Pumpkin Panini – Such a Delicious Treat

You can get mixed comments and reactions when it comes to the taste of pumpkin.

Many praise its nice, delicious taste, others say that it is kind of bland or even bitter, however which way it is cooked.

Lovers insist that it’s sweet. Think pumpkin pie, they would say as they protest their case.

Enjoy tons of healthy nutrients

It is either you love this vegetable or skip meal whenever it is served on the table. Well, I have news for non-lovers. It is one that you must always have in handy in your refrigerator or kitchen top. In fact, you must consider including it as an ingredient in your meal of only because of its wide range of health benefits.

And of course, I recommend that you include it in your sandwich Panini maker recipe the next time that you concoct a vegetable panino. You might want to check the video at the end of this article. But before you scroll the page down, let us talk about the amazing health benefits of pumpkin.

For one, this vegetable (but technically a fruit, according to Mayo) is a great source of many vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, such as Vitamin E, Vit B6, Vitamin A, Vit C, Niacin, Folate, Thiamin, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Iron. If you want to add a good amount of fiber in your diet, it is also a great choice. Other important nutrients are Riboflavin, Manganese, and Potassium.

Pumpkin Panino – Why not?

Now, going back to my suggestion that you cook pumpkin using your Panini press grill, turning out a fine, tasty meal.

You may start by cutting a whole into smaller parts, and then cut each part further into slices of about quarter of an inch thick. Then brush the pieces on both sides with margarine or olive oil. And for added flavor, you then sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper.

The latter is optional, especially if you have small kids to serve. In my case, I like cooking this dish with lots of red pepper flakes; this makes it mucho caliente, which is perfectly delectable for me.

As you prepare it, preheat your grill panini press at the same time. Within seven to ten minutes after, your appliance is sufficiently heated. You may now lay the slices onto the grilling plate.

It is best that you use the plate with the ridged surface so that it creates nice charred marks on your pumpkin slices, making them a lot more appealing to eat. You must serve them while hot!

Now, do you know that instead of Italian breads such as ciabatta and focaccia, you may use pumpkin instead? I am not talking about pumpkin bread, the warm, baked treat; but the vegetable itself, the yellowish-orange hued, hard-when-raw, mushy-when-boiled food stuff.

Yes, you may very well do away with the use of traditional Italian breads once in a while and opt for something that’s alternative and unique yet totally delicious. Having second thoughts? Is it really doable? You bet!

Easy-to-cook Panini recipe by Matteo Pagin

Do watch this video that features such an interesting, mouth-watering recipe. It is short and so easy to follow that you will surely be enticed to cook the recipe afterwards. Definitely, you will be peeling and slicing on your pumpkin and heating up your Panini makers in no time at all.

This one-of-a-kind Panino treat is concocted by Matteo Fagin. The recipe involves roasting of round-shaped pumpkin slices into perfection. They will be used to sandwich tasty mozzarella cheese.

Definitely, it is a healthy, simple, and yummy treat that everyone in the family will love. You don’t need a professional panini maker to cook it, even the simplest one will do.

Chef Fagin recommends that this recipe be cooked and served during the autumn months. Enjoy! (Thanks to the Great Pumpkin photo of 12th St David.)

Three Top Rated Panini Presses with Ridged and Flat Plates

When it comes to the highly-important grilling plates of Panini presses, do you want ribbed or grilled type or flat one?

Most of us want to use ribbed or ridged plates, since without them we wouldn’t enjoy having those toasted char marks on the surface of the Panino, a distinct feature found on this Italian delicacy. The flat plate is just as useful in cooking tons of food recipes.

Here are three of the best rated Panini press and grills that feature both grilled and flat plates. They allow users to be able to create fantastic Paninis and many other fine meals.

Breville Panini Duo

When it comes to plates, you can depend on Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo to ensure perfect Panini or any other meals. The plate at the bottom of the appliance is flat; this assures you fast and easy cooking whenever necessary.

But if you are going to prepare Panini or specialty sandwiches for you lunch or dinner, you should use the Duo’s top plate.

This part possesses ridged or grilled surfaces that will toast your ciabatta, focaccia, sour dough, or even ordinary type of bread, and at the same time create nice char marks on bread’s surface.

Durable, heats quickly, and easy to clean

Both flat and grilled surfaces are made of Quantanium, a quality component that makes them resistant to scratch. It is one of the best panini press with removable plates, which are also non-stick; it means that after use, you enjoy easy and fast cleaning. Just see to it that you allow the machine to cool down for a number of minutes prescribed by the manufacturer.

