Top Reasons Why Panini Maker is a Popular Kitchen Appliance

cuisinart panini makerAsk any lady of the house to choose one from among a showcase of kitchen appliances that includes a Panini Maker, and sure enough she will grab the later in a heartbeat. Without a doubt, it is one of the popular kitchen appliances simply because it is easy to operate. If used properly every time, it is sure to churn out a highly nutritious and delectable meal.

Because it is user-friendly and boasts of helpful grilling and toasting features, more and more housewives are using Panini press grill – mainly to cook yummy Italian sandwiches, grill meat and fish, or vegetables. This simple yet hardworking appliance can make even a simple cheese sandwich made of ordinary slices of bread to be yummy treat.

Here are reasons why the Panini Maker is popular kitchen tool:

1. Your bread toasts to golden brown with beautiful grill marks

For me, it is a must that grill marks are found on the bread’s surface; otherwise, it shouldn’t be called a Panini. Since the top plate is unhinged, you are given the job of pressing it down your sandwich.

You must check it from time to time to see if char marks are appearing. You know that you applied the right pressure if you have achieved the desired result – beautifully grilled and toasted char marks.

Some models can cook sandwiches easily without pressing the plate. Normally however, you must apply pressure to make one. The rule is to keep on applying the right pressure until the sandwich obtains grill marks on the surface. As soon as one side is done, flip it over to attain similar result on the other side.

2. You have a sandwich that holds up well

When cooking Panini, you use thick or dense bread – specifically focaccia or ciabatta (Italian breads). They are generally easy to toast and grill. Together with cheese as an important ingredient; such bread hold up everything in between well.

In contrast, ordinary bread slices cannot accommodate thick filling without getting soggy or deformed. These bread items easily found in bakery shelves are too thin to be used for Panini sandwich, unless you intend to prepare merely a cheese or omelet meal.

3. You can taste distinct flavors of meat and other ingredients

panini maker 2Many of us tend to commit the mistake of haphazardly laying one meat over another. Apparently, meat overload is done especially if a lot, fresh and leftover, is available in the refrigerator. Just try to use two or three meat so that you can relish and enjoy their flavors. As it is, too many can be an overwhelming to the palate.

4. Cleaning Panini sandwich maker is a breeze

Plates are easy to clean. Just put them in the dish washer if they are removable. Don’t be afraid to place then in the dishwasher; they are made to be dishwasher-cleaned if they can be detached. Doing so ensures that the plates’ surfaces are totally cleaned as well as that of the rest of the appliance.

Use soft sponge and warm water, together with the cleaning tool that goes with the package, when removing stubborn dirt and food that got stuck. Avoid using sharp tools such as knives.

Here is a simply cleaning technique that offers the best result – use warm water, dish cloth, and baking soda. The latter is highly effective in taking away unwanted oil and grease.

Baking soda also helps in removing food bits and debris that have accumulated and stuck in appliance surfaces and in between parts. Most importantly, it removes any foul smell that developed over time from constant use of the appliance.

5. Enjoy hot meal at any time of the day

A cold morning certainly warrants a piping hot choco or tea – together with an equally hot Italian treat. Make sure that it’s cooked just perfectly right and all throughout. How? Well, this can be achieved by heating the Panini press grill for a few minutes. It must be plugged in until your whole breakfast batch for the family has been cooked.

Allowing the grill to sufficiently heat up ensures the right quality of crispiness of the bread. The surface is toasted just right while the cheese melts beautifully, binding the rest of the ingredients together.

To maximum grilling and toasting, it helps to know the different functions and uses of the appliance’s features. For instance, various models boast of a series of indicator lights or signals that blink or buzz to let users know that the Panini sandwich press is already hot and ready to cook.

Here is one surefire way on how to really know that your grill is properly heated: if tossing of a few drops of water onto the pan results in sizzling bubbles that immediately disappears, then it means that it is ready to cook your meal.

6. Savor steak, hamburger patty, or fish – however you want it cooked

cuisinart panini machine 2The best Panini press is not just a jack-of-all-trade appliance, but a master cooker of any meal imaginable as well. Apart from sandwiches, it easily delivers nicely-cooked, delectable and juicy hamburger patties, fish fillets, or pork chop. Whatever type of meat, you can grill it according to your heart’s desire.

If you want a steak medium rare, simply grill the meat for 4 to 5 minutes. If you like your hamburger well done, let it stay in the grill it for at least 7 minutes. To ensure that the meat is totally cooked, close the lid of the appliance.

Needless to say, it’s a nice tool to have around the kitchen because it is both simple and convenient to use. Within a few minutes, you can enjoy your hot, char-grilled, and yummy sandwich. Just ensure proper operation and you have a well-functioning machine for a long, long time. Indeed, it is a major home accessory that helps you prepare warm and yummy meals for the family – morning, noon, and evening.

These are enough reasons to seriously consider getting Panini makers. There probably a gazillion of types and models; which is why getting one can be a huge task. Remember also that there are really good ones, and there are those that hardly perform the task that they are meant to do and usually end up a non-functioning décor on the kitchen counter top.

Breville SG820XL Maxi 2-in-1 Panini Press

The best ones can be found at Amazon – like the Breville Maxi 2-in-1. It virtually transforms any kitchen into a deli shop with all the delectable and grilled sandwiches that it can churn out. With this Breville model, all Panino are sure to be grilled and cooked thoroughly – whether you’re using a focaccia, sourdough, or ordinary bread slices.

A thin cheese sandwich, or incredibly thick one – you can have it with its floating plate that allows wide array of grilling preferences. Consistency is very important – and this Breville ensures your sandwich is hot and properly cooked, however light or packed it might be.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Another Panini sandwich maker in the market that proves that total versatility doesn’t cost much. This Cuisinart Griddler boasts of performing five cooking options – contact grilling, half and full grilling, half and full griddling, and Panini making.

Suffice it to say that it’s like having five appliances all packed in a single, compact tool. Indicator lights and temperature controls are there to ensure fast and convenient operation.

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