Wisely Choose Panini Press and Grill Possessing these Three Vital Features

panini press and grill sandwichPanini are such a delight. You just love to go to the deli shop, sometimes alone, other times with the kids – looking forward to enjoying your Panino treats.

There are days, though, that it is tiring to make such trips. Don’t you just wish that you can make your Italian sandwiches at home?

So you decide that you want to buy a Panini press and grill.

Finally, you’ll have one atop the kitchen counter, your very own on which you will cook your favorite Panini sandwich recipes.

However, if you want to whip up delectable Panino and a great variety of food fast and conveniently, you must purchase the best Panini machine that’s available in the market.

It must be one that will always maintain top quality operation and deliver yummy meals for many, many years to come.

Remember that you will spend good money for it, so you must choose wisely.

A proper way of landing the best is by selecting one with three specific features:

1. Go for Panini maker with removable plates

After an afternoon of tons of sandwiches created, it is likely that you have a dirty kitchen apparatus staring at you. It is a good thing that these days, the complex ones boast of removable plates, making cleaning chore an easy thing to do.

Removable grill plates allows you to bring your machine back to its ultra-clean state in a jiffy – without a speck of dirt.

Just remove them as well as other detachable parts and place everything inside the dishwasher. While waiting, you wipe the rest of the machine with damp cloth, and voila! In no time at all, you have a completely clean appliance.

Indeed, while you can also do it manually, life becomes a breeze with detachable plates. The latter facilitate quick and convenient cleaning. That being said, removable plates is a highly desirable feature of a reliable panini grill.

An excellent brand with an easily removable plate is Calphalon 5-in-1 Removable Plate Grill.

If you are someone who loves to cook but hates the cleaning part of it, this model is a great choice.

All you have to do is is remove the non-stick grilling plates and drip trays and slip them inside your dishwasher.

In a sec, everything is spic and span, fast and easy.

Don’t have second thoughts about placing these parts inside the dish-washing machine as they will just sit tight while being completely cleaned. They’re totally dishwasher-friendly!

Of course, those who want to wash it by hands can do so as well.

This Calphalon model is known to cook almost all types of food – sandwiches, pancakes, omelet, sausages, burger patties, meat – anything. Its complex grill and griddle plates, varied temperatures, and cooking indicators make cooking chores so easy.

2. Opt for one with floating adjustable hinges

Any modern Panini maker has floating hinges. Such a feature allows the top plate to be lowered down onto the sandwich and press it properly.

Unless your appliance possess such feature, the sandwich, specially its part near the fold, will be deformed and smashed completely.

Needless to say, you must get one with a floating hinge because this ensures that you will always create beautiful sandwiches, no matter their thickness might be.

Be a wise buyer by insisting on a model with adjustable height options made possible by floating hinge.

A good option of Panini machine with dependable floating hinges is the Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press, the four height settings of which allow different recipes to be cooked perfectly.

The adjustable plates have a non-stick coating to ensure food doesn’t stick and you enjoy quick and convenient cleaning. With Breville Panini Duo, all you do is relish and enjoy some hot and nicely grill-marked sandwiches.

It must be noted that its upper and lower plates have non-stick, scratch-proof Quantanium surfaces, allowing the user to cook without oil and savor healthy, reduced-fat meals.

3. Pick the Panini grill that can assume tilting Position

While you might be able to limit or do away with the use of butter, margarine, or oil when cooking food, rendering your meal with little fat content, it’s a different case altogether if you’re grilling fatty food such as burgers or steak filet mignon.

During cooking process, oil oozes out and before you know it, the steak is bathe in a pool of its own fat.

A solution to this is to use a model, such as Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler that can be tilted in such a way that the grease flows and separates from the food.

This feature is a must for health buffs who are conscious about the amount of fat or oil that their food contains. If you are able to tilt your appliance, this effectively drains all excess grease and fats into the special drip tray.

Look for these three features in your appliance

panini maker cafe signSo, instead of trooping to the deli cafe, why don’t you stay home and make your own panini? And if you’re buying for the first time, be sure that you opt for one that features these three great features – removable plates, floating hinge, and tilting mechanism.

Easier said than done? Indeed, since there are wide array of brands available in the market and anyone would be left in confusion on which one is the best.

So, how you do really land the Panini press and grill?

Now that you know about these important features, one way is by going to appliance shops and ask the sales person for his assistance. Tell him about such features, and ask for the models that possess them.

Carefully scrutinize his recommendations. You can bring product brochures at home and compare specifications, features, and functions of recommended models. This will help you pick the one that suits your needs best.

Another way is doing online research and taking advantage of the best Panini maker reviews.

Do not, however, just depend on ones that immediately cross your way on the Internet.

Give your trust only to review websites that have established themselves as authorities in the field. You are assured that these sites post only honest reviews, ones that come from real customers.

Finally, never to make a hurried and haphazard move. Once, you’ve got into a site, scrutinize vital features and functions of at least 5 models. Consider their prices as well. This will help you decide which best panini press and grill is the perfect one for you.

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