Panini maker Duo likewise boasts of a 1500-watt heater, a vital component of this appliance that’s responsible for fast and consistent heating.

Finally, it is made of durable, stainless steel material, adding greatly to its overall elegance as well as class of its exterior. Performance is also above par, as the manufacturer assured of appliance’s complete and necessary features and functions.

Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler

The latest model of Cuisinart GR4N 5 in 1 Griddler boasts of highly dependable grill plates. These plates are reversible, which means that one side of it is grilled or ridged, while the other surface is flat.

Since the plate possesses such a desirable feature, there’s no need for you to take out plates that aren’t being used at the moment, like in other panini maker grills. Just use and reserve the plate that you need for that particular cooking moment.

In other words, you may use the ridged part of the plate in case you are in the mood to cook a delicious Panino for your breakfast or lunch.

The ridge is important since you want to create that beautiful char marks on your sandwich’s surface – to make it more appealing to eat. If you want to whip out a simple dish such as omelet, you may very well take advantage of the flat side.

How to use the Cuisinart griddler grill & panini press when making gourmet sandwich?

After preparing your sandwich, press it in between the preheated plates for a few minutes. In no time, you have a warm and toasted treat.

Not only can you make panino with this appliance, but all sorts of sandwiches as well, like ordinary cheese, gourmet or Italian. If you have bread straight from the refrigerator or cupboard that you want to serve hot to your kids, you can heat it up with the griddler, making it a truly delicious treat.

And to properly cook other food stuff, particularly meat such as steak or hamburger, use Cuisinart Griddler’s grill plates. Use grill cover while cooking to help maintain the high temperature necessary to cook such a particular meal.

Breville Smart Grill

Like many other Breville models, the Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill possesses both flat and ridged surfaces, at the top and bottom of the appliance, respectively.

The top plate is ideal to use when you’re cooking Italian gourmet sandwiches. On the other hand, the bottom part, which is flat, is best for cooking pan cakes and egg omelet.

Actually you can take full advantage of this kitchen tool for cooking sandwich, like when your kids beg you to prepare some yummy treat. The ridged portion of the plate is perfect to cook a delicacy.

Panino cooking mode

Breville panini Grill features a unique sandwich mode of cooking, wherein both sides are best used when cooking this food type.

And if you must prepare large or bulky ones, it is possible since the height of the top plate can be adjusted.You may lower the plate if you only need to cook thin or small-sized meals such as a slider or cheese sandwich.

panini maker sandwich

panini maker sandwich

The most important feature of course is that the plates can be interchanged. You may use either ridged or flat, it depends on the food that you will cook.

Another desired quality of the plates is that they are non-stick. Hence, after cooking and allowing the appliance to cool down, you may clean them fast and conveniently.

Also available is the BBQ cooking mode, which is effective in searing and grilling meat like steak and pork cuts, and vegetables such as bell pepper and corn. You must open the plates up to 180 degrees in or order to lie flat and fully accommodate meat and vegetables. Both ribbed and flat plates of Breville the smart grill may be used when using BBQ mode.

ModelWith Both Ridged Plates / Flat PlatesVital functions and qualities  
Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press
YesWith floating hinge, four height settings, scratch resistant surface, easy to clean and maintain
Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, 7.12 by 13.5 by 11.5-Inch, Silver

Yesnot only does it work as a Panini press, but also as full grill, contact grill, full griddle, half griddle/half grill
Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

YesRemovable plates; 6 height settings, cooks Paninis of all sizes

Cuisinart Panini Press – Great Choice to Meet Your Sandwich-Making Needs

Cuisinart Panini press is available in a wide variety of types and models. It means that there’s one that can meet all your unique sandwich-making needs.

Indeed, this brand is the perfect choice that you’re going to make since it possesses all the important features and functions that you want to see in a such a kitchen appliance. .

The Cuisinart panini press brand is known to offer many models that delivers high-tech functions, specifications, and options, assuring users that they will be able to come up with perfect paninis, gourmet sandwiches, and meals that their families will truly love.

When it comes to price, it can be quite expensive, which is simply understandable – because for one, as it is considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable kitchen appliances that anyone can own.

On the other hand, basic models that known to be affordable; these are the ideal pick for users with limited budget. Such inexpensive appliances are standard types with no frills but still fully function. Users who opt for them will definitely still enjoy great-tasting sandwiches and meals.

