Top Seven Tips When Using Panini Press and Making Paninis

panini grillYou just can’t wait for lunch if you know you’re having a delicious Panini for a meal. Even if it’s just made of some toasted, seared bread, thin slice of chicken, and melted cheese, you can expected it to give you a satiating fill.

This is why you decided it’s time to give up waiting in line at the sandwich bar and buy a Panini press. Now you make your very own, awesome-tasting, and personal sandwiches any time you want – at the comforts of your kitchen.

Sounds heavenly right? If you already have a sandwich maker, or seriously thinking of owning one, here are great tips that will help you make the most of it. Here goes…

1. Buy the best Panini Press

Perhaps, you are a bona fide lover of Italian Paninis, and these mouth-watering sandwiches are your frequent meals. You crave not just delectable ones but authentic as well, like they come straight from an Italian kitchen. It can only be realized if you have a high quality press. Hence, if you have the budget, invest in the best Panini grill possible.

One excellent choice is an electric type, which makes cooking a lot easier. With an electric-powered appliance, grilling time is cut considerably. There is even a timer that signals you if everything is done and it’s time for you to enjoy your sumptuous lunch or dinner.

2. Fill with just the right amount

Even if you are tempted to pile in loads of fillings onto your sandwich, overdoing so will simply spoil it. Your Panini will turn out to be an uncooked, soggy mess, which also means that it will not be palatable appearance-wise. Another thing, an overflow of ingredients will most likely result in a messy, spill-ridden grill.

In order for your palate not to be overwhelmed, always settle for a sandwich with the right amount of fillings. A decent, standard one, for instance, is turkey or ham for main meat, with some mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato as added fillings, and strawberry halves thrown in for good measure.

3. Preheating the Nonelectric type

A nonelectric grill doesn’t have lights that flash to indicate that it has reached preheat temperature. If you are using this type, you can check if it is properly preheated with this one simple trick – allow some water to drop into the grill pan. If it sizzles, this means that the grill is ready, and you can start pressing your favorite sandwich.

4. Go for the right cheese

As a standard rule and an effective means of making sure your Panini holds all ingredients in place, the cheese filling should be closest to the bread, with everything else in between.

Speaking of the best cheeses, go for tasty ones such as Gouda and provolone, or even cheddar. They are not only delicious but properly melt as well.

In other words, cheeses act as great binders which prevent ingredients from falling off.

5. Press your Paninis

As you close your grill, check if the top plate completely presses the bread. Otherwise, both sides of the sandwich will not be totally toasted and browned. To ensure that it is cooked properly and has achieved desire searing as well as brown color; see to it that the lid is in a flat position as it presses against the bread.

6. Leftovers are just as good

I know someone who purposely roast turkey and chicken of great proportions so that left overs will later be used as filings for her Paninis. Add in fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, throw some slices of cheddar, and the result is definitely a tasty treat. Nobody will ever know that the meat was part of last night’s dinner.

7. Don’t overcrowd

Place the right number of sandwich in your press. If you have large ones, cook one at a time to make sure that your sandwiches turn out properly browned and seared. Don’t be hasty by trying to put in two or more, otherwise, there won’t be enough heat to brown them. Instead of deliciously pressed bread goodies, you’ll have soggy, uncooked bread.

There you go – few tips and advices on how to use your Panini press and cook your favorite sandwich. With such advices, you are sure never to eat soggy sandwiches again. Instead, you will enjoy perfectly delectable Paninis all the time.

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