet in totally new ways that you might want. Don’t be limited to having just the couple of eggs beaten in a bowl, with some salt and pepper thrown in. You can be imaginative by putting in some mushroom and bits of bacon. Mix them with the eggs in the bowl before you pour everything into the hot grill. After a few minutes, what you have is something that tastes heavenly – from a simple ingredient such as the egg. Try mixing it with cream (or milk) and dices potatoes can be a delight as well.

3. Use parsley bits and olive oil

These two ingredients are a staple whenever I want to invent or tweak recipes whenever I use the press. For instance, I love salmon dipped in a bit of lemon juice. Then, I brushed it with olive oil before putting in a preheated grill. Finally, I finish off with some sprinkling of parsley bits and garlic powder. Definitely, this makes for a delicious meal on any day.

If you must buy a present for you, get something that’s versatile

Forget about the toaster, the Panini press is without a doubt a must-have, being one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that you can own. It cooks a great variety of recipes – and so it means that you will not be limited to just toasting sandwiches – but all other foodstuff as well. It can skillet, grill, broil, fry, singe, charbroil. You’re a chef? Whatever cooking method you might like to employ – the Panini grill and press can do it.

So, what really makes it versatile? Perhaps, it one of the few appliances in the kitchen that can create a great meal out of simple ingredients. Did you know that you can also cook crepes and sweet cones to complement a nice bucket of ice cream that you can enjoy eating with the kids? What else can it cook? You can whip up delicious tortillas and similar meals. That’s how versatile it can be, really. The possibilities seem so endless with this device.

1. Finally, you can enjoy indoor barbeque
– You just love BBQ but unfortunately, you don’t have any outdoor space to do it. At the same time, you can’t stand those indoor grills that produce voluminous white smoke that can smother just about everyone in the household. You don’t have to give up eating this spicy and saucy grilled delicacy as Panini grills are perfect to be used as indoor barbeque grill. A good example is the Cuisinart grill and panini press, which is perfect for grilling purposes.

Maybe it is already the rainy season, hence, it’s virtually impossible to hold a barbeque dinner. This grill for perfect delicious BBQ come rain or come shine. An added bonus is that you don’t need to worry about dirty and greasy grills. Instead, you enjoy a night of relaxation, watching the TV or chatting with family or friends immediately after having your BBQ dinner since minimal cleaning is necessary.

2. You’ll be 100% sure that chicken is thoroughly cooked
– Go for deboned chicken, and smaller and thinner meat – this will ensure a thoroughly cooked meat. Do not forget to use your favorite sauces, particularly ones that will go well with chicken meat. Marinate the chicken beforehand, overnight if possible, to ensure enhanced flavour. The best thing about cooking meat in this kitchen device is that grill marks are added, making the dish more presentable and attractive to those to whom it will be served. No need to worry about kids not finishing up their meal as this grilled chicken will surely taste heavenly.

3. Want to come up with something from Panini sandwich maker other than a Panino? Enjoy grilled steaks
– Are Panino press-cooked steaks possible? Yes, of course, it can be done – and the result is a hot, juicy, and delicious steak that you and your family will truly love. Cook your meat at least 10 minutes, this ensures that it is properly cooked. Don’t make it too thick; go for a moderate thickness to make sure that it is done evenly all throughout the meat. Of course, before you lay your steak on the surface, preheat it already to a high temperature. Most modern appliance have settings that indicate which heat is for a particular type of food. Choose the temperature for meat. The nice part about using panini grills for grilling meat is that it drains unwanted excessive fats- rendering your meal to be the healthiest that you can have.

4. Time to grill some pork chop
– Grilling is a method that you can do well when using a Panino press grill, for instance, a Cuisinart Griddle. This is a kitchen appliance that you can cook various meats, including pork chop. It will grill the pork chop to utter perfection, rendering char marks on its surface. At the same time, it is effective in cooking the middle portion but will not dry the meat, instead it will be properly cooked and juicy in the middle. In other words, you are assured of the crispiest and most delicious outside part of the chop, while the middle part is truly moist. Depending on the temperature that you set your appliance, the meal is done and ready to be served on the table in 15 to 20 minutes, much like in the case of steak.

5. The Letter “V” stands for both Versatile Panini maker and Vegetables
– Before you even ditch the idea of grilling vegetables, you must know that a great variety of seemingly simple leafy vegetables and legumes, ones that you think have bland taste, can become gastronomic delights if you grill them. And you can be sure that you are able to perform the grilling right in your kitchen using your very own pannini press.

That is right – all you have to do is buy the freshest bunch of asparagus, wash, place them on top of the preheated surface, brush with some butter or margarine, and sprinkle some salt and pepper. And in a few minutes you have the most gorgeous and delectable plate of grilled asparagus. They are sure to turn out so tasty that even your kids will love to have them as part of their meal. Ideally, you can use grilled vegetables as yummy side dishes to your steak or fish fillet. What a great combo!

A gift that can also act as an able assistant in your restaurant or café

Do you have a restaurant or café where you serve all sorts of paninis and gourmet sandwiches? Perhaps, you use a commercial Panini press to churn out grilled meat dishes, many at a time.

Indeed, there is so much that you can do if you own a restaurant and has a press as one of your reliable kitchen appliances. With this implement, you are able to add many more delicious and appealing choices in your menu list – to the delight of your guests.

You don’t need to worry about it using space in your restaurant’s kitchen since it is compact and small, compared with other typical appliance like a food processor or oven. Also, you don’t have to deal with complicated power requirements just to use your panino grill. You only need to plug it in and wait for a few minutes for it to get heated and soon you can accept all the orders that your guests want for their lunch or dinner.

Beautifully toasted gourmet sandwiches? Salmon grilled to perfection? A plate of seared cherry tomatoes and asparagus in butter? These are such wonderful treats that you can easily cook for your guests with the Paninni press.

What allows you to spend your time in cooking and dining, and less in cleaning – a Panini press with removable plates, of course

Love to cook and eat but absolutely hate the cleaning part of it? Fast and easy is how one can describe the process of cleaning a grill. You don’t have to spend much time making your machine spic and span – only a few minutes is what you need to clean it.