In other words, whether you buy its top-of-the-line unit or pick an inexpensive, standard-type model, you will be able to come up with delicious panino, grill perfectly done meat, or even make some yummy pancakes and egg omelet any time of the day in the comforts of your own kitchen.

Easy way of purchasing a Cuisinart grill and Panini press

If you like to land the best Panini sandwich maker, then a great option to consider is via online. The Internet is where you find trustworthy and reliable sites and online sellers such as Amazon that sell quality brands.

If you have not decided on the kind of sandwich-making appliance for your kitchen, you may refer to product reviews, which are offered by reliable review websites.

These specialty sites and blogs provides lengthy and comprehensive reviews, complete with comments and feedback from existing users. They feature a variety of product types and models, giving you ample, valuable information such as specification, parts, functions and uses, and options.

The best thing to do is to evaluate as many models as possible. You must take time in scrutinizing each and everyone of them, focusing on their uses and functions. Doing so will help you to arrive at a wise decision.

Know what you like to see in your Cuisinart grill and Panini press

So, what do you really want?

1. Would you like the plates to have grills so that your panino will have beautiful char marks when they are done?

2. Maybe you are inclined to buy one with removable plates and parts in order for you to have an easy time cleaning the appliance.

3. You might be content with a simple press that cook a single sandwich at a time. Perhap, you have a large family, you are looking to purchase a large unit that can make 4 to 6 sandwiches all at once.

4. Do you want one that preheats quickly? Most Cuisinart panini grill models efficiently heats up in a matter of minutes. It means you can cook and deliver deliciously warm panino in no time at all.

Some customers might want to buy the basic type of press due to budget constraint.

Because you are buying a top-notch and established name in Cuisinart, you are assured of an appliance of the highest quality and dependability. At the same time, you can take advantage of its competitive prices.

Even an electric-type is reasonably priced, and so is a good option to consider.

Cuisinarts are  certainly a popular choice among homemakers and consumers because it is easy to use.

All you need to do is connect the appliance to an electrical source, and within a few minutes after preheating, you are ready to make your first batch of sandwiches. Expect your kids to have hot, sumptuous, and healthy meals – always.

Great warranty benefits

Attractive warranty is offered to buyers of Cuisinart panini press products, as in any other major brands. Such effective feature ensures that the users will be able to maximize the benefits that can be obtained from their purchase.

NOTE: Always remember to use your panino-making appliance according to the product manual and with total care. This will ensure optimum usage for many, many years to come.

Time to Cook Easy and Yummy Panini Maker Recipes

You will certainly have no problem cooking all types of Panino or gourmet sandwich recipes if you own for yourself a reliable Panini maker. With such an appliance, making great lunches or dinner out of chicken, cold cuts, cheese, turkey, or vegetables is a breeze.

With such a kitchen tool, you can whip up great meals for your family, fast and conveniently – whether you are a non-cook or a bonafide chef.

There is no denying that a Panini grill and press is highly dependable and versatile as a cooking implement. If you are in the market for one, a good advise to follow is to go for the top brands one because they assure top-notch quality, and possess vital features and options that will help users churn up a wide variety of perfect and delectable sandwiches and meal treats.

Perhaps, the recipes that you want to cook are standard ones, or one that you concoct yourself; whatever they might be, you can transform into some of the most delicious meals with the use of your special sandwich grill. For this reason alone, it is one of the most important appliances in the country today.

Definitely, you don’t need to go anymore to a deli or specialty sandwich restaurant. All you need is this humble but hardworking appliance the next time that you crave for a delicious Italian sandwich.

Speaking of Panini Maker recipes, I have posted here a short video of two easy-to-cook panino meals – portabella and roast beef. I love how the video is titled “pleasurable.” Enjoy the vid. I’m sure you’ll have a great dinner if you try the recipes.

Easy Tips to Come Up with Perfect Panini Maker Sandwich

Who doesn’t want a perfect Panini sandwich? We always crave for the best ones; of course, both in appearance and taste. This is why we get disappointed when we don’t come up with a perfectly cooked Panino.

It greatly helps that you have the best Panini maker in your kitchen, but then, it is not enough.

It is a must that you also know how to prepare your sandwiches, and be able to cook and toast it to perfection. Important steps such as the laying of one ingredient after another and preheating of highly dependable Panino making appliance should also be correctly done.

Unfortunately, everyone has off-days when it comes to cooking.

