Three Best Panini Press Grills that are Easy to Clean

Panini presses can be a pain when it comes to the cleaning part. Actually, most modern models are known to have non-stick surface and so users have an easier time cleaning it. Still, no one wants to see any scrap of chicken or melted cheese clinging to it, right?

If you want to clean it right and easy, you don’t need to do complicated procedures or even emerge removable parts for a long time. Use warm water and soak a clean cloth into it. Then use it to wipe every surface away of any existing bits and pieces of food. Avoid using hard scouring pad or metal scrub since it will likely cause scratches on your equipment’s surfaces.

Remember too – and this is important – to allow your Panini maker and grill to cool down before you do your cleaning chore. For any additional or special cleaning instructions, refer to the product manual.

Here are three of the top rated Panini presses that are know to be easy to clean:

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

One of the easiest to clean is the Cuisinart Panini Maker and Press. No need for harsh scrubbing – all you have to do are gentle wipes using a wet clean cloth – and you’re done in no time.

It is a popular model among home owners because of its ability to create beautiful and high-quality Panino. And not only that – apart from gourmet sandwiches, it can also cook meat such as pork chop and chicken, and vegetables.

Cooking and grilling a great variety of foods can be done in an easy and quick fashion using this Cuisinart griddler.

What makes it easy to wash and clean – within minutes – is its non stick parts that ensures that no food will stick into its surface. This makes it a perfect choice for those individuals who are on the go, or has no time to clean their appliance after cooking.

Another desirable feature of this press is its floating hinge that easily adjusts to any thickness or size of the food. It means that you want have any problem grilling a thin cheese sandwich, or a clubhouse. Everything is a perfect size when it comes to this Cuisinart Panini press.

You will get a complete package when buying this brand since it comes with a book of recipes and cleaning tools. You will be proud to own this machine, with the brand logo found on the housing. Be confident that you will enjoy exciting and dependable cooking as the manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

If you want a cooking appliance that cleans fast and easily after you use it, then you must own the Delonghi Panini grill and press. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time cleaning it after you’re done with your sandwiches.

Even if you have been grilling and toasting the whole day, all you have to do is to wipe the surface with moist cloth after and voila! Clean appliance once again.

Just remember to allow your machine to cool down, otherwise, premature heating, when the appliance is still hot can be a cause for the user to be injured such as burns.

Like most functional Panini presses, this appliance boasts of adjustable hinges – allowing it to accommodate all foods of different sizes and thicknesses.

Many have sworn about its effectiveness when it comes to cooking any particular food, such as meat, vegetables, and egg. It is very reliable because of its adjustable thermostats and lighting settings.

Another vital feature that this grill possesses is the handle that remains cool to the touch, ensuring free and easy movement of the appliance as soon as cooking is done. Do you have limited space in your oven? It has a safe locking system that ensures easy upright storage at any corner.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Panini Pan and Press

Quick and convenient cleaning of thisCalphalon Panini Press is what users are assured of after cooking or grilling on this appliance – simply because of its non-stick interior, allowing no food to stick to it.

Whether you want to spend the whole day tending to your culinary whims or a busy person who has only a few minutes to spend in the kitchen, this grill is perfect for you.

It is a top rated Panini press that’s definitely a great addition to your kitchen because of its sleek exterior and compact built. Just one look and you know that this grill is durable and will last for a long, long time.

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