If you just cooked a single or two cheese sandwich, then you may simply use a damp, clean cloth and wipe the surface to remove any bread crumbs or cheese bits hit fell of the sandwich.

In case you used it as a grill to cook slabs of meat, vegetables, or any other food – it is going to be as dirty as it can get, with burnt and dried sauces, meat bits, and grease all over the surface. Indeed, after you grill, what stares you is a messy appliance (most probably, the countertop as well). It’s a good thing that grilling plates are removable, in which case you can take them off after cooking, and only after the appliance has cooled down. Place under warm running water and scrub it well. Even the most stubborn dirt will be removed in no time at all.

Likewise, as in any other gadgets and appliances in the kitchen, it is powered by electricity. Don’t treat it like an ordinary dish plate that you can submerge in water, otherwise, be ready to have the shock of your life. Clean the non-cooking surface with a cloth damp in warm water and scrub any stubborn bits and drippings that you can see.

Of course, cleaning must be down after the appliance has considerably cooked down – this can happen in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the temperature that you use to cook your food. Be sure always to clean it up once it is cool to the touch. Here are some of the Panini presses that are easy and fast to clean.

There’s no doubt about it, the Panini maker is such a great present to give yourself and others as well on any possible occasion. The best thing about these appliances is that when you buy one, it automatically comes with a cookbook that has hundreds of panini maker recipes – sandwiches and other types of meals.

Of course, the package wouldn’t be complete without a complementary manual that contains step by step instructions on how to properly use it. It is indeed a major piece of kitchen appliance that you must have in your own home. Why wait? Purchase one for yourself already.

Good Reasons to Add Grill and Panini Press to Your Kitchen

If you’re someone who loves to create sandwiches at home, it’s likely that you already have a grill and panini press sitting in your kitchen counter.

People like having this special Italian sandwich maker around since it allows them to come up with the healthiest and most delicious meals right inside their kitchen.

Are you always in a hurry and have only a few minutes to assemble a quick meal? Go and grab some bread slices and bits of meat fillings, and voila, you’re ready to chomp on your Panino while you rush to your work or appointment.

Maybe you are just satisfied having cheese sandwich for your meal or snack – a reliable panini grill press can whip up one in no time at all.

Maybe, you never go tired spending hours and hours experimenting with fillings, sauces, dressings, and spices, which is why you already have tons of Panini press recipes to brag about and share with friends.

What? You still don’t have a Panini maker? This is surprising to learn from someone who considers Panino as a staple meal. So, perhaps you’re using pan and lid to cook your sandwiches.

There is nothing wrong in improvising. Indeed, why do you have to spend if you can come up with a cooking implement that replicates the function of the panino maker?

Still, for the sake of convenience of being able to cook and enjoy gourmet sandwiches, a Pannini press is truly worth having around. It makes your life easier as far as whipping up appealing and great tasting meals for the family is concerned.

Aside from Paninis, of course, you can cook tons of other wonderful meals with a panini sandwich maker.

Here are good reasons why you must own a grill and Panini press:

You’re an avowed vegetarian

You are a veggie lover so you often grill veggie sandwiches to satisfy my hunger.

Not only are they healthful, but they can taste really delicious as well. For the sake of your health, choose days when you give up fat-laden meat in your sandwich meal and liberally use fresh vegetables for fillings instead.

Go for the most healthy veggie treat by getting slices of whole grain bread and filling it with all sorts of healthy vegetables of the brightest colors such as onion rings, olives, tomatoes, green and red peppers. You can even throw in leafy ones like spinach and asparagus (chopped).

Complement with tasty low-fat mayo or thousand island on a limited quantity. Imagine the loads of vitamins you can enjoy from your veggie-based and tasty sandwich treat.

When using tomatoes, choose ones that are not too ripe and juicy; this will avoid soaking up your bread. Otherwise, remove excess juice or liquid from the tomato before laying it as filling.

If you’re a vegetarian, if follows that you love fruits as well. Some of the common yummy fruits you can use as filling for your sandwich are pineapple, peach, apple slices, mango, among many others. They will surely make a deliciously sweet treat for you anytime of the day.

No need to go to the Nearest Sandwich Deli

Even if you love panino and can practically have it for your everyday meal, there will be days when you just can’t make yourself go out of the house to buy your favorite sandwich at the deli store.

With sandwiches, you can prepare it in the comforts of your own home. Everything will be hot, toasty, and has the char marks that you always look for on the surface of your panino.

You don’t need any prior training just to come up with properly cooked and nice-looking sandwiches. This appliance not only comes with an instruction manual that will help you operate it properly, but also a book of Panini press recipes.

In fact, without a manual, the appliance can be easily operated. Just make sure that it is preheated to the right temperature. Butter or olive oil, which I prefer to use, should be handy when it’s time to oil up the surface of your bread.

You love to grill just about everything

I am sure you’ve heard of this appliance that not only toasts bread but grills steaks, fish, and even vegetables. For instance, when it comes to Cuisinart griddler, you can cook anything that you can find in your kitchen cupboard and inside the fridge.

With correct heating, precise cooking time, and choice of meat, you can enjoy the juiciest, tastiest steak meal for you and your family.


At least 15 minutes is all it takes to thoroughly cook a steak. Go for a top sirloina, pricey but it tastes so delicious and melts literally in your mouth.

Before you lay down your steak on the grill plate, make sure that it is seasoned just right. No need for fancy spices, just some salt, black pepper, and bits of parsley can enhance the already wonderful taste of the steak.

Many love to whip up their steak dinner via Panini grills – why?

Simple – it’s healthy and mess-free. The appliance is designed in such a way that it effectively drains excessive fat from the meat, the end result of which is meal with as minimal oil as possibly can.

Avoid cooking steak that’s too thick. Your tendency is to let the meat stay in the hot grill longer than usual. In the end, you have meat that’s burnt at the outside and blood-reddish and undercooked on the inside.


The best fish to cook is one that has been prepared as fillet. Choose salmon or tuna – two of the best fish that you can cook in a grill Panini press. Buy the freshest fish and have them filleted before your eyes.