There will be times when batches of gourmet sandwiches that we cook come out to be less than perfect. When this happen, don’t we always have that urge to just throw everything away, instead of serving it to the family lest we hear bad comments and unpleasant reactions?

panini grill sandwich

All of us experience preparing making not-so-perfect sandwiches.

And so, here is the list of what we can call Panini imperfections, which happens when we commit mistakes in preparing them, and a number of remedies to consider so that such mistakes are avoided.

Follow these advices and you will always come up with the best and yummiest sandwiches possible.

1. Filling falling off

I are sure you become really frustrated, if not irritated, whenever your Panini does not come off from the grill together – in one beautiful piece. Instead, it falls off. Specifically, the fillings such as meat, vegetables, and dressing fall onto the sides.

A. Too much stuffing?

One possible reason for this is that you might be putting in too much stuffing in your sandwich. You enjoy laying too much ingredients, one after another and another, that it has become a gargantuan meal ready to crumble to earth (read: Panini’s sides).

To avoid this from happening, you must go easy on the filling. One or two types of cold cuts, some slices of vegetables and egg omelet, and dressing and this will result in a beautifully created Panini machine sandwich.

B. Using ordinary bread

Ordinary slice of bread can be quite thin and less dense; hence, it is less capable to hold too much filling in place. Be aware that such bread type is just right when making thin sandwiches, such as cheese or peanut butter and jelly.

In other words, it is a less-than-perfect option if you want to prepare a delicious Panino sandwich.

best panini maker
To make sure that you have a perfectly created sandwich – one that’s not deformed and with fillings tucked in place, opt for Italian bread, such as foccacia and ciabatta.

These breads are the ideal choice because of their desired qualities, being dense and thick. They seem to totally complement your Panini press & grill.

Surely, if you use these Italian bread types, you’ll enjoy truly beautiful and yummy gourmet sandwiches.

C. No Cheese

Another reason why your Panino maker sandwich just can’t seem to hold together all its filling. Your frustration is evident as you see your sandwich has its ingredients such as vegetables and bits of meat fall off on the side – right before your eyes.

Definitely, don’t leave out cheese as an ingredient for your sandwiches. In face, this food is a perfect and effective binder, that holding together everything that you put in your sandwich. Mozarella and cheddar slices are two of the better options; not only are they sticky, but they taste delicious as well.

D. Using meat or vegetable bits

tomato panini sandwich
Bits of ingredients are prone to falling off from the sandwich and on to the side or place.

Perhaps, you used leftover turkey that you still want to use as filling, or decided to chop the ingredient so that your kids can have an easy time eating them. Unfortunately, such ingredients falling off can be an advantage because of their small size.

For solidly-created and bound Panini grill sandwiches, use whole slices instead of bits.

2. Soggy bread

Who wants to eat soggy bread for their sandwich? No one, right? Just by checking the appearance, you know that your Panino is soggy, which can be because of excess liquid such as water or sauce or even oil. Soggy Panini is shunned by everyone, especially kids, because it is so unappealing.

A. The solution? Perhaps, you’re using ordinary slice of bread, which is prone to get soggy so easily.

Again, you must go for the right type of bread, such as the Italian ones like ciabatta, foccacia, and rossetta. These are the perfect options to make since Italian breads made for Panino are thick and dense in quality.

B. Drain vegetables and meat of excessive water or moisture

Another reason why your sandwiches are soggy is because you use watery ingredients for your filling.

It’s good that you wash your vegetables to ensure that it is clean, but before laying it on the bread, remove any excess moisture but placing it in a strainer. Lay it afterwards in a clean cloth to ensure that
any remaining water is removed.

3. Oily Panini maker sandwich

I hate holding oily sandwiches, because it messes up everything – my hands, table, and anything that it has contact with. To avoid this, use only the right amount of olive oil, butter or margarine.

A thin spread on the bread is enough to enhance the taste of your meal. Too much will surely make your bread creation oily, making it unappealing.
Spanish panini sausage
Some meat can have excessive fat content as well, such as sausage or salami. If you want to fry or toast your sausage, wrap it in paper towel before laying it on the bread. The paper will promptly absorb any excess oil.

4. Uneven cooking

Are you sometimes disappointed to receive comments that your Panino is not properly or evenly cooked? And that there are portions of the sandwich that seems uncooked yet?

In such case, it is possible that your panini maker press is not preheated properly. Make sure that you connect your machine to a power source, and heat up your appliance for a few minutes before you cook your batch of sandwich.

