Season Cast Iron Panini Press and Enjoy Maximum Cooking Benefits

One of the preferred appliances in cooking Panino or Italian sandwich is cast iron Panini press, simply because it can create wonderful, yummy sandwiches in a short period of time. Whenever you want your meal, you can have it in no time at all – lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Why go for cast iron panini grill?

For one thing, it is energy-efficient. Since it is made from iron, it does an excellent job in retaining great amount of heat. In other words, you need less amount of power or energy when cooking via this appliance.

Many homemakers love to use it because of its extreme durability and convenience of use. It is likewise known to last for many, many years.

Seasoning process is a must

However, a major requirement when using such kitchen appliance is that it has to be seasoned first before you can even start using it. But after that, cooking becomes easy as a breeze.

The process involves heating up to extremely high temperature. During the seasoning process, the grill becomes very hot. Hence, it is a must to avoid touching the surface.

Remember also – and this is very important – to see to it that surfaces are completely brushed with vegetable oil.

How many times must you season?

Seasoning of cast iron panini maker should be done a maximum of three times; after which you can now cook your favorite recipes in it.

During the process, you might notice that the surface gets discolored. This is a normal occurrence. As soon as you are done with the procedure and start using the grill, it will revert back to its normal color.

Once in a while, you might want to re season your grill, it helps maintain its non-stick feature and overall quality.

Steps to proper seasoning

Make sure that your grill is covered with any type of vegetable oil or lard. No spot should be left not coated to ensure proper seasoning.

Go to your oven and have it heated to high temperature.

When sufficiently heated, place your grill inside it. Leave for about half an hour. The extreme temperature will help the oil coating to penetrate into the grill’s surface.

After thirty minutes, turn off the oven while allowing the grill to remain inside and temperature to go down

You may remove the grill from the oven as soon as it cools down. Scrub the surface using ordinary detergent or dish washing soap to ensure any debris is removed.

Re-coat the surface with vegetable oil.

Why do you need to season your cast iron Panini press?

It is necessary so that the surface becomes non-stick. To ensure that no bread bits stick to the grill, opt for traditional Italian bread such as focaccia and ciabatta, instead of ordinary bread.

Likewise, going through the procedure makes sure that you toast your bread or cook your meat or vegetables evenly and thoroughly.

And so, you’ve seasoned your panini grill press!

Finally, you are now ready to use it.

When cooking, you must close the lid and apply some light pressure. It is a must that you flip your sandwich from one side to another to ensure proper cooking. Doing so also allows the grill to render acquire char marks on both surface.

Again, remember not to press too hard. Just the right amount will make your Italian sandwich perfectly toasted and deliciously crispy to the bite.

Another advice to consider when using one; never allow it to remain wet for a long time. It is a must that you keep it dry or oiled after washing and cleaning. You must remember that it is made of iron, and so even a drop of water on the surface can lead to formation of rust.

After you wash it, keep it totally dry using clean absorbent cloth. And in case rust has developed over time, simply remove using rough cloth or scrub. It helps greatly to re-season.

It’s a good thing that you can buy cast-iron made panini press that you can use immediately since it has been properly seasoned.

Here are 3 of the finest that you can have for your kitchen:

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 9-Inch Panini Press

If you want to take advantage of a cast-iron appliance that will help you do away with the laborious seasoning steps, you must definitely consider buying Le Creuset Cast-Iron Enameled 9-In Panini Press.

Its manufacturer boasts that it is already seasoned to perfection.

Another desirable feature is that it requires minimal maintenance unlike in ordinary cast-iron type appliances. It works together with a high quality skillet, ensuring highly desirable searing both on top and bottom – at the same time.

With Le Creuset, you are assured of being able to churn out some fine, delicious steaks, chicken, and lobster dishes – aside from many other delicious recipes – easily and conveniently. It also works to ensure the maximum removal of fat from the food that you cook.

Le Creuset Enamel Cast-Iron Panini Press Skillet Grill Set

Le Creuset Enamel Cast-Iron Panini Press Skillet Grill is easily a snatch, if only because of its attractive cherry hue, specifically in its handle.

More so, it delivers necessary heat from both sides of the grill. It must that you are assured of the most delicious and properly cooked paninis and sandwiches.

Authentic Panino is not without the grill marks. Le Creuset makes sure that such marks are found on the surfaces of the bread. It also works hard so that everything – bread and fillings – are cooked thoroughly.

The pan possesses ridges that are vital in delivering char marks. But what makes such features equally important is that they help separate excessive oil and fat from the food. It’s safe to say that you can expect healthy and minimally-oily meal from this grill.

ECPP53 Lodge Color Enameled Cast Iron Square Panini Press, Emerald Green

What is pretty, of emerald-green color, and generally made of iron and porcelain enamel? We’re talking about this top-notchLodge cast iron panini press, that’s what.

Because of superior features and functions, this brand is one of the most sought-after Panino presses.

Indeed, you can depend on it when it comes to making excitingly delicious Italian sandwiches.

Not only that – you can also depend on this durable appliance when it comes to grill chicken, bacon, and burgers. Yummy! Because of its porcelain coating, food is prevented from sticking into the grill, making for an easy clean. It is also resistant to scratches, stains, and other forms of damages on the surface.

This are some of the best cast iron panini presses that require no more seasoning. Definitely, one of them should be your choice.

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