Especially if you have a large appliance, lay as many piece of fish fillet in the grill. Avoid overcrowding, however, and make sure that the fillet is completely laid into the plate. Thinly sliced fillet are done in just a few minutes.

If you’re cooking tuna, this usually comes in thick slices and so must stay in the grill for at least 5 minutes to ensure that it is done.


Vegetables are not only great as sandwich fillings. With a Panini grill press you can also cook them and come up with the most exotic food treats. Zucchini, carrots, and asparagus are but few of the most common vegetables that taste great when grilled.

You want to liven up that Panini pajama party more

Your teenage daughters and nieces are the most sociable bunch you know. They invite friends over to spend the Saturday evening (up to the wee hours of the morning) at home having pajama party, hitting the couch and watching TV.

Your kids may not realize this but their Pajama party is always a success because you never fail to prepare trays of the most mouth-watering panino treats for them.

Try cooking sliders or ham sandwiches; everything will be consumed in an instant for sure even if you send them out batch after batch.

Your young and indefatigable guests will be only be too happy to munch on these delectable treats – keeping you and your hardworking appliance busy all through the night.

Great for reheating

Don’t you just shiver at the thought of a cold sandwich or pizza that you have for your meal? Of course, you just can’t settle for such an unappealing meal.

Reheated pizza or sandwich using the microwave oven can be a bummer since all that you get is soggy and inconsistently heated food.

The best way, in my option, to reheat leftover pizza and sandwiches is via your Panini press.

Just place your sandwich that’s cold and straight from the ref into the heated grill, and then close and press it. In a minute, what you have for dinner is like a freshly toasted panino.

When it comes to pizza, if you have two slices, have their cheese-and-sauce side facing each other. If there is just a single slice for leftover, just fold it with the cheese portion inside. Press the hot lid of your grill and Panini press against it for a minute. Enjoy a revived Italian pizza like it was freshly baked.

You want to have a healthier lifestyle

There must be tons of ton of nutritious Panini sandwich recipes that you can use to make your daily diet a truly healthy one. Just follow the instructions, making sure that you use 100% fresh, organic ingredients when preparing your meals.
Cooking your own panino means you have full control on the number of calories that you will consume. Less oil, salt, artificial flavorings and colorings – you can make sure that they are not found in the ingredients that you will use for your meal.

Go and follow healthy Panini maker recipes that you can find in books and online. Choose the recipe that has less calories and has loads of nutrients. Whip up one of these recipe next time, especially if you are on a diet or want to enjoy some healthy bites.

Put simply, grill and Panini press is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Whether you want to prepare fast and nutritious meal for yourself, or you’re cooking gourmet dinner for a number of guests, this versatile appliance can do it all. Go enjoy Italian Panino, grilled steak and fish fillet, and veggies even within minutes.

Waring WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill – Best Commercial Panini Maker

Commercial Panini maker is the perfect choice for owners of restaurants that boast of whole menu offering different kinds of Panino delicacies and other sandwich delis. Its versatility is not to be denied, which is why deli and café owners will want to own one in their kitchen and pantry.

Not only does it toast various sandwiches to perfection but it is also a highly dependable grilling implement. Does your restaurant offer grilled and roasted meat, chicken, turkey, or fish fillet? A commercial version of panini press does it all. No doubt about it, it can be used to cook a great array of delicious recipes other than that of Panini.

Commercial Panini maker is a must for your deli shop or restaurant

Perhaps you are an emerging restaurateur whose menu included different varieties of deli treats, gourmet sandwiches, burgers, and Paninis. But since you are just starting out, you decided to use your used Panini grill press, thinking that with its use, you and your cook will meet everyday orders.

Unexpectedly, things turned out for the better (or did it really?) because your sandwiches became easy bestsellers. Everybody in your community is buzzing about how delicious your recipes are. And out of nowhere, more and more customer come rushing to your place.

Deluges of orders are pouring in especially at lunchtime and dinner. These times of the day are when the place is really packed. But overall, your restaurant is a busy mess hall during all operating hours.

You’re caught off-handed. You can’t cope with the many orders every hours. Clearly, your old home Panini grill has become less reliable as you barely send out sandwiches in time. Pending orders, particularly during peak period, are quick to pile up at the counter.

Without much thought, you decided that the old appliance has to go back to your kitchen at home, and you must acquire an appropriate replacement for your restaurant – pronto.

Finally, the next day was a stress-free one at the resto as you decided to buy a Waring commercial panini maker.

It was definitely a better-performing and more prolific replacement. Despite its size, it’s somewhat like a heavy duty equipment, distinguishing it from the light sandwich makers, it heats up quickly. This allows it to cook as fast as it can, and most importantly it cooks at many times more capacity than the ordinary home type.

There’s no doubt that the commercial panini press is one of the most useful appliances that any restaurant of deli café can own these days.

Whether you are running a small and personal café, or a formal restaurant with a sprawling dining area, or your deli stand is one of the most visited within your neighbourhood, the Panini maker commercial type is no doubt a better choice over the smaller, conventional version.

If you are a business who want good profits out of your food business, go for the best and most appropriate appliance – choose the commercial type instead of the traditional one. The former will be able to cook many sandwiches, while the latter is merely meant for home use.

You can double your profits or even many times over by churning out sandwiches the fastest time possible, and at the same time, increase the appeal of your kitchen by getting the best commercial panini press.

This machine means more gourmet sandwich recipes will be going out of the kitchen and into the tables of guests. Within just a couple of minutes, they can enjoy whatever sandwich they might have ordered.

Also known as industrial, it delivers meals quickly, unlike when using ordinary sandwich maker, in which case, the options of sandwiches that you can offer to customers will be limited.

What makes commercial panini grills different from conventional type?

The commercial type differs from its conventional or home counterpart mainly in the aspect of production. The commercial appliance can cook a number of sandwiches – at the same time. These appliances are much bigger and wider, owing to the fact that it has to cook many sandwiches. They are typically found in café and deli kitchens.

In contrast, home types are smaller versions, and they allow you to cook only 1 or 2 sandwiches at a time.