If sandwich is unevenly or partially cooked, it might be that you made a thick sandwich. Don’t over do it.

Again, it is best to prepare one with just the right thickness to ensure that it is deliciously hot and thoroughly cooked by your amazing panini sandwich maker as well.

Breville Panini Maker – Best Brand to Make Your Panino

Breville Panini maker is a sought-after kitchen appliance because it is recognized as one of the more established brands.

Breville has gained an admirable name and brand reputation; it has firmly established itself as a prime leader in the its industry. Because of this, the company has successfully garnered a substantial share of the kitchen appliance market.

Because many people simply love to relish Italian sandwiches, such appliances have become very much in demand. In fact, manufacturers are doing well because of the high demand of their products. Who would not want to own one, when it can cook and churn wonderfully delicious Italian and gourmet sandwiches?

Home makers love to have one in their kitchens, and this is simply because of one good reason – the Panini maker is so versatile. Not only can it toast and create yummy sandwich meals, but it can also cook a wide variety of foods, such as meat, chicken, egg, couscous, and vegetables, among many others.

What makes Breville Panini press & grill brand so special?

1. One of the most admired brands in the business

Above all, because Breville is a major established player and an established name in the industry. Consumers are fully aware that if they purchase from it, that they will enjoy finest quality equipment.

With a Breville duo Panini press, for instance, users will have a quick and easy time making very delectable sandwiches and meals. Whether you are cooking Paninis, grilling steaks, or frying omelets, everything will come out to be perfectly cooked all throughout.

Sandwiches will not deformed or flat in shape, and steaks will have that dark-brown char color and tenderness inside, indicating that it’s properly cooked.

It will allow you to do other cooking methods as well, such as grilling and frying.

2.Panino-cooking become so easy

As soon as you plug your Breville Panini press and grill to a power source, it heats up in no time at all. It means that you can quickly enjoy your wonderfully toasted Panino. You know that power is on if its indicator light glows. Within a few minutes, you are ready to toast your sandwich beautifully, with nice char marks on the surface of the bread.

At the first instance that you use your machine, some white smoke might come out from it. This should not be any cause for you to worry that your appliance might be malfunctioning. Smoke formation when using it for the first time is perfectly normal. It will disappear quickly, and chances of it reappearing the next time you use the machine will be small or even nil.

As you wait for the Breville Panini press & grill to heat up, you may begin to lay down the slices of bread. Perfect is the Italian type, which can be ciabatta, foccacia, or rosetta. If you want the bread to be toasted consistently throughout its surface, go for the flat plate. The model with grilled plate on the other hand, should be considered if you want grilled lines on the bread’s surface.

Next, you begin to lay on the bread your ingredients, one after another. It can be as minimal as some slices of cheese and few lettuce and tomatoes, or as many as ham, salami, turkey, omelet, and any other ingredients that you desire.

Lay down some cheese slices, and then the bread. Close the lid, and wait for as little as 5 minutes. As soon as five minutes are up, you now have a piping hot and delicious sandwich.

3. The brand offers wide grill surfaces, ideal for big families who love to eat their Paninis together

Your meal creation is so tasty that you will find it hard to share it with anyone, right?

Solution? Make a batch of six or more, pronto!

It’s a good thing that Breville offers a number of models with grills that are big enough to accommodate as many as five to six sandwiches at a time. Opt for a large grill type if you have a big family, and everybody loves a Panino.

Actually, cooking time depends on the amount of stuffing and thickness you make.

Take your yummy sandwich from your Breville panini maker using a wooden spatula. Avoid using metal or sharp tools and utensils such as knives and forks as they will potentially damage the nonstick coat on the surface of your appliance.

4. Boasts of stylish and classy appearance

Breville panini press is not only concerned about the quality of cooking, grilling, and sandwich-making. Also, it gives special attention to the exterior appearance of its products. In fact, most models boast of chrome finish exteriors, allowing them to exude great style.

Undoubtedly, Breville is the brand to choose if you want to own the best panini press. It not only spells warm and delicious Italian sandwiches, among other meals, but it also lends immense class and beauty to any kitchen counter top.

Panini Makers Make the Best Gourmet and Italian Sandwiches

There is no denying that sandwiches and Panini are two of the most popular staple meals for many families. However, while we can make good sandwiches, not everyone can cook a great meal.

And cheese Panino and sandwich can be quite plain and boring. Kids easily grow tired of them if you will notice.

Good thing that you do not need to content yourself with such dull, unappealing meals these days.

