Waring WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill – Best Commercial Panini Maker

Commercial Panini maker is the perfect choice for owners of restaurants that boast of whole menu offering different kinds of Panino delicacies and other sandwich delis. Its versatility is not to be denied, which is why deli and café owners will want to own one in their kitchen and pantry.

Not only does it toast various sandwiches to perfection but it is also a highly dependable grilling implement. Does your restaurant offer grilled and roasted meat, chicken, turkey, or fish fillet? A commercial version of panini press does it all. No doubt about it, it can be used to cook a great array of delicious recipes other than that of Panini.

Commercial Panini maker is a must for your deli shop or restaurant

Perhaps you are an emerging restaurateur whose menu included different varieties of deli treats, gourmet sandwiches, burgers, and Paninis. But since you are just starting out, you decided to use your used Panini grill press, thinking that with its use, you and your cook will meet everyday orders.

Unexpectedly, things turned out for the better (or did it really?) because your sandwiches became easy bestsellers. Everybody in your community is buzzing about how delicious your recipes are. And out of nowhere, more and more customer come rushing to your place.

Deluges of orders are pouring in especially at lunchtime and dinner. These times of the day are when the place is really packed. But overall, your restaurant is a busy mess hall during all operating hours.

You’re caught off-handed. You can’t cope with the many orders every hours. Clearly, your old home Panini grill has become less reliable as you barely send out sandwiches in time. Pending orders, particularly during peak period, are quick to pile up at the counter.

Without much thought, you decided that the old appliance has to go back to your kitchen at home, and you must acquire an appropriate replacement for your restaurant – pronto.

Finally, the next day was a stress-free one at the resto as you decided to buy a Waring commercial panini maker.

It was definitely a better-performing and more prolific replacement. Despite its size, it’s somewhat like a heavy duty equipment, distinguishing it from the light sandwich makers, it heats up quickly. This allows it to cook as fast as it can, and most importantly it cooks at many times more capacity than the ordinary home type.

There’s no doubt that the commercial panini press is one of the most useful appliances that any restaurant of deli café can own these days.

Whether you are running a small and personal café, or a formal restaurant with a sprawling dining area, or your deli stand is one of the most visited within your neighbourhood, the Panini maker commercial type is no doubt a better choice over the smaller, conventional version.

If you are a business who want good profits out of your food business, go for the best and most appropriate appliance – choose the commercial type instead of the traditional one. The former will be able to cook many sandwiches, while the latter is merely meant for home use.

You can double your profits or even many times over by churning out sandwiches the fastest time possible, and at the same time, increase the appeal of your kitchen by getting the best commercial panini press.

This machine means more gourmet sandwich recipes will be going out of the kitchen and into the tables of guests. Within just a couple of minutes, they can enjoy whatever sandwich they might have ordered.

Also known as industrial, it delivers meals quickly, unlike when using ordinary sandwich maker, in which case, the options of sandwiches that you can offer to customers will be limited.

What makes commercial panini grills different from conventional type?

The commercial type differs from its conventional or home counterpart mainly in the aspect of production. The commercial appliance can cook a number of sandwiches – at the same time. These appliances are much bigger and wider, owing to the fact that it has to cook many sandwiches. They are typically found in café and deli kitchens.

In contrast, home types are smaller versions, and they allow you to cook only 1 or 2 sandwiches at a time.

Takes care of excess oil and fat

Many of these commercial types have surfaces that are in slanting position in order to drain away oil that drips from the food, like meat or poultry. So, not is it only a handsome piece of implement, but promotes healthful cooking as well, right?

Wide cooking Surface

Commercial panini grills can be an ideal choice, since it can accommodate many sandwiches in one cooking. There are heavy duty and light toasting versions – you have to decide which to choose. If you have many orders in your deli at all times of the day, is best to go for the model that can churn as much sandwiches as it can.

You can depend on it if you want even toasting of your sandwich. Likewise, grill or char marks are left in the surfaces of the bread. Such marks are what defines the Panini. Personally, I love to see these marks in my sandwich, as they enhance the appearance of my meal, making it a lot more palatable.

Type of grill plates

There are non-stick type plates that are the top choice of many restaurant since they not only easily heat up and so, promises timely or even faster serving of orders to customers. Non-stick is also a great option if you want easy and convenient cleaning of the appliance.

Cast iron

Many prefer to own a cast iron panini press because this type ensures heat to last longer.

Cast-iron displays the highest degree of heat capacity. Hence, among all materials utilized as components of grill plates, cast-iron is the best if a restaurant serves not just panino and gourmet sandwiches but many other food products as well, like steaks, fish, and poultry.

Cast iron is perfect for preparing and grilling frozen products at the shortest possible time. It is also known to be durable material; hence, except minimal damage can be done on the grill plate.


Aluminum-made grill plates are also a favorite since they possess excellent qualities as well.

For instance, they boast of producing extremely high heat transfer rate, by as much as 5x more than that of cast iron plate. It means aluminium plates are consistent as far as temperature throughout the surface is concerned.