Takes care of excess oil and fat

Many of these commercial types have surfaces that are in slanting position in order to drain away oil that drips from the food, like meat or poultry. So, not is it only a handsome piece of implement, but promotes healthful cooking as well, right?

Wide cooking Surface

Commercial panini grills can be an ideal choice, since it can accommodate many sandwiches in one cooking. There are heavy duty and light toasting versions – you have to decide which to choose. If you have many orders in your deli at all times of the day, is best to go for the model that can churn as much sandwiches as it can.

You can depend on it if you want even toasting of your sandwich. Likewise, grill or char marks are left in the surfaces of the bread. Such marks are what defines the Panini. Personally, I love to see these marks in my sandwich, as they enhance the appearance of my meal, making it a lot more palatable.

Type of grill plates

There are non-stick type plates that are the top choice of many restaurant since they not only easily heat up and so, promises timely or even faster serving of orders to customers. Non-stick is also a great option if you want easy and convenient cleaning of the appliance.

Cast iron

Many prefer to own a cast iron panini press because this type ensures heat to last longer.

Cast-iron displays the highest degree of heat capacity. Hence, among all materials utilized as components of grill plates, cast-iron is the best if a restaurant serves not just panino and gourmet sandwiches but many other food products as well, like steaks, fish, and poultry.

Cast iron is perfect for preparing and grilling frozen products at the shortest possible time. It is also known to be durable material; hence, except minimal damage can be done on the grill plate.


Aluminum-made grill plates are also a favorite since they possess excellent qualities as well.

For instance, they boast of producing extremely high heat transfer rate, by as much as 5x more than that of cast iron plate. It means aluminium plates are consistent as far as temperature throughout the surface is concerned.

Since aluminium is light, top plate is not heavy enough to be able to press on bulky food, unlike in the case of cast-iron plate. Aluminum plates are best utilized for delicate and light foods such as burritos, tacos, tortilla, wraps, and gourmet Panini.

With Grill grates or none?

You may also opt for plates with or with no grill grates. This feature gives the grill or char mark finish on any bread surface. Hence, it is advised to go for double sided plates, one with grates, and the other, without. Remember that not all customers will want to have char marks on their Panino or steak.

Thermostat / timer

Other important features of the best commercial panini press are thermostats and cooking timers. The thermostat allows you regular temperature, making it easy for you to perfectly toast a sandwich or thoroughly grill meat to a degree that depends on the request of the customer.

If your restaurant experiences a continuous flow of customers all throughout the day, timers are helpful components that to tell you if sandwiches or other meals are already cooked without you having to check on them so often.

Cooking time

Cooking time depends on temperature. If you are using a commercial type in your restaurant, you can get best cooking results with the temperature set around 380 F.

As standard, 350 F to 420 F is an ideal range of temperature for toasting paninis.

If cooking temperature is increased, the panino will be done in a much shorter time. However, be sure not to overdo on the temperature in order not to experience any burnt order.

Waring Panini Press Commercial Appliance – Ideal for cafes and restaurants

Waring Commercial WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill, 120-volt is one of the best options that restaurants and deli café owners must consider to ensure fast delivery of sandwiches and meal order of their customers.

This is one of those appliances that can be depended upon especially if you want food to be served to the tables in no time. Customers will be satisfied with how perfectly cooked, hot meals have been quickly served.

No matter how much your delicatessen or café kitchen is deluged with orders, you can depend on this Waring press to cook and grill them all.

Its features and specs

Waring WPG150 Compact Panini Grill boasts of ribbed cast-iron grilling plates specially made for even distribution of heat. This means fast cooking time.

It possesses hinges and adjustable top plate to accommodate sandwiches and other food of huge sizes and thicknesses. It features an adjustable thermostat that can go to as high as 570 degree Fahrenheit. Despite the intense heat, you do not need to worry about getting burned because of its heat resistant handles.

Important specifications include 15 amp power, 120 volt AC, and a plug rating of NEMA 5-15P. Most importantly, it comes with a limited 1 year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it having problems functioning as you can depend on its warranty. Just use it properly, according to how the manual instruction owners to use it, and it will deliver continuously for many, many years.

Need one for your kitchen? The best time to have it is now!</>

Commercial Panini press comments and feedback
I just acquired this kitchen sandwich appliance, the most important piece of appliance that I should have but didn’t buy soon enough, in time for the opening of my small café. I thought I would never be able to serve panini and gourmet sandwich to my customers, but got one at the last minute.

Immediately I thought that it is very durable, due to its compact built. My chef and I love it because it’s so easy to operate. Looking forward to it churning out great sandwiches for a long, long time – and a profitable business for me.

– Steve

What my customers really love about our sandwiches are the grill or char marks on the surface. I myself want time in my sandwich; they are features I thought paninis must have, otherwise they will not be complete, appearance-wise.

Now, our café is open up to the wee hours in the morning and I’m proud to say that my Waring is highly dependable and can work continuously even after many hours of use.

– Sally

We tried to cook Panini orders in our old press, but because business is booming all the more, we had to give it up and decided to order the Waring Panini press commercial. So far, so good. Even better.

We never had an easier and more convenient time doing sandwich orders than today – now that we have one of the most effective makers to own and have around the kitchen. I definitely recommend it to everyone – even my competitors in the deli restaurant industry.

– Kiefer

I have a large kitchen, and my press belongs to it like a bunch of flowers to a vase. I used it not just for toasting bread and sandwiches but grilling meat and other food as well, especially that my restaurant has turned for the better and is raking in good profits.

– Bernadette

Pre-heating your Waring Panini maker commercial type

For those who want to enjoy a full range of cooking services from a commercial panini maker, remember that you will not have difficulty using your grill if you pre-heat it properly – for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Likewise, when in the process of grilling or toasting, avoid lifting the plate to prevent any loss of heat. A plate unnecessarily opened will cause the temperature of the plates will go down rapidly. Open only when you are sure that the food is done already.

Simply put, commercial Panini grill are the perfect kitchen implements to use, whether the business is a deli, kitchen or a full service dining restaurant. A quality model will grill, toast, and cook whatever Panini sandwich recipes you have, or many other recipes that use meat, chicken, bacon, vegetables, and other food types.