Definitely, there is a way to create and relish great meals. All you have to do is own the best panini maker possible, and it will surely help you perk up your family’s mornings with delicious gourmet sandwiches and Italian Paninis like you have always wanted.

With this dependable kitchen appliance, not only have such dishes become easy and fun to make, but you are also assured to come up with delectable eats that everyone in the family will love.

Wide varieties available

Unlike the sandwich iron press, which is quite limited when it comes to features and functions, Panini grill is available in a wide range of exciting types and models.

There is the simple and compact type, which possesses fixed hinges and is perfect when making sandwiches of standard sizes.

If you love to prepare bulky sandwiches that are filled with so many stuffing, you must go for a model that has floating or adjustable hinges. Actually, the latest ones these days possess such desirable feature.

With the adjustable hinge, you will have an easy time cooking thick sandwich – one that can be several inches thick.

Owning a panini grill press with floating hinge helps you to create different meal and sandwich recipes that use tons of ingredients.

You will enjoy laying one filling after another – whether it is cold cut, turkey, leftover chicken, vegetables, cheese, or egg omelet. With adjustable hinges, you don’t need to worry about over-stuffing your foccacia, ciabatta, or even a rosetta. – the grill will cook everything in such a way that the bread holds all filling together.

Wonderful features to help you churn out to best Panini maker sandwiches and gourmet meals

With more and more models and types of panini grill presses coming out in the market, consumers can expect them to possess better and more useful features.

Most brands are programmed to heat up quicker in order to cook sandwiches and meals within a minimum amount of time.

Grilling plates are created out of special, sturdy metals to ensure that they heat up immediately. The plates are designed to maintain any degree of heat that it reached to ensure for proper and thorough cooking.

1. Wattage – different units can be had in a wide range of wattage, from as low as 600 to as high as 1500 watts. Users must correctly choose the wattage that they require for their household.

2. Indicators lights – these are lighting signals that tell you if the meal you’re cooking is already done. Each food type has a corresponding time as to when the light will turn on. This feature is indeed helpful in ensuring completely cooked and done meal.

3. Heat control feature – it allows you to maintain specific amount of heat at a desired time. For instance, moderate amount of heat can be achieved if you’re cooking Paninis or omelets, while high heat is needed if you’re grilling meat or chicken.

Together with light and time settings, heat control ensures that you enjoy a properly cooked, hot meal for you and everyone in the family.

4. Non-stick grill plates – all modern brands boast of having non-stick grilling plates. Such feature is certainly a boon, since it helps you clean your machine easily and in a jiffy, without having to use harsh chemical that can otherwise harm your hands, and damage your appliance.

A little amount of baking soda solution or even just warm water and damp cloth is enough to clean your appliance fast and easily.

5. Compact built – If you have limited space on your counter top, you don’t need to worry as most panini presses are made to be stored conveniently inside your kitchen cabinets. After you are done cooking your delicious sandwiches, allow it to cool down for a few minutes, clean it up, then keep in away in your cupboard. It’s as easy as that.

You can opt for the type that you can position upright to ensure that it consumes as little space as possible in your counter top or table.

Top Names in the industry

People are offered excellent choices when it comes to Panini grill brands, such as Breville, Oster, and Cuisinart. These names are but some of the top names available in the country and worldwide.

Because of the competitiveness of the industry, these manufacturers come up with the finest models at good prices. You only need to determine your sandwich-making needs in order to know the specific type and model that you must buy.

Simply put, Panini maker press is a favorite kitchen appliance. It is perfect in grilling and toasting gourmet sandwiches and Paninis perfectly, and hence, satisfying meticulous individuals to the fullest.

Surely, you will want to own one now as you’re raring to create beautiful and yummy Italian sandwiches for everybody. Not only does it add more aesthetic value to your kitchen because of its attractive metal steel casing, but it is truly a kitchen tool that you can depend upon when it comes to delivering good food any time of the day.

Surefire Way of Owning the Best Panini Maker

Even if you love Panini so much, you must be thinking about the expenses that you incur because of your almost-everyday visit at the deli by the corner.

And so you thought that the best thing to do is to just buy and own for yourself a top rated Panini maker.

Remember, however, that this particular kitchen appliance is available in a wide variety of models, which means that you must make the best choice.

In other words, it must be one that truly meets your requirements.

