T Fal Optigrill: Indoor Electric Grill You’ll Ever Need

Indoor grills and Panini presses are the rage today, but if there is one that truly deserves a look or two, it’s the T Fal Optigrill.

This sturdy kitchen appliance is unique because of its Precision Grilling feature, a technology that absolutely allows cooking according to the user’s preference.

It means that you can enjoy precise and proper cooking, whether the food item to be cooked is chicken, steak, or burger patties, among others. It utilizes the right grilling cycles according to the food’s thickness.

You can depend on its special indicators that tells how cooking progresses. It gives off a number of beeping sounds, each of which corresponds to whether the food is cooked rare, medium, or well-done. It ensures that you will get your meal the way you want it cooked.

Another major feature of T-fal GC702 OptiGrill Indoor Electric Grill is the defrosting setting that allows frozen food items to be done in a matter of minutes.

You can cook your own recipes and easy-to-cook items like vegetables using the grill’s manual cooking feature. It can even work as a Panini maker in case you decide to make yummy Italian dishes.

Top features of T Fal Grill

1. 6 cooking levels – Panini, Burger, Chicken/turkey, Meat, Cold Cuts, Fish

2. Plates on angled position to ensure separation of grease from food

3. Special handle interface insuring marked ergonomics

4. Easy to wash and dishwasher-friendly parts

5. 1,800-watt power

6. One-year limited warranty

Who will benefit most from this indoor grill cum Panini maker?

indoor grillT Fal Optigrill is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a wide range of cooking programs or settings and do not want less-than-perfect meals for the family.

One might decide that she wants to make a light lunch for the day, such as her favorite Panini sandwich; she can have her fun and exciting meal within minutes.

Someone on a diet can easily use this grill and cook vegetables and other light meal to her heart’s desire.

Or if the user has frozen chicken, steak, or any other meat, and wanted it perfectly done and delicious, she can expect this brand to deliver as well.


Cooks your Panini sandwiches and light meals perfectly

Panino and sandwich making is a breeze with the T Fal Optigrill. Just make sure that you set it into sandwich or toast mode and you’re set to go. Or you also have the same desired result if you cook using manual mode. This appliance is so effective in cooking sandwiches whatever the thickness it may have.

Whether it is a simple cheese sandwich or gargantuan club house, you want to enjoy nothing less than a perfect meal. Definitely, T Fal grill does just that. Everything is cooked properly and all throughout, with bread toasted and cheese melted just right.

It transforms into a reliable Panini press grill that delivers a healthy, safe, and yummy sandwich treat for you and the kids.

Totally Cooks Frozen chicken and meat

What makes this grill desirable is its ability to transform any meat into a delicious meal. Only ten minutes or so is needed to cook a frozen turkey or chicken. Just make sure that the appliance is preheated for about 5 minutes.

And while you might think that the meat might turn out underdone, you are assured of a well-done yet tender meat. It’s nicely cooked all throughout and has no reddish spots.

You enjoy a grilled chicken that boasts of tasty goodness and real juiciness. The same is true when it comes with other frozen meat and steak – they come out delicious and juicy every time using the T Fal grill.

Vital cooking signals and sensors

The grill’s light indicators and signals never fail to alert every time that a level of cooking has been reached.

Needless to say, the sensor features are a big help in knowing the progress of your cooking. Whether you want medium rare steaks or a well-done grilled turkey, such optical and audible signals allow you to enjoy full control of your cooking.

Major Aesthetic value lent to kitchen

indoor grill and panini press Fal Opti grill is a great addition to every home – no doubt about it. It looks sleek and classy with its handsome stainless steel made housing. Owners are impressed with its overall appearance and not heavy; making it easy to transfer from one spot in the kitchen to another.

Use this appliance on your kitchen and you have more space on your counter top to spare. What makes it more desirable is that it hardly creates greasy messes and splatters. This is made possible by its angled plate that separates the oil into a grease container.


A few users have noted their Panini and sandwiches getting a bit overdone or toasted. The best solution to this is to utilize the T Fal Indoor grill’s manual mode. Cooking manually should be considered when you’re using your own recipes, and when grilling vegetables as well.

Generally, the appliance’s programs work well. Always, turkey and other meat types – fresh or frozen – come out juicy and cooked the way you want it.

Guarantee: One-year limited warranty

The verdict

indoor grill
T Fal Optigrill is a cooking implement that you must consider for your cooking and grilling needs. With it, you own a highly functional and versatile indoor grill and Panini press, all in one.

You will enjoy delicious, juicy and properly cooked chicken or turkey, even if you start cooking from its frozen state.

Why wait for hours for your chicken or steak to thaw? Now you can cook meat fast and conveniently straight from the freezer. Expect it to deliver always.

Undoubtedly a doubt, with Tfal Grill, you’ll get your money’s worth.

So, why wait? Buy now.

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