Everything’s a breeze cooking for customers in your café or restaurant if you have a commercial Panini maker in your kitchen. It is the best “assistant cook” you or your chef can ever have, whether you’re serving simple cheese and veggie sandwich, quesadillas, burgers and sliders, omelette, grilled squids, chicken lollipop, and fish filet.

The only difference is that with a commercial type, you enjoy truly productive cooking. Likewise, you can be sure to serve the tastiest, most delicious meals to your customers on time.

Now is the time to own a Waring Commercial WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill, 120-volt.

Use Panini Press Grill to Make Perfect Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Panini press grill is the choice appliance by many when cooking a variety of meals – whether for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And we’re not talking about only sandwiches, but a wide variety of meals – steak, burgers, fish fillet, chicken breast, even fruits and vegetables. Just about any type that you can find in a food chart can be toasted, fried, grilled, and cooked in a Panini grill press.

What I like most about this versatile kitchen appliance is its ability to separate excess or unwanted grease or fats from the meal. I always love to eat healthy and yummy food, and using this wonderful kitchen implement makes it happen.

Here is my suggestion of Panini press grill brands to cook major meals of the day:

For Breakfast: Cuisinart GR-35 Griddler Compact

One of the busiest appliances that you can have in your kitchen every morning every morning is this Griddler by Cuisinart. Using it, you can enjoy the best tasting and perfectly cooked egg omelet and crispy bacon strips.

Of course, you can also enjoy hot and toasted sandwiches – a great way to start the day right.

Must-enjoy features

1. Cooking options such as contact grill, full and half grill, full and half griddle, and panino press
2. Boasts of drip trays that collects unwanted and excess fats and grease for healthy and nutritious meals
3. The griddler grill and Panini press possesses detachable and reversible cooking plates; non-stick so it is easy to clean

Lunch time: Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless

If you want café style lunch for you and your family, you must have the Griddler Deluxe by Cuisinart. With its impressive grilling and cooking options, this makes it ideal for cooking your favorite lunch meals, such as Italian Panino, clubhouse or even simple cheese sandwiches, that is, if you’re on a diet.

Want a heavier, more filling meal in the middle of the day? This Cuisinart grill Panini press cooks thick and juicy burgers and steaks; you are sure that they will come out perfect for the family – taste-wise.

Vital Uses and features

1. Has a dual temp control; also possesses searing function of as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 2 minutes
2. Non-stick, reversible, and removable cooking plates
3. Large grill surface to cook as many meals as possible

Dinner: Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

What do you and the rest of the household like to feast on come dinnertime? Grilled chicken or fish fillet? Roasted potatoes and bell peppers? What about enjoying char grilled slab of tenderloin steak?

Indeed, a perfect evening meal can only be achieved using the perfect kitchen appliance. Hence, it is a must that you have Breville Panini duo Press to make delicious dinner meals for the family.

Features and functions

1. Its bottom plate is flat for quick and even cooking process
2. The top plate possesses ribs to create grill markings on bread and meat
3. Special Quantanium cooking / grilling surface that’s resistant to scratch
4. with Lock storage clip and adjustable hinges

Simply put, with these top rated Panini press grill appliances, you can cook and serve your family with a variety of great meals – all deliciously hot and healthy – breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime.

Top Cuisinart Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press Models

Cuisinart Griddler Panini and sandwich press models have always been favorites among many housewives and budding chefs. It is because these kitchen appliances are day to day wonders when it comes to helping them create café-quality Panini and gourmet sandwiches.

In fact, whether you want to make and whip up a thick and yummy deli sandwich, or are craving for some simple cheese sandwiches, you can have them just by using any of these reliable Panini sandwich makers.

Indeed, not only will you be able to grill and toast your fave sandwiches, but cook various meals as well; such as steaks, burgers, vegetables, and so many more. What makes it an ideal press is that its grill plates are especially made to ensure even and thorough cooking and grilling.

The Cuisinart Panini grills are also equipped with a floating hinge that makes the adjustment that you require, and accommodate food of any thickness. In effect, you are getting a Panino that boasts of an attractive presentation – every time.

If you’re someone who’s looking to pursue a healthier diet, the Panini grill press features a special drip spout that allows easy draining of grease and fats.

This assures lesser content in animal fat in every food that you cook. We know how unhealthy these food substances can be, right? So, the more that we reduce their presence in the meal that we eat, the better.

Other features of the Cuisinart are its ready to cook and power on indicator lighting signals that promises proper cooking and timely cooking. It also boasts of preset temperature settings that delivers golden-brown toasted and crisp results.

The Cuisinart comes with an instruction complete with delectable recipes. The package includes cleaning tool with the logo of the brand. Expect to find it embossed in the appliance’s stainless-steel housing. Best of all, users are assured of a 3-three-year limited warranty.

Simply put, the design of the Panini griddler is focused on is intricate hinge and handle mechanism that easily works with any sandwich, however thick it might be. Be confident that everything you put in this grill will be evenly toasted and cooked.

If you want, you can press on the plate so that your sandwich will be grilled according to how you like it done. Advice: Make sure that if you want to cook two or more sandwiches, they must be of the same thickness, so that the top cover will press evenly on them.

Here are three wonderful Cuisinart Griddler Panini and Sandwich press models for you to choose from. Get ready with your Italian bread, veggies, cheeses, and cold cuts – I’m sure you want to lay everything in as soon as you take out your appliance out of its box.

ModelImportant FeatureVital Components / Parts

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press
Easily accommodates any size and thickness of sandwich or other food typesIndicator lighting, recipe manual, cleaning implements

Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press
Drains unwanted fats and grease, resulting in healthy and delicious meals.Indicator lights that help you come up with a perfectly cooked meal.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler
Works as a Panini press, contact and full grill, and full and half griddleBeautiful stainless steel body housing, adjustable cover

Three Best Panini Press Grills that are Easy to Clean

Panini presses can be a pain when it comes to the cleaning part. Actually, most modern models are known to have non-stick surface and so users have an easier time cleaning it. Still, no one wants to see any scrap of chicken or melted cheese clinging to it, right?