To help in making the right decision of choosing a Panini maker, you might want to ask yourself a few questions, and they are:

1. Are you somebody who loves to cook Paninis, and eat them as a meal day in and day out? If you enjoy having such meals even on a regular basis, a simple but sturdy appliance grill will do.

2. Apart from sandwiches, would you also like to enjoy other types of meals such as grilled meat, vegetables, or even pancakes and omelet?

Then the best Panini grill and press model to buy is one that fully opens flat on your kitchen counter top.

With this type, you will be able to cook and roast steaks, bell peppers, and fry bacon, apart from making Panino sandwiches.

3. Are you not the only one who’s an avid lover of this Italian sandwich, but every member in your family as well? Does everyone in your household craves for it that every batch of freshly-cooked sandwiches is gone and consumed as soon as taken from the maker?

In such case, you should opt for a should a model that can cook 4 to 6 sandwiches all at once.

4. Do you unfortunately have a limited space in your kitchen?

There are types that are small and compact in size. You can also purchase the model that can be positioned upright; hence, minimal space in your kitchen top will be required.

Indeed, such panini sandwich makers are available at different types and models. You have to properly choose the right one in order to maximize its benefits.

Here are vital points and advices to consider when choosing and buying the best Panini press for you.

1. What do you really need – affordable and simple, or complex and versatile?

In the market is where you can easily find one from a wide range of A-1 panini maker models. You may opt for the most affordable unit that offers the basic features, or you can go for the most complex type that is made to cook a number of ways.

If you land a press that is versatile, you might be inclined to use it full time, preparing all your meals in it.

2. It’s advisable to choose the electric-power type

When it comes to power, the most common and convenient to use is the electric-run appliance. You simply just need to plug it into a power source and allow your unit to heat up within a few minutes.

Be patient, otherwise, you end up with a half-cooked or evenly done sandwich.

After a short while, the appliance is hot enough and you are ready to press down your panino and cook a delicious meal.

If you have firmly decided on what you want in a Panini press, your next step is choosing a particular brand.

An easy step is via online research. Reputable product review websites can be depended upon especially if you want to learn more about the item.

A page dedicated to it will contain relevant information, such as description, its specifications and features, what it can do, price that it is available, and warranty.

3. Purchase online or go to brick and mortar shop

It would be worthwhile if you can see different models personally and take advantage of the expertise and recommendation of a competent sales representative. However, this option can take much of your valuable time.

There’s no denying that online purchase is a much more convenient option to take. For one thing, many reputable product review websites are now available. And needless to say, nothing beats doing transactions in the comforts of your own home.

With your best panini maker
requirements as your main guide, you will be able to land a perfect unit that suits your needs.

And while you consider your available budget when making a choice, don’t pick a product just because it is offered at an affordable price.

Rather, see to it that you get one of those reasonably-priced Panini makers that have been proven to deliver top quality service for years and years.

Avocado Turkey Bacon & Cheese Panini – Fast and Yummy Meal

When I encountered this Panini sandwich video online, I thought that avocado and bacon is just too much fat for me.

But hey, our lady chef, Gracie Walling of Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service, announced it to be a turkey bacon at the start of the video – and so, this is something worth cooking at the Panini maker. The recipe is certainly worth sharing to everyone.

Plus, the cheese that she used was cheddar, which was a big favorite – and it was low fat too.

For those who shun avocado for its fat content, don’t leave it out but simply go easy on the serving. You just have to take advantage of the nutritional side of the fruit, which means that with a decent serving, you’d get to enjoy important vitamins like A, K, and E, and minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron.

For added nutrients, the dish is served with a side salad of colorful vegetables such as cherry tomato, bell pepper, and carrot. With such a complete meal, what more can you ask for? It’s a perfect treat for the kids as well.

Definitely, this sandwich is worth heating up your Panini press grill in a heartbeat.

Kudos to Chef Gracie and Texas A & M Agrilife for coming up with such as nutritious and delectable meal.

Here is the video – enjoy!

Wisely Choose Panini Press and Grill Possessing these Three Vital Features

panini press and grill sandwichPanini are such a delight. You just love to go to the deli shop, sometimes alone, other times with the kids – looking forward to enjoying your Panino treats.

There are days, though, that it is tiring to make such trips. Don’t you just wish that you can make your Italian sandwiches at home?

So you decide that you want to buy a Panini press and grill.

Finally, you’ll have one atop the kitchen counter, your very own on which you will cook your favorite Panini sandwich recipes.

However, if you want to whip up delectable Panino and a great variety of food fast and conveniently, you must purchase the best Panini machine that’s available in the market.

