Professional Panini Press Grills that Stand Upright – Perfect for Tiny Kitchens

Perhaps you are a condominium or apartment owner in the big city, and even if small, you are proud of it. Why not? It’s difficult to own a property these days, right? However, since your abode has a limited floor area, it follows that you have a tiny kitchen as well.

A four feet by four feet cramped spot that you call your home kitchen? Worse, is it 3 x 3 meters? Sort of pitiful, isn’t it? What makes it worse is that you’re somebody who’s a frustrated chef, loves to cook for everyone, and considers the kitchen as a haven of sort.

Such a condition is lamentable, since you are afforded a cramped space for your counter top. Consequently, it means just a limited spot that can accommodate only the most important kitchen appliances that you need.

So, does this mean you will have to kiss your desire to own and use a professional Panini press grills bye bye? It’s because you’re worried that owning one means your kitchen top will have shrunk all the more.

Great news! If you are aching to cook your sandwich recipes such as this one but sadly had to be content in buying your favorite sandwich at the local deli because owning a grill is next to impossible, you might opt for this solution. Why simply own a model that stands upright in the nearest corner?

Go for a press that can be kept at a standing position, safely locked, after you’re done using it. It means lesser space is used, don’t you think so? Now you can easily put aside your panini press and still have ample space that you can use for other vital appliances, such as food processor and blender.

If you are in the market for a grill and panini maker that can be stored upright, here are three that’s certainly worth considering:

Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press

Here is one appliance that must be considered by homemakers who have to make do with small-sized kitchens – Hamilton Beach Gourmet Panini press.

With a measurement of 13 ½ x 11 ½ x 4 inches, it is a good choice whether you have a small or spacious kitchen area.

Another attractive feature is its floating lid, which makes sure that your sandwich is cooked in a perfect way – regardless of its thickness or size.

With this gourmet cooking implement, you can very well put it away in an upright stance after you are done with cooking as the lid can be locked safely in place.

In its product reviews, there is a mention of a two-year warranty, which means you can take advantage of an optimally working grill – for a long, long time.

If you want to concoct delicious cafe-like, gourmet Italian bread delights right in your own home or in a rush to prepare cheese or omelet sandwich meals for your starving kids, the Hamilton Beach panini press sandwich maker – 25450 is your top choice.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

Another wonderful sandwich-making and grilling appliance that’s appropriate for tiny spaces is Delonghi contact grill and panini press .

It boasts of safety lock system that allows it to assume secure upright position. Keep it away safely as soon as you are finished cooking.

What makes the De’ Longhi desirable is that it has the ability to grill and toast sandwiches as well as food according to your cooking requirements. Want to enjoy large and thick sandwiches? Worry not as it can accommodate bread of any size, what with its adjustable lid hinges.

Most important of all, user is assured of consistent and properly grilled meals made from his delicious panini sandwich recipes – to everyone’s culinary delight.

Also, it is easy to clean and maintain. Even after long hours of use, you don’t have to worry about food stuff sticking into the surface. Simply wipe with a clean cloth if you’re in a hurry and the appliance is as clean as new.

Everything you cook is healthy since excess oil is separated and drained into a special oil or fat container. No doubt about it – you will experience convenient and easy cooking and grilling if you decide to choose the De’Longhi Contact grill Panini press.

Hamilton Beach 25475 & 25460 Counter-Top Panini & Breakfast Sandwich Maker Combo

Here is an amazing sandwich-making pair of appliances that you must have at home – the Hamilton Beach 25475 and 25460 Countertop Panini and Breakfast Sandwich Maker,

Especially if you love gourmet sandwiches but tired of going to your local deli, you can actually create delicious Panino treats right at home with your own Hamilton Beach Panini Press gourmet sandwich maker.

First of all, you will enjoy all sizes of sandwiches – thick and bulky, or thin – because of the combo’s floating lid feature. Such special lid makes it possible for you to lay in as much filling onto your panino.

Want attractive grill marks on your meal? The appliance’s grilled surface will deliver. Another great feature of this grill is that it heats up quickly, allowing you to make fast and easy sandwiches for the family to chow on.

Most important is its ability to stand upright so that the user may maximize whatever limited space that he has in the kitchen. Indeed, it allows for maximum and convenient storage in spite of cramped space. If only for such feature, this appliance duo is an ideal choice.

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