If you want to clean it right and easy, you don’t need to do complicated procedures or even emerge removable parts for a long time. Use warm water and soak a clean cloth into it. Then use it to wipe every surface away of any existing bits and pieces of food. Avoid using hard scouring pad or metal scrub since it will likely cause scratches on your equipment’s surfaces.

Remember too – and this is important – to allow your Panini maker and grill to cool down before you do your cleaning chore. For any additional or special cleaning instructions, refer to the product manual.

Here are three of the top rated Panini presses that are know to be easy to clean:

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

One of the easiest to clean is the Cuisinart Panini Maker and Press. No need for harsh scrubbing – all you have to do are gentle wipes using a wet clean cloth – and you’re done in no time.

It is a popular model among home owners because of its ability to create beautiful and high-quality Panino. And not only that – apart from gourmet sandwiches, it can also cook meat such as pork chop and chicken, and vegetables.

Cooking and grilling a great variety of foods can be done in an easy and quick fashion using this Cuisinart griddler.

What makes it easy to wash and clean – within minutes – is its non stick parts that ensures that no food will stick into its surface. This makes it a perfect choice for those individuals who are on the go, or has no time to clean their appliance after cooking.

Another desirable feature of this press is its floating hinge that easily adjusts to any thickness or size of the food. It means that you want have any problem grilling a thin cheese sandwich, or a clubhouse. Everything is a perfect size when it comes to this Cuisinart Panini press.

You will get a complete package when buying this brand since it comes with a book of recipes and cleaning tools. You will be proud to own this machine, with the brand logo found on the housing. Be confident that you will enjoy exciting and dependable cooking as the manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

If you want a cooking appliance that cleans fast and easily after you use it, then you must own the Delonghi Panini grill and press. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time cleaning it after you’re done with your sandwiches.

Even if you have been grilling and toasting the whole day, all you have to do is to wipe the surface with moist cloth after and voila! Clean appliance once again.

Just remember to allow your machine to cool down, otherwise, premature heating, when the appliance is still hot can be a cause for the user to be injured such as burns.

Like most functional Panini presses, this appliance boasts of adjustable hinges – allowing it to accommodate all foods of different sizes and thicknesses.

Many have sworn about its effectiveness when it comes to cooking any particular food, such as meat, vegetables, and egg. It is very reliable because of its adjustable thermostats and lighting settings.

Another vital feature that this grill possesses is the handle that remains cool to the touch, ensuring free and easy movement of the appliance as soon as cooking is done. Do you have limited space in your oven? It has a safe locking system that ensures easy upright storage at any corner.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Panini Pan and Press

Quick and convenient cleaning of thisCalphalon Panini Press is what users are assured of after cooking or grilling on this appliance – simply because of its non-stick interior, allowing no food to stick to it.

Whether you want to spend the whole day tending to your culinary whims or a busy person who has only a few minutes to spend in the kitchen, this grill is perfect for you.

It is a top rated Panini press that’s definitely a great addition to your kitchen because of its sleek exterior and compact built. Just one look and you know that this grill is durable and will last for a long, long time.

The Best Panini Press – Must-Have for True Blue Panino Lovers

panini maker sandwichI actually have a friend who is content in going to Panini and deli shops everyday of his life. Such a dull routine, don’t you think so?

I mean, I’m also a total Panino fan, but then, I would rather spend my precious time staying at home than to come rushing to the downtown deli shop just to satisfy my craving for this wonderfully yummy Italian sandwich.

In fact, I am able to spend a lot of time staying at home and finishing important chores, but at the same time, chomp meal made out of a yummy Panino recipe whenever I feel like it.

How? It is Easy – I have the best Panini press that I can possibly own!

Since I hate the idea of going out just to dine and eat, and definitely do not want to buy cafe products all the time as I’m on a diet, I might as well own such an appliance.

And believe me, as I now own this kitchen implement, I always have an easy time churning out great tasting meals. No kidding, my home made sandwiches are as good as the commercial ones, if not better.

Equally important is the fact that since I eat at home, it means substantial savings that I can enjoy.

Indeed, if you desire to eat perfectly cooked and toasted Panino in your own kitchen, you might want to consider buying the best Panini maker. Make sure that your choice is the latest model since those manufactured recently are proven to be durable and can render excellent operation for many years to come.

Hence, you are assured of great value for every cent that you spend. As it is, even the basic type of appliance will make you shell out a significant amount of money, and this is true if it possesses good quality. But if you are a veritable Panino lover, having one at home is worth it.

Go and look for a top rated grill and panini press

I know guests who admitted that they visit me at home just to be able to taste my sandwiches. My relatives and members of my household love everything that I cook in it. Children go crazy fighting for the best spot in the kitchen as they mill around me while I cook their home made sandwiches.

Obviously, kids in general immensely enjoy its delicious taste. And so, these are some of the nice reasons why I am sure I made the right decision of purchasing one.

If you are still trying to make a decision or already in the market for one, you can find a great variety of brands and models that are already in the market these days.

For someone who’s buying such a home sandwich making appliance for the first time, he will surely be confused and even left in the dark, because he hardly has any idea on the best brand or model to buy.

Downtown shops offer valuable information

Fortunately, most major brick and mortar shops employ competent sales representatives who are assigned to provide the best service to their customers.

He offer prospective buyers every vital detail about their products, how to operate them, and the benefits that users can obtain from these appliances.

Check out reviews on the Internet

A truly effective means of finding the best panini machine for you is by checking out product and customer reviews. But since, there are just tons of these web pages, it is advisable to select only the best ones.

Better yet, you should only go for reputable or established product review web sites. Likewise, it is a must that you do not make any hasty decision. It’s not a good idea to choose and purchase the first maker that you find online.

See to it that you check at least 5 models or types, and compare them, zeroing in on their features, functions, and prices. Doing so will greatly help you in making the right purchase.

What to focus on reviews

When you check reviews on grill panini press, you will be able to check important details. What qualities that a particular appliance has that makes it an ideal pick.