It must be one that will always maintain top quality operation and deliver yummy meals for many, many years to come.

Remember that you will spend good money for it, so you must choose wisely.

A proper way of landing the best is by selecting one with three specific features:

1. Go for Panini maker with removable plates

After an afternoon of tons of sandwiches created, it is likely that you have a dirty kitchen apparatus staring at you. It is a good thing that these days, the complex ones boast of removable plates, making cleaning chore an easy thing to do.

Removable grill plates allows you to bring your machine back to its ultra-clean state in a jiffy – without a speck of dirt.

Just remove them as well as other detachable parts and place everything inside the dishwasher. While waiting, you wipe the rest of the machine with damp cloth, and voila! In no time at all, you have a completely clean appliance.

Indeed, while you can also do it manually, life becomes a breeze with detachable plates. The latter facilitate quick and convenient cleaning. That being said, removable plates is a highly desirable feature of a reliable panini grill.

An excellent brand with an easily removable plate is Calphalon 5-in-1 Removable Plate Grill.

If you are someone who loves to cook but hates the cleaning part of it, this model is a great choice.

All you have to do is is remove the non-stick grilling plates and drip trays and slip them inside your dishwasher.

In a sec, everything is spic and span, fast and easy.

Don’t have second thoughts about placing these parts inside the dish-washing machine as they will just sit tight while being completely cleaned. They’re totally dishwasher-friendly!

Of course, those who want to wash it by hands can do so as well.

This Calphalon model is known to cook almost all types of food – sandwiches, pancakes, omelet, sausages, burger patties, meat – anything. Its complex grill and griddle plates, varied temperatures, and cooking indicators make cooking chores so easy.

2. Opt for one with floating adjustable hinges

Any modern Panini maker has floating hinges. Such a feature allows the top plate to be lowered down onto the sandwich and press it properly.

Unless your appliance possess such feature, the sandwich, specially its part near the fold, will be deformed and smashed completely.

Needless to say, you must get one with a floating hinge because this ensures that you will always create beautiful sandwiches, no matter their thickness might be.

Be a wise buyer by insisting on a model with adjustable height options made possible by floating hinge.

A good option of Panini machine with dependable floating hinges is the Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press, the four height settings of which allow different recipes to be cooked perfectly.

The adjustable plates have a non-stick coating to ensure food doesn’t stick and you enjoy quick and convenient cleaning. With Breville Panini Duo, all you do is relish and enjoy some hot and nicely grill-marked sandwiches.

It must be noted that its upper and lower plates have non-stick, scratch-proof Quantanium surfaces, allowing the user to cook without oil and savor healthy, reduced-fat meals.

3. Pick the Panini grill that can assume tilting Position

While you might be able to limit or do away with the use of butter, margarine, or oil when cooking food, rendering your meal with little fat content, it’s a different case altogether if you’re grilling fatty food such as burgers or steak filet mignon.

During cooking process, oil oozes out and before you know it, the steak is bathe in a pool of its own fat.

A solution to this is to use a model, such as Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler that can be tilted in such a way that the grease flows and separates from the food.

This feature is a must for health buffs who are conscious about the amount of fat or oil that their food contains. If you are able to tilt your appliance, this effectively drains all excess grease and fats into the special drip tray.

Look for these three features in your appliance

panini maker cafe signSo, instead of trooping to the deli cafe, why don’t you stay home and make your own panini? And if you’re buying for the first time, be sure that you opt for one that features these three great features – removable plates, floating hinge, and tilting mechanism.

Easier said than done? Indeed, since there are wide array of brands available in the market and anyone would be left in confusion on which one is the best.

So, how you do really land the Panini press and grill?

Now that you know about these important features, one way is by going to appliance shops and ask the sales person for his assistance. Tell him about such features, and ask for the models that possess them.

Carefully scrutinize his recommendations. You can bring product brochures at home and compare specifications, features, and functions of recommended models. This will help you pick the one that suits your needs best.

Another way is doing online research and taking advantage of the best Panini maker reviews.

Do not, however, just depend on ones that immediately cross your way on the Internet.

Give your trust only to review websites that have established themselves as authorities in the field. You are assured that these sites post only honest reviews, ones that come from real customers.

Finally, never to make a hurried and haphazard move. Once, you’ve got into a site, scrutinize vital features and functions of at least 5 models. Consider their prices as well. This will help you decide which best panini press and grill is the perfect one for you.