Since aluminium is light, top plate is not heavy enough to be able to press on bulky food, unlike in the case of cast-iron plate. Aluminum plates are best utilized for delicate and light foods such as burritos, tacos, tortilla, wraps, and gourmet Panini.

With Grill grates or none?

You may also opt for plates with or with no grill grates. This feature gives the grill or char mark finish on any bread surface. Hence, it is advised to go for double sided plates, one with grates, and the other, without. Remember that not all customers will want to have char marks on their Panino or steak.

Thermostat / timer

Other important features of the best commercial panini press are thermostats and cooking timers. The thermostat allows you regular temperature, making it easy for you to perfectly toast a sandwich or thoroughly grill meat to a degree that depends on the request of the customer.

If your restaurant experiences a continuous flow of customers all throughout the day, timers are helpful components that to tell you if sandwiches or other meals are already cooked without you having to check on them so often.

Cooking time

Cooking time depends on temperature. If you are using a commercial type in your restaurant, you can get best cooking results with the temperature set around 380 F.

As standard, 350 F to 420 F is an ideal range of temperature for toasting paninis.

If cooking temperature is increased, the panino will be done in a much shorter time. However, be sure not to overdo on the temperature in order not to experience any burnt order.

Waring Panini Press Commercial Appliance – Ideal for cafes and restaurants

Waring Commercial WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill, 120-volt is one of the best options that restaurants and deli café owners must consider to ensure fast delivery of sandwiches and meal order of their customers.

This is one of those appliances that can be depended upon especially if you want food to be served to the tables in no time. Customers will be satisfied with how perfectly cooked, hot meals have been quickly served.

No matter how much your delicatessen or café kitchen is deluged with orders, you can depend on this Waring press to cook and grill them all.

Its features and specs

Waring WPG150 Compact Panini Grill boasts of ribbed cast-iron grilling plates specially made for even distribution of heat. This means fast cooking time.

It possesses hinges and adjustable top plate to accommodate sandwiches and other food of huge sizes and thicknesses. It features an adjustable thermostat that can go to as high as 570 degree Fahrenheit. Despite the intense heat, you do not need to worry about getting burned because of its heat resistant handles.

Important specifications include 15 amp power, 120 volt AC, and a plug rating of NEMA 5-15P. Most importantly, it comes with a limited 1 year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it having problems functioning as you can depend on its warranty. Just use it properly, according to how the manual instruction owners to use it, and it will deliver continuously for many, many years.

Need one for your kitchen? The best time to have it is now!</>

Commercial Panini press comments and feedback

I just acquired this kitchen sandwich appliance, the most important piece of appliance that I should have but didn’t buy soon enough, in time for the opening of my small café. I thought I would never be able to serve panini and gourmet sandwich to my customers, but got one at the last minute.

Immediately I thought that it is very durable, due to its compact built. My chef and I love it because it’s so easy to operate. Looking forward to it churning out great sandwiches for a long, long time – and a profitable business for me.

– Steve

What my customers really love about our sandwiches are the grill or char marks on the surface. I myself want time in my sandwich; they are features I thought paninis must have, otherwise they will not be complete, appearance-wise.

Now, our café is open up to the wee hours in the morning and I’m proud to say that my Waring is highly dependable and can work continuously even after many hours of use.

– Sally

We tried to cook Panini orders in our old press, but because business is booming all the more, we had to give it up and decided to order the Waring Panini press commercial. So far, so good. Even better.

We never had an easier and more convenient time doing sandwich orders than today – now that we have one of the most effective makers to own and have around the kitchen. I definitely recommend it to everyone – even my competitors in the deli restaurant industry.

– Kiefer

I have a large kitchen, and my press belongs to it like a bunch of flowers to a vase. I used it not just for toasting bread and sandwiches but grilling meat and other food as well, especially that my restaurant has turned for the better and is raking in good profits.

– Bernadette

Pre-heating your Waring Panini maker commercial type

For those who want to enjoy a full range of cooking services from a commercial panini maker, remember that you will not have difficulty using your grill if you pre-heat it properly – for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Likewise, when in the process of grilling or toasting, avoid lifting the plate to prevent any loss of heat. A plate unnecessarily opened will cause the temperature of the plates will go down rapidly. Open only when you are sure that the food is done already.

Simply put, commercial Panini grill are the perfect kitchen implements to use, whether the business is a deli, kitchen or a full service dining restaurant. A quality model will grill, toast, and cook whatever Panini sandwich recipes you have, or many other recipes that use meat, chicken, bacon, vegetables, and other food types.

Everything’s a breeze cooking for customers in your café or restaurant if you have a commercial Panini maker in your kitchen. It is the best “assistant cook” you or your chef can ever have, whether you’re serving simple cheese and veggie sandwich, quesadillas, burgers and sliders, omelette, grilled squids, chicken lollipop, and fish filet.

The only difference is that with a commercial type, you enjoy truly productive cooking. Likewise, you can be sure to serve the tastiest, most delicious meals to your customers on time.

Now is the time to own a Waring Commercial WPG150 Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill, 120-volt.

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