Go for reviews that offer complete information, especially on specifications and function. It’s also advisable to read customer’s comments or feedbacks, as they already had experienced using the appliance.

Floating hinges

Top rated ones have floating-type hinges. An appliance with this feature is flexible and at the same time easy to operate. It is because the upper plate can be lowered easily to the sandwich, ensuring that it will maintain its original form and look attractively palatable.

Panini grills with non-floating hinges will weigh down on the end portion of the sandwich, specifically the part nearest the fold. This will destroy the sandwich’s form and presentation, and hence, will not look delectable when served.


It is an important part of the appliance. You should be looking for one that is non-stick. If possible, go for removable plates.

Why non-stick? A plate with this characteristic means that the user will have an easy time taking out the sandwich or any food after it is grilled or toasted. No part of the food will be stuck on the surface.

Hence, it will be easy for you to clean the plate afterwards. If you are in a hurry, non-stick plates can be cleaned using a paper towel.

Not all models have plates that are removable – some are, while others are built in. I recommend that you look for one that possesses plates that can be removed. This is to facilitate convenient and fast cleaning.

Put simply, you must be a wise buyer when in the market for panini maker and grill. See if it has other important specifications such as light and temperature settings, tilting mechanism, and oil trays.

If you have a limited space in your kitchen, one that can stand upright and be kept away in one corner is certainly the perfect choice. The important thing to remember is to go for the model with features and functions that meet your requirements.

Do this, and you will not go wrong in your purchase of your very own panini maker.

Vegetable Panini Recipe for Healthy Living

What makes me excited about using my Panini maker is that it allows me to consume delicious vegetable recipes, right inside my humble home kitchen.

Whether I crave for a sandwich that combines vegetables and cold cuts, or a totally veggie fare, all is possible with this appliance. Saves a great deal since I don’t have to dine anymore at a fancy Italian restaurant or deli.

As I have decided to be more careful about what I eat, the maker gives me the chance to cook and grill meals that are healthy as possible. Like if you want to make some BLT (I like mine minus bacon, and with a few fresh onion rings), or grill some carrots or bell peppers, you can easily do it using this reliable kitchen cooking implement.

Here, by the way, is a short video of a Panini press recipe of a vegetable sandwich, which I grabbed from the YT channel, Easy Cooking with Sandy.

It is quick and easy to do, and so is perfect if you are on the go and want fast meals. The recipe’s healthy and yummy as well since it uses whole grain bread.

If you are a vegan, you might want to avoid using cheese and oil ingredients. Otherwise, every food item used in this recipe is high in nutrients. Just make sure that what you use are at their freshest. Enjoy!

Professional Panini Press Grills that Stand Upright – Perfect for Tiny Kitchens

Perhaps you are a condominium or apartment owner in the big city, and even if small, you are proud of it. Why not? It’s difficult to own a property these days, right? However, since your abode has a limited floor area, it follows that you have a tiny kitchen as well.

A four feet by four feet cramped spot that you call your home kitchen? Worse, is it 3 x 3 meters? Sort of pitiful, isn’t it? What makes it worse is that you’re somebody who’s a frustrated chef, loves to cook for everyone, and considers the kitchen as a haven of sort.

Such a condition is lamentable, since you are afforded a cramped space for your counter top. Consequently, it means just a limited spot that can accommodate only the most important kitchen appliances that you need.

So, does this mean you will have to kiss your desire to own and use a professional Panini press grills bye bye? It’s because you’re worried that owning one means your kitchen top will have shrunk all the more.

Great news! If you are aching to cook your sandwich recipes such as this one but sadly had to be content in buying your favorite sandwich at the local deli because owning a grill is next to impossible, you might opt for this solution. Why simply own a model that stands upright in the nearest corner?

Go for a press that can be kept at a standing position, safely locked, after you’re done using it. It means lesser space is used, don’t you think so? Now you can easily put aside your panini press and still have ample space that you can use for other vital appliances, such as food processor and blender.

If you are in the market for a grill and panini maker that can be stored upright, here are three that’s certainly worth considering:

Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press

Here is one appliance that must be considered by homemakers who have to make do with small-sized kitchens – Hamilton Beach Gourmet Panini press.

With a measurement of 13 ½ x 11 ½ x 4 inches, it is a good choice whether you have a small or spacious kitchen area.

Another attractive feature is its floating lid, which makes sure that your sandwich is cooked in a perfect way – regardless of its thickness or size.

With this gourmet cooking implement, you can very well put it away in an upright stance after you are done with cooking as the lid can be locked safely in place.

In its product reviews, there is a mention of a two-year warranty, which means you can take advantage of an optimally working grill – for a long, long time.

If you want to concoct delicious cafe-like, gourmet Italian bread delights right in your own home or in a rush to prepare cheese or omelet sandwich meals for your starving kids, the Hamilton Beach panini press sandwich maker – 25450 is your top choice.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

Another wonderful sandwich-making and grilling appliance that’s appropriate for tiny spaces is Delonghi contact grill and panini press .

It boasts of safety lock system that allows it to assume secure upright position. Keep it away safely as soon as you are finished cooking.

What makes the De’ Longhi desirable is that it has the ability to grill and toast sandwiches as well as food according to your cooking requirements. Want to enjoy large and thick sandwiches? Worry not as it can accommodate bread of any size, what with its adjustable lid hinges.

Most important of all, user is assured of consistent and properly grilled meals made from his delicious panini sandwich recipes – to everyone’s culinary delight.

Also, it is easy to clean and maintain. Even after long hours of use, you don’t have to worry about food stuff sticking into the surface. Simply wipe with a clean cloth if you’re in a hurry and the appliance is as clean as new.

Everything you cook is healthy since excess oil is separated and drained into a special oil or fat container. No doubt about it – you will experience convenient and easy cooking and grilling if you decide to choose the De’Longhi Contact grill Panini press.

Hamilton Beach 25475 & 25460 Counter-Top Panini & Breakfast Sandwich Maker Combo

Here is an amazing sandwich-making pair of appliances that you must have at home – the Hamilton Beach 25475 and 25460 Countertop Panini and Breakfast Sandwich Maker,

Especially if you love gourmet sandwiches but tired of going to your local deli, you can actually create delicious Panino treats right at home with your own Hamilton Beach Panini Press gourmet sandwich maker.

First of all, you will enjoy all sizes of sandwiches – thick and bulky, or thin – because of the combo’s floating lid feature. Such special lid makes it possible for you to lay in as much filling onto your panino.

Want attractive grill marks on your meal? The appliance’s grilled surface will deliver. Another great feature of this grill is that it heats up quickly, allowing you to make fast and easy sandwiches for the family to chow on.

Most important is its ability to stand upright so that the user may maximize whatever limited space that he has in the kitchen. Indeed, it allows for maximum and convenient storage in spite of cramped space. If only for such feature, this appliance duo is an ideal choice.

Season Cast Iron Panini Press and Enjoy Maximum Cooking Benefits

One of the preferred appliances in cooking Panino or Italian sandwich is cast iron Panini press, simply because it can create wonderful, yummy sandwiches in a short period of time. Whenever you want your meal, you can have it in no time at all – lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Why go for cast iron panini grill?

For one thing, it is energy-efficient. Since it is made from iron, it does an excellent job in retaining great amount of heat. In other words, you need less amount of power or energy when cooking via this appliance.

Many homemakers love to use it because of its extreme durability and convenience of use. It is likewise known to last for many, many years.

Seasoning process is a must

However, a major requirement when using such kitchen appliance is that it has to be seasoned first before you can even start using it. But after that, cooking becomes easy as a breeze.

The process involves heating up to extremely high temperature. During the seasoning process, the grill becomes very hot. Hence, it is a must to avoid touching the surface.

Remember also – and this is very important – to see to it that surfaces are completely brushed with vegetable oil.

How many times must you season?

Seasoning of cast iron panini maker should be done a maximum of three times; after which you can now cook your favorite recipes in it.

During the process, you might notice that the surface gets discolored. This is a normal occurrence. As soon as you are done with the procedure and start using the grill, it will revert back to its normal color.

Once in a while, you might want to re season your grill, it helps maintain its non-stick feature and overall quality.

Steps to proper seasoning

Make sure that your grill is covered with any type of vegetable oil or lard. No spot should be left not coated to ensure proper seasoning.

Go to your oven and have it heated to high temperature.

When sufficiently heated, place your grill inside it. Leave for about half an hour. The extreme temperature will help the oil coating to penetrate into the grill’s surface.

After thirty minutes, turn off the oven while allowing the grill to remain inside and temperature to go down

You may remove the grill from the oven as soon as it cools down. Scrub the surface using ordinary detergent or dish washing soap to ensure any debris is removed.

Re-coat the surface with vegetable oil.

Why do you need to season your cast iron Panini press?

It is necessary so that the surface becomes non-stick. To ensure that no bread bits stick to the grill, opt for traditional Italian bread such as focaccia and ciabatta, instead of ordinary bread.

Likewise, going through the procedure makes sure that you toast your bread or cook your meat or vegetables evenly and thoroughly.

And so, you’ve seasoned your panini grill press!

Finally, you are now ready to use it.

When cooking, you must close the lid and apply some light pressure. It is a must that you flip your sandwich from one side to another to ensure proper cooking. Doing so also allows the grill to render acquire char marks on both surface.

Again, remember not to press too hard. Just the right amount will make your Italian sandwich perfectly toasted and deliciously crispy to the bite.

Another advice to consider when using one; never allow it to remain wet for a long time. It is a must that you keep it dry or oiled after washing and cleaning. You must remember that it is made of iron, and so even a drop of water on the surface can lead to formation of rust.

After you wash it, keep it totally dry using clean absorbent cloth. And in case rust has developed over time, simply remove using rough cloth or scrub. It helps greatly to re-season.

It’s a good thing that you can buy cast-iron made panini press that you can use immediately since it has been properly seasoned.

Here are 3 of the finest that you can have for your kitchen:

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 9-Inch Panini Press

If you want to take advantage of a cast-iron appliance that will help you do away with the laborious seasoning steps, you must definitely consider buying Le Creuset Cast-Iron Enameled 9-In Panini Press.

Its manufacturer boasts that it is already seasoned to perfection.

Another desirable feature is that it requires minimal maintenance unlike in ordinary cast-iron type appliances. It works together with a high quality skillet, ensuring highly desirable searing both on top and bottom – at the same time.

With Le Creuset, you are assured of being able to churn out some fine, delicious steaks, chicken, and lobster dishes – aside from many other delicious recipes – easily and conveniently. It also works to ensure the maximum removal of fat from the food that you cook.

Le Creuset Enamel Cast-Iron Panini Press Skillet Grill Set

Le Creuset Enamel Cast-Iron Panini Press Skillet Grill is easily a snatch, if only because of its attractive cherry hue, specifically in its handle.

More so, it delivers necessary heat from both sides of the grill. It must that you are assured of the most delicious and properly cooked paninis and sandwiches.

Authentic Panino is not without the grill marks. Le Creuset makes sure that such marks are found on the surfaces of the bread. It also works hard so that everything – bread and fillings – are cooked thoroughly.

The pan possesses ridges that are vital in delivering char marks. But what makes such features equally important is that they help separate excessive oil and fat from the food. It’s safe to say that you can expect healthy and minimally-oily meal from this grill.

ECPP53 Lodge Color Enameled Cast Iron Square Panini Press, Emerald Green

What is pretty, of emerald-green color, and generally made of iron and porcelain enamel? We’re talking about this top-notchLodge cast iron panini press, that’s what.

Because of superior features and functions, this brand is one of the most sought-after Panino presses.

Indeed, you can depend on it when it comes to making excitingly delicious Italian sandwiches.

Not only that – you can also depend on this durable appliance when it comes to grill chicken, bacon, and burgers. Yummy! Because of its porcelain coating, food is prevented from sticking into the grill, making for an easy clean. It is also resistant to scratches, stains, and other forms of damages on the surface.

This are some of the best cast iron panini presses that require no more seasoning. Definitely, one of